An Intimate Dinner with Spirit

halloween Nov 30, 2020

Halloween is the time of year when the veil lifts between the earth plane and the spiritual planes, making it the easiest time to communicate with loved ones who are in spirit.

This year on Halloween, I held a private dinner with some dear friends, where we gathered for a dinner of this type.

The event is intended to reach out and connect with our loved ones on the other side, by inviting them to a special dinner held in their honor. Each guest brings a favorite dish of their loved one to share at the dinner. 

Here's how the evening went for us...

Guests were greeted into my home by candlelight, leading them into the dining room. 

 The dining table was set for a formal dinner for the evening. The intention is to create sacred space to gather and hold the energy while loved ones come through to visit.

A variety of metaphysical items were given to each guest once they sat at the table. These included a bracelet to wear, made from select gemstones, which protected them while opening the veil on Halloween.  White roses were placed on each place setting as a sweet memory to take home from the evening. Quartz crystals were also placed at each setting, inviting guests to activate them and store the energy from the experience as they opened up to the other side.

Each place setting held a photo in a silver frame of the loved one that each guest wanted to communicate with. The loved one's name was written on a place card, inviting them to join us for dinner.   Feathers were placed at each setting, which were used to clear and remove any residual energy remaining after the dinner was complete and we had closed the veil to the other side.

 I made custom Mojo Bags, seen here in black at the left side of the dinner plate, for each guest. These bags contained salt, crystals and herbs which were blended to create a field of protection for each guest so they could safely travel through the spiritual realms on this magical night. It's very important when opening up to travel through the veils in this way, that you have great psychic protection when doing so. Especially on a highly charged evening like Halloween.

The use of black, white and silver colors were carefully chosen for this dinner, to represent moving through the darkness into the light and the silver gossamer color of the spiritual veils as we moved through them.  Small candles provided pinpoints of light to guide us on this journey. 

If you've taken my Aura School course or Wise Woman Wisdom, you know I use fresh flowers in my work, as their essence and botanical elements assist with work of this type. Each flower and plant provides a different form of energy and when used correctly, they can assist in enhancing and protecting each person's energy field. Dried herbs and botanicals were used in the creation of the Mojo Bags as well as sprinkled in the centerpiece with the salt and candles. 

The centerpiece held a specially blended concoction of Himalayan Salt with blended herbs and frankincense. Candles at the base marked the four corners, north, south, east and west and crystals held and magnified the energy. The five candles in the candelabra were to call in the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit. Each guest was invited to light one of the candles and call forth the elemental energy. I then cast a protective circle around us at the table, calling for protection and we began the dinner.

The rest of the evening was not photographed. We were able to communicate with all of our intended loved ones in spirit and it was a wonderful and very touching evening for all. A dinner like this is a wonderful reminder that death is just a doorway and that our loved ones are always near to us.

If you've studied in my Wise Woman Course, you'll recognize the aromatherapy "mojo bags" here in the background that I made for the dinner. Upfront here is a bit of white candle magic, always good to include in the work to hold sacred space.

Closeup view of the mojo bags I'm working on to share, I wish you could smell how amazing they are, the house is full of their incredible scent right now!

There's a lot of holiday magic brewing over at my coastal castle, :) as I hope there is at your home too.

Until next time, all the best,


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