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ask kala auras Jun 30, 2019
Welcome to the ‘Ask Kala’ column, where she invites you to email your probing metaphysical, magical, spiritual and supernatural questions. Due to the volume of email she receives, she won’t be able to answer back all individual e-mails. Instead, she’ll choose interesting questions and answer them here. This question is from Dana.
Hi Kala,
My name is Dana and I live in Sonoma, California. My husband is convinced that I throw off energy fields that affect electronics and I am beginning to believe he’s right. I find if I’m particularly stressed with work, I will have computer issues. Today I was turning on the TV for my son and our DVR in our bedroom went dead. We went into his room and the same thing happened. When I walked out of the room it rebooted. I came back in and sat down and it went dead. I left and it rebooted! Also since childhood I have had dreams that come true. Most often they are about something bad or negative that is going to happen, almost a warning. Am I losing my mind or is there some kind of negative energy I’m emitting? Thanks for reading this, Dana
Hi Dana,
Thanks for writing. You ask, Could your energy affect the electronics in your home? The shortest answer is Yes, it can.
Your husband appears to be very perceptive in noticing the correlations between these events and your energy field.
As a psychic, I see the aura around people, which is a flexible field of energy around the body with many layers. The layer closest to your body, is described as the etheric body and in a sense, it’s the battery of the body, receiving and emitting electrical impulses in and out from your body.
You bring energy in and you release energy outward, all through the aura.
With our hectic lifestyles and fast paced life, we often aren’t able to release pent up energy from inside of us and it builds up until it erupts outward to release.  Some people release this energy in bursts of anger, others cry when the energy builds up to a certain level, and some people release it with a nervous energy (examples include: hair twirling, fidgety hands, and rocking the legs while sitting).
For some people, who also tend to be more connected with the spiritual planes, they release this pent up energy in a wave. I refer to this as an energy blast, which can affect the environment around them.  One way that these people begin to notice this effect, is that they will find when walking or driving by street lights, that the lights will go off or turn on when they pass by. If this has happened to you, you are releasing energy.
In your case, were you and I meeting in the physical, I could read your aura which would tell me about the energy around you and what has been building up inside and what layers are holding the energy build up– in the mental, emotional, physical or higher levels.  Let me also say, that just because energy is building up, it doesn’t mean that it is necessarily negative by the way. 
I build up energy all the time to use for creative endeavors in my work and this energy creates great waves that allow me to accomplish a lot at the same time. This energy is a gift and used wisely, can be extremely helpful. It typically requires some instruction though, to learn how to build and cultivate this energy, which is what I teach as as an esoteric wisdom teacher and describe in chapter four of my book 9 Life Altering Lessons —  ‘We are a sea of energy, floating in vibratory fields’.
The current over-abundance of energy that you are emitting, can affect lights and other electronics when released in a quick blast. Think of it as an energy surge.  Typically this indicates that you are not aware of the energy you are releasing and so it comes as a surprise when an electronic device is affected.  For many people, they emit this energy the strongest when they are agitated, stressed or in a high emotional state (positive or negative).
The next time this happens, stop right away and ask yourself --- how am I feeling, what’s on my mind right now? Also ask your husband what he has noticed each time it happens. Gather this information and you will be able to discern what the triggers are that set off your energy spikes.  You mention that you have noticed that it occurs when you very stressed. The next time that you find the stress building in you while working, take a moment to step away and take a few deep breaths, pulling clear, cool air into your body, down into your lungs and hold it there for a moment. Then release the air fully through your mouth and visualize the stress leaving your body through the air you are expelling. Do this three times and notice how different you feel after just doing this for a minute. It won’t take away the work you have at hand, but physically, you will feel more relaxed and able to tackle the project at hand without the stress building up as high in your body and in your energy fields.
The good news is, you’re a highly intuitive being, who is connecting through the many energetic levels in your auric body. This means you have a healthy working aura and if you choose, you can learn more about how to harness this energy and use it in a creative and loving way.
My book, The Awakened Aura, shares how the aura affects each person. I have seen the energy fields expanding around each person and I believe we will begin to see greater activity within these fields, which some describe currently as paranormal activity.
In the future as we evolve as a species, more of these unsolved mysteries will be commonplace and considered to be a natural sixth sense, rather than a supernatural one.
For more information about auras, check out Kala's books, The Awakened Aura and The Awakened Psychic and take her online course, AURA SCHOOL

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