Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde

astrology Jul 10, 2019

Here I am, two nights before the lunar eclipse standing outside during sunset to tap into the energy building up around this night.  Tonight the sunset is deep pink, its rich hue surrounding me as I stand outside engaged in this age old tradition of removing oneself from the hustle and bustle of the day and taking a moment to enjoy the simple pleasure of watching a sunset. 

But is it so simple? I tend to think not…. For in every moment, thought and action, magic is afoot.

During the mornings when I am able to view a sunrise, I watch the motions of the Earth and Sun move time and space as the skies go from dark into a cascade of color and light.  

On the days when I’ve been lucky enough to watch the sunrise while standing on a beach as the waves wash onto the shore, I see this color infused alchemical event even greater, combined with an otherworldly sound of what can only be described as a chorus of beings harmonizing a note which seems to connect to the colors as they appear on the horizon.  This same process occurs in reverse each evening with the sunset.

I’ve written about the mystical energy in color in my Awakened Aura book and taught about these magical portals in my Wise Woman online course, explaining that twice a day everyday, (at sunrise and sunset), the changes in light between this twilight time, creates a portal opening to the spiritual planes.


During sunrise and sunset, it becomes very easy to travel to the other side and engage, communicate and send messages through this open portal to loved ones and other beings.  

As the sun rises and sets, the colors are not just beautiful to gaze upon, but when we understand what is occurring at the mystical level, we can connect with this energy and deepen our intuitive abilities. 

Tonight’s shades of pink sunset foretell the energy building with the moon. She appears ready and eager for the coming eclipse.

While all eclipses are powerful in alchemical and magical ways, the energy of the eclipse is first hinted at in the colors of the preceding sunset. 

As a portal between this world and the spiritual planes, it’s like a door that is only opened briefly for a few moments each day (sunrise and sunset) is now being held open during this eclipse for almost two hours. A place that you could only enter for a few moments on any other day, is now having an almost two hour open house. 
A deeper connection to our soul will open during this time, bringing perspective of who we are as a spiritual being and what we came here to do in this particular lifetime.

It’s a good time to ask for clarity on what you can do to live your best life. Eclipses empower us to see opportunity in what we were previously seeing only as obstacles.  

The length of this eclipse allows this open doorway between the planes for us to access our past lives including any karma we have brought into this lifetime in order to see it, acknowledge it and be healed from this pain and release it for good.

The deeper you reach to connect with your Soul and Higher Self during this event, the more you can clear old wounds and pain from this lifetime and past lives and be renewed. This is a powerful change and opens you to understand the bigger picture of your life and understand and own that your thoughts and actions affect your life.

We are also in a Mercury Retrograde and this energy is asking us to Reconnect with our inner selves, away from what everything else and everyone else in the world is asking us to do, be and think.

As a society we have been too Reactive and this Retrograde is here to help counter balance this and Restore us to our true selves by Reminding us to go within and Remember who we are.  When we do this, we can Return to our best selves. 

If you take the time during this eclipses to go within and remember who you are (a spiritual being made from Love, Light and Stardust), you can be Restored during this time.

It’s also an opportunity to send love and messages to those who are in Spirit and then to honor them by doing something good for others in their name. You can also ask them to help you see what you need to heal and let go of inside of you, which you may have carried into this life from a past life. 

The best way to heal is to do something good for someone else.

Rather than focusing on how bad the state of the world may feel, focus on your inner power and light and be the good in the world.

Do something nice for someone, slow down, help a friend, smile, take deep breaths and blow away any energy that no longer is serving and lifting you.  Pay it forward in an anonymous way.

This is the true power of this eclipse combined with this retrograde, the moon is divine feminine energy and is helping us to restore balance within ourselves by healing old wounds and embracing change.

Those who are awake and aware will use eclipses to their true benefit.  Share and let others know how to take in the energy of this moon.  

If you’re out and about, you may notice that many people are overly emotional and easily reactive to situations that aren’t that intense normally. It’s because they are feeling the energy of the eclipse and retrograde and it’s affecting their emotional field.

If they are open to a discussion of this type, remind them to take a few deep breaths to relax and explain that this is an opportunity to feel these emotions that are often attached to old wounds, and then to release them and let them go, in order to open up to a new cycle of living.  Eclipses often bring endings to old patterns and lifestyles and when we understand this, we can be prepared for the changes to come.

I often work with crystals during these events, creating a crystal grid or pattern in order to enhance the energy surrounding us at this time.
Here’s a photo of the one I’ve created for this particular eclipse, that not only enhances the peaceful energy but captures intuitive insight on what’s to come for the rest of this year. 

Eclipses will have a lasting effect for the next six months. Expect great changes to come, in relationships, in careers and you may even find that you move during this time.  

It’s time to embrace change and to remember when you accept an ending, it immediately begins the alchemical reaction to bring new beginnings your way.  

What you would previously see as a painful ending or obstacle and a negative experience,  you will see in the future as Divine Order, when the Universe is working with your Higher Self in order to bring the Best Good for you in the overall big picture of your life.  You are clearing space in order to embrace your Life Purpose. 

If you’re a psychic like me, you’ll be doing a lot of work over an eclipse, first for yourself to get clarity and information on what’s to come in the next six months and then to tune in for clients who are seeking answers about where their life is heading and what is their life purpose. 

In love and by the light of the silvery moon,


Author of six books including The Awakened Aura, The Awakened Psychic and The Awakened Dreamer, Kala Ambrose is considered to be one of the country’s foremost experts on mystical spirituality and intuitive ability and has taught thousands around the world how to connect with their soul path and create a life that is in tune with their life purpose and goals.  

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