What the Color Brown Means in the Aura

Brown is perhaps the most misunderstood color in the aura. When people see brown, they automatically think that the color is muddy and a problem. This is not always the case. I have seen monks with brown in their aura as well as people who work in nature and the earth and resonate with a brown energy. These are typically well-grounded people who enjoy working with their hands and with tasks of this nature. These monks would be the ones who would volunteer to care for the garden and forest rangers and wood carvers often carry the brown energy. I would muse that back in the day, many druids carried the brown energy in their aura as well.
When the brown color is warm and light, it can present a light coffee color or caramel. This can appear in the fields of people who are in touch with the elements and have connected in a strong way with the element of Earth. The color serves to ground them and will be seen in the solar plexus area mixing with yellow to help release old emotional pain back into the Earth.
When Brown Goes Rogue:
Rather than seeing brown as always muddy, when looking at an auric field, pay close attention to the hue of the color and where the brown color is appearing in the auric field. The muddiness in that particular color will better explain if the flow is stagnant in a color or if the person has been working with the earth in order to ground and reconnect at the root level.
When the brown seen is truly a muddy dark brown, rather than what I would describe as a warm brown, then it is cause for concern as the person is in a dark emotional state and is on the verge of this mutating into black in the aura.
Recommendations to Balance Brown in the Aura:
Foods: chocolate, carob, coffee, tea, peanuts, brown rice, and granola
Home Décor: Brown is very grounding color. Rather than using it as a paint color on the wall, go for hardwood floors and furniture and use khaki and caramel as accent colors on the walls.
Clothing: Brown is very grounding. It’s a good color to wear when one desires to connect with their roots and to feel grounded.
Gemstones: jasper, tigers eye, petrified wood, agate, ammonite, and feldspar
Flowers: an herb or vegetable garden will help with brown, allowing the person to dig into the earth and plant something to nourish
Music: Native American flute music
Activities: Planting trees, spending time alone in nature
Mantra: I am connected to my roots and my ancestors. I honor those who walked the path before me and I tread lightly upon this earth with great care. I spread my branches to be of service on this earth and what I take, I replenish. I walk with the Great Spirit and the animal and plant kingdom are my brothers and sisters.
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