Halloween at Home - Make the Most of What You Have

This Halloween feels a bit different for many of us as parties and trick or treating are off limits this year due to Covid.  It doesn't mean though that you can't bring the Spirit of Halloween into your home through your décor. In fact, it's probably even more special this year to celebrate with your family and to create this special feeling in each room.

I've been doing just this in my new home, as I've moved from the mountains back to the coast. This year I’m giving Halloween a bit of a Coastal Fall look, using some items I brought with me and introducing some new bits and pieces to represent Halloween and Fall 2020 style. Let's take a quick tour, beginning here with items I brought with me that worked well in a home in the mountains and how they can convert and work in a coastal home.

My fireplace mantel has moved with me from the mountains and now works great in my new kitchen area. It's a wonderful area to decorate for the holidays. In my condo in the mountains it gave a cozy warm feeling to the space. Here on the coast it adds depth and dimension to the space.


Another piece I loved in my mountain home was this iron table. The iron rods in the table reminded me of branches from the surrounding trees. The leather wrapped lamps with the gold base also connected me to the feeling of roots. The gothic arch mirror sets the tone, saying welcome to my sacred space, the energy shifts here now in my home.  Currently this table is in my entryway, welcoming people into my sanctuary.  I love the beautiful garland that I laid across the top, along with my wood bowl with silver inlay.  The most fun comment that I enjoy now is as people now see the table here on the coast, they remark on how the iron rods look like waves. Isn't it interesting how people see branches reflected here when in the mountains and waves when at the coast. Our environment reflects what we perceive around us.


Here I began mixing old with new. I brought this gorgeous clock with me that hung on a wall above my sofa in my mountain home. Here I've placed it in the breakfast room over a small gold and white table that I had used in a different room in the old home.  I added some witchy books, a big candle, some soft and stunning velvet pumpkins and fun decorative pillows below. It's a great conversation starter here in the home.

It's fun to sprinkle pumpkins around my home and I love these velvet pumpkins with the stunning gold tops. This delightful green pumpkin landed on my brass coffee table nestled on top of some books.

GO on to the next blog post to see more of my transition from mountain home to coastal home.




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