Cleansing with Salt Lamps

For many years I’ve recommended to my students and clients that they purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp to generate more positive energy in their home or office.
In this new Age of Enlightenment, the old ways are being rediscovered and repackaged to enhance our modern life.
How Are These Salt Lamps Created You Ask…
The Himalayan mountains provide beautiful formations of rock salt crystals. Chunks of the rock salt are gathered and holes are drilled through the middle in order to turn them into lamps. The salt lamps are placed on a base and come fitted with a space for a bulb which is inserted inside the salt lamp.
Once plugged in, the bulb gently heats the lamp, which emits a beautiful glow ranging from a deep orange red, to a soft pink, depending upon the density of the lamp that you choose.
Beyond Just Enjoying this Stunning Light, Here are the Top Three Reasons I recommend Salt Lamps:
1. The salt lamps generate negative ions, which contrary to their name, make you feel more positive!  Studies show that negative ions can assist with good health especially to do with fatigue and relieving stress. In addition, they can serve to purify the air and raise our vital energy. All you need to do is plug them in and enjoy, they do all the work!
2. Perhaps most importantly, they counteract positive ions which when in high levels, can cause depression, insomnia, headaches and general fatigue.
Positive ions are generated by pollutants in the air and through electrical devices in the home. Using a salt lamp is not the only way to generate negative ions. It’s possible to receive a dose of negative ions in nature. They are created from waterfalls, thunderstorms, on the beach where the waves of the ocean meet the shore, and in powerful mountains areas such as in a dense pine forest.
All of these settings sound positively lovely, but for most of us, who don’t live on the ocean or in a pine forest, a salt lamp can provide much needed daily relief as it releases negative ions into our home or office.
3. They cleanse and clear your home energetically!
If you’ve read my The Awakened Aura book, you’re already aware of the many benefits of the salt lamps that I mention in the book, including how to use them in cleansing rituals. I go deeper into teaching how to use them to cleanse your entire home in my Wise Woman Course.
Do you have a salt lamp and find it to be helpful in your daily life? I’d like to hear from you!
Many people in the technical fields write to me to share that it’s helped them have more energy while they are working on the computer all day. This has proven to be such a popular choice for IT professionals, that salt lamps are now also sold in a small size with a USB that plugs directly into the computer.
In love and LIGHT *~Kala~*

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