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 Since I was a little girl, I've always been fascinated with office supplies. Well, originally for me it began with school supplies! I always loved Back to School time when we would shop for pens, pencils, markers, crayons, notebooks, the selections were endless and if you're old enough, you remember the excitement of your first Trapper Keeper notebook.   The only disappointment I had was I wanted supplies with my name on them and no one back then had anything monogrammed with the name Kala on it.  I love these days when you can easily get anything monogrammed with your name on it and trust me I do!

As adults, we all have our "wants" and for me, it's still about getting new notebooks!

There's something about opening up a fresh new notebook, it's so full of possibilities.  I guess that's the writer in me, I see those pages and ideas starting popping up of what I'll write first. Even though the majority of my writing and other work is now done on the computer, I still collect a stack of notebooks. I use them for jotting down ideas, lists, vision plans, to do's, brainstorming, and have even turned one of them into a vision board.  Every year around this time, I buy a new stack of notebooks and, they have to not only be functional, they MUST BE gorgeous and full of fun, whimsy and very very colorful!

One day several years back, I found my GO TO notebook. It was everything I ever wanted. First it was spiral and that's my preference. I like to be able to fold the front cover all the way back when I'm writing and occasionally, I like to be able to remove a sheet of paper easily from the notebook and this does both so well.

Ok, so that's pretty easy to find, but I also wanted pockets inside, this one has it check, check and next, it has to be colorful, stimulating, and so gorgeous that it jumpstarts my creative energy before I even open it.

I found my Go To notebook and unless they stop making them, this will always be the one for me. I'm kind of like that about things, if I love something and it works well, I stick with it. Those who know me as a writer, know that I keep a stack of these notebooks in my office and usually carry one around as well. They are also on my Christmas list every year. Family members have asked me, really, out of anything you could ask for, you want these notebooks and I always reply, Yes, I truly do.  

The other Christmas gift I always ask for, are Halloween decorations, LOL and I'm so practical that I encourage them to buy me Halloween décor in November when it's on sale and save and give to me at Christmas, but that's a whole other story that we'll soon explore.

So what is the magical notebook that I'm in love with. It's the Lily Pulitzer Notebook Collection! They come out with new designs every year and I've kind of become a collector one might say.

To prove my point, I'm sitting here at my desk and I just opened one of my drawers to see what notebooks are here by my side. Take a peek, here they are in all shapes, sizes and most importantly, COLORS.  Look at the gorgeous juicy colors, don't they just make you smile and feel happy? Don't you just want to open one and start writing with a colorful ink pen?  They make me feel this way every single time I use one of them.

You may know "Lily P" as I call her :)  as someone who sells beautiful colorful clothing and they do! But they also sell home décor and supplies like my notebooks and if you look at my pic again, on the left, that cute box is also Lily Pulitzer, which is filled with note cards.  Lily knows color and how to share it with a splash and I enjoy it tremendously.  I open a notebook each morning beginning my day with a little freestyle writing warm up and a list of things to get done each day, that feel oh so good as I mark them off as done, one by one.

My "Official Intuitive Interior Decorator advice to you is this… find something like this that makes the start of your day feel so happy. Color has a very strong effect on our mood, so surround yourself with something that includes your favorite colors to put you in the right frame of mind. Maybe it's your makeup bag (Lily's got them) or your lunch box (shes got those too!) or a planner like Lily's. Whatever you choose, choose colorfully and enjoy!

I should say, I'm not an Affiliate of Lily Pulitzer, only because they don't offer an Affiliate program or I would be first to sign on.  I've also never received any of these notebooks for free from Lily, these truly are my beloved notebooks here in this pic that I purchased and use every day.  

I am in the Affiliate program for Amazon though and they do carry a lot of Lily Pulitzer notebooks, so here's the links on Amazon if you want to check them out on there.

Lilly Pulitzer Women's Hard Cover Spiral Notebook, 9.75" x 7" with 80 pages, Catch the Wave 

Lilly Pulitzer Set of 3 Mini Spiral Notebook Set, 8.25" x 6.5" with 160 pages (Aquadesiac, Gypset, Beach Please)  

Lilly Pulitzer Women's Large College Ruled Notebook with 160 pages (Beach Loot) 

Lilly Pulitzer Large Aug. 2019 - Dec. 2020 17 Month Hardcover Agenda, 8.88" x 6.75" Personal Planner with Monthly and Weekly Spreads, Wave After Wave 



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