Build a Crystal Grid to Help Manifest Your Goals


When manifesting your dreams and goals, it's helpful to design a visual representation of what you are working to create.

Step one is always to write it down, as the act of writing your intention focuses your energy and announces to the universe that you are in the process of becoming a creator and are asking that this thought (dream/goal/wish) come into being.

After writing down your goal, many people then create a vision board, using pictures to help inspire the idea of what they wish to have. They find that looking at this concept helps them feel what the experience would look like.

But what if you already know what you want to manifest? You can see it and feel it, you just want some help focusing your energy and some tools to help you magnify this energy so that it can come to you as quickly and smoothly as possible?

Building a crystal grid is a powerful way to gather and harness energy in order to align it with your purpose for manifesting. The sacred geometry blueprint creates a pattern that magnifies the energy in connection with the specific crystals selected. Gathering the crystals together allows them to amplify their frequencies collectively so the entire grid is harmonized and focused on the intention.

In this video, I'll show you step by step how to build a crystal grid. Crystal grids work with the principles of sacred geometry, in order to stimulate energy in a focused direction. You can build a grid for health, wealth, career, relationships, peace, releasing old thoughts, beliefs and patterns, the possibilities are endless.

As each crystal is added to the grid, its energy connects with the other crystals and is strengthened as it aligns with the sacred geometry lines and pattern in the grid. This energetic vibration is focused and attuned to the intention that you have set on the grid, magnifying your intention greatly.

While you alone are a powerful creator full of potential with your thoughts to manifest your dreams, creating a crystal grid assists by amping that energy up tremendously!

Ready to see how it works? Check out the video of my crystal grid.

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