Tips on How to Survive this Naughty November

astrology Nov 02, 2021

Ask any astrologer right now about your November horoscope and chances are you're not going to like what you hear.

Seriously, we just got through a very tough Mercury Retrograde last month and now November is predicted astrologically to be the most challenging month of this year. 

Bad November, Bad! Can't we give this month a time out so we catch our breath ;)

(Memories of the Simple Sweet Summer Time Before the Planet Uranus Came Back to Mess with Us this November Photo: Palm Beach Decor Style - Kala Ambrose Intuitive Interior Decor)

I'm going to blame a lot of the problems this month on Uranus Going Rogue, but I must also include the fact that we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this month on November 19th. 

Eclipses are wildcards, where anything can happen so expect the middle of this month to be the most challenging.... It's an election month, we have supply chain shortages, shipping problems, delivery shortages and a lot of other fun things swirling about, what could possibly go awry? Hmmm, let's not ask that question. ;)

So you may or may not wish to read your horoscope for this month, but either way, I'm going to approach this month clear eyed and ready to handle what comes. After all, that's why we came down here to the good old Earth Plane, to have experiences and learn and grow, so let's get to it! :)

Here are my Six Tips for Showing Uranus and November
Who The Real Boss Is: :)

1. Work Smarter, Not Harder. The presence of the planets in their complicated alignment this month is going to make everyone feel more pressure and that their responsibilities are more than they can bear.  Remind yourself that this is just temporary, and that the energy will clear in December. Half of the battle is knowing that this is a brief feeling, and that it's not real. You can handle everything being thrown your way. This is just the universe's little test to see if you're paying attention and can catch the ball being thrown in your direction. Don't fall for the fear, you got this. 

2. Practice the Art of Patience. Most of what we will be experiencing this month is based on perception and feeling out of control in the moment. The alignments this month will make us very emotional, wanting to fly off the handle and say things that we regret later.  This is a good time to brush up on your - take a deep breath skills and count to ten before you speak skills - and your - I'm going to exit this conversation quietly skills - and your - I don't have to address that comment skills. I think you're getting the picture here. :)

3. Be A Lover, Not a Fighter. Everything about the planets this month and the eclipse is going to encourage people to be argumentative. So if you've ever thought, maybe I should take a break from social media and do a digital detox, this is the month to do so! Take a break from social media and the news and in person gossip and drama. When someone tries to suck you back in, gently detach and explain that you're taking a restoration break and will be back in December. 

4. Say No to the Quick Fix. As we enter into the sign of Sagittarius later this month, the urge will grow to find a quick fix, as we feel uncomfortable with all of the emotions and problems being stirred up. Resist the urge to find a temporary quick fix. We are going through this experience in order to transform and grow. A temporary solution will block the right solution from finding its way to us. While this month will certainly feel tough, we will emerge on the other side in December having faced, handled and many times conquered these situations that have held us down for far too long. Stay the course, ride out the energy and then expect December to bring you a fresh new start that runs into New Year!

5. Keep it Light. Save those deep conversations for next month. If you have big news to share or want to ask for a raise or promotion or you think it's time to address those issues in your relationship or plan a big move, anything of this nature, wait til December to open up these topics of discussion. For this month, do your best to keep things light and airy. I'm not one to usually say hold off on that important conversation, but for this month, it's a good idea. 

6. Attitude of Gratitude. I'll be speaking more about this in the next newsletter, including tips on how to turn November into a very special time where you can transform your life through the art of giving.  This month may be trying to bring in the bad, but we can counteract that by bringing in even more good! 

So what's in the cards for us this month astrologically? Our higher selves get tested this month to see how much work we've truly done on ourselves this year on our path, the lunar eclipse shakes, rattles and rolls our emotions and we end the month with a brighter outlook for December. It's your life, go out and be the light that the world needs to see at this time. xoxo K



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