Coastal Fall in Greens and Blue Hues

Living on the coast, one can't help but to embrace the seaside vibe and this spills into the decor. It can be challenging to create a traditional Fall feel when the evergreen trees and palms sway in the breeze year long.

What's one to do? Embrace the look and make it your own. Blend touches of the season into the coastal decor, creating an authentic look that connects with your natural surroundings.

I've done this several times while living at different locations on the coast.

A couple of years ago I was fascinated with the hand painted pumpkins done by local artists along with the wide variety of pumpkin colors, shapes and sizes, so I create my own pumpkin patch here on my coffee table:

I began with traditional pumpkin colors, exploring the various hues of orange and shapes and sizes. Put some of the smaller ones on pedestals created a sense of drama.

Next I added the coastal hand painted pumpkins I've collected with starfish, octopus and other designs. Touches of silver and gold add sheen and interest.

In my office, my mystical Mermaid fits perfectly amongst the seashells I've gathered on my work table.

This year I added green and blue tiny pumpkins around the seashell in my breakfast room.

Can you feel the positive energy I have flowing around this tablescape? Everyone who visits can't help but to reach out and touch the quartz stones and hold the green flourite ball. You can create magic in your decor, stimulating the senses and raising the energy in the space.

Really you can added touches of Fall and Halloween anywhere in any type of home as long as you consider, color, shape, texture and size, so that it blends in almost naturally into the setting you've already created in the room.

This witch bottle looks right at home next to the gold seahorse and sea urchin.

These Mackenzie Childs Beware pumpkins nestle in here comfortably by my seashell with views into the kitchen of my copper pot and orange berries.

I hope these photos of my home will inspire you to explore some new decorative items for the Fall this year!

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