Ask Kala: My Energy Keeps Breaking My Computer

ask kala auras Sep 13, 2020


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This week "M" writes -

Hey Kala, I was reading your article about energy and electronics — I’ve had two Macbooks in the last four months go completely kaput on me. It’s been quite a year of awakening to say the least... Is there anything you can recommend so I can keep my energy field from affecting my computer this way? I’m doing a grounding practice at least once daily but maybe it’s not powerful enough? Super grateful for any advice. With love, M


Hi M,
Thanks for writing in with your question about the aura and your Macbook! I've often dreamed of being an Oracle for Hire for Apple, so I could help them with their research on intuitive ability and how to design machines that could connect and flow with this energy. It's coming in the future, we'll see which tech company gets there first. :)
Ok, back to your issue at hand... When the energy in our aura gets to a heightened state, (could be excitement, passion, joy or stress, any energy spike really), it creates ripples that shoot out from the aura energy field and if we are close by something electrical, we often can create a disturbance. Many people first notice this when they are walking down the street and as they pass street lights, the lights go off and on as they pass by.
Here's the good news! It means you are a powerful projector (an object that is used to project rays of light) and have a strong auric field.
It also means you're awakening to your psychic ability and in an unconscious state, you are sending out energy in an unfocused manner, but still, you are doing it and this means you can do more and if you learn how to focus it, you can use it for great good and not just messing up your computers. :)
So, when you notice this happening, take a moment to step away and take some deep breaths in and out. Become aware of your breath and your energy level and let go and relax. Wiggle your shoulders, un-clench your jaw, shake your hands, dance around, let it all go! 
Do it with me, big breath, in and out, blow it out from your mouth, let it all go and SMILE. :)
Are you with me, are you smiling, can you feel it, I'm smiling with you!
Now, if you've relaxed your body, but can't stop your thoughts or emotions from still racing, then set your phone timer for a ten minute break and go somewhere private where you can sit quietly and relax for ten minutes. During this time, don't think about what you were doing or working on, or talking about, or engaging in, just focus on big deep breaths and if you want, imagine being somewhere you love, a place that is peaceful and beautiful.
When the ten minutes are up, and you've followed these steps, you should notice a definitive change in your energy field. 
Then you can step back into what you were doing previously and be consciously aware of your energy so that it doesn't raise to that level again, at least not when you're working around electronics. :)  Also pay attention to what you were working on each time and notice if it's similar each time when the electronics short out.

If you want to learn how to expand the energy in your aura, how to control it more and how to store more energy in it, in a positive, life enhancing way, check out my book, The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body to learn more

or join me in AURA SCHOOL here in my Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences where I offer six weeks of online training on the aura.

In the meantime, deep breaths, in and out, you got this!

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