Yellow Color in the Aura

Bright Yellow seen in the aura typically indicates a high intellect. The person with a strong yellow presence many times is an academic type, an inventor or works in the technology field and expends most of their energy in their mental field.
They are passionate about concepts and ideas and are driven by achieving results and discoveries, rather than financial rewards.
Money is just the means to allow them to do the work they are passionate about. They are often drawn to rooms painted yellow in color, which further stimulates their mental state, generating more ideas.
Sunny Yellow in the aura indicates that the person is open to learning more about whatever is being discussed or presented. As long as yellow is seen as a clear bright yellow, it generally is a positive sign to do with the mental energy fields working in order and assimilating information. Classrooms would function well if painted in a soft warm yellow, inviting the mental energy field to pay attention and open to the information.
When Yellow Goes Rogue
When yellow in the aura appears dull in color, it represents a lack of interest and that the person is withdrawing from their intellectual self and wallowing in a lazy way.
When yellow becomes darker, the person is in a state of ego and has closed off to accepting new information or changing their mind. They are convinced that what they know is best and do not wish to receive any information to the contrary.
Unfortunately this color in its sickly darker form, can be seen too often in academics, professors, scientists and religious zealots who are building up walls of resistance to any information, which differs from their beliefs. This usually occurs when the person feels that their opinions are not being accepted or taken seriously. It manifests first as a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence. The result is to build a wall of self-righteousness, in order to regain a sense of confidence and control.
When yellow has greenish hue to it, the mental field is sluggish and overtaxed. This color generally indicates the person has lost interest in being creative and is moving to a negative state filled with jealousy, dishonesty and greed.
Recommendations to Enhance Yellow in the Aura
Foods: lemons, sunflower seeds, dairy products, cumin, corn, egg yolks, yellow peppers, pasta and grains. When needing to calm the third (solar plexus yellow) chakra area, mint, ginger and chamomile tea are especially helpful.
Home Décor: a warm sunny yellow is a welcome addition in any home, rooms best suited to this color would include a sunroom or family room. In this particular case, yellow is best energized in the home through paint, rather than lighting or decorative accents. The only exception is an arrangement of fresh flowers in yellow or a large stack of yellow lemons in the kitchen.
Clothing: pale yellow is a good color to wear, especially in a shirt or cardigan. Bright yellow tends to be too over stimulating to wear on the body. Yellow jewelry is a better choice in the bright color hue.
Gemstones: yellow citrine, yellow diamond, lemon quartz, and yellow topaz. Many of the gemstones from the orange family are also helpful with yellow energy including amber and tigers eye.
Flowers: daisy, yellow day lily, yellow roses, yellow tulips, mums, black eye Susan’s, daffodils, yellow iris, yellow archangel, marigolds, witch hazel, forsythia and buttercups
Music: Calming classical music of any style.
Activities: Spend quiet time in the sunshine, such as lounging in a chair outside while reading a good book. Stimulate the mind by engaging in crossword puzzles, reading and intellectual conversations with others. Expand the mind by taking a course on something that is completely new to you.
Mantra to Enhance Yellow in the Aura: My opinion matters and it is communicated confidently and with ease. I am confident in expressing my ideas and share them openly with others in warm and engaging conversation. My ideas are understood and held in regard by others and in return, I understand that each person is entitled to their own personal beliefs and ideas. I respect their personal beliefs and ideas and welcome the opportunity to learn more about them and myself through a respectful exchange of ideas. – Kala Ambrose
To learn more about the Aura, check out Kala's book, The Awakened Aura or study with her in her AURA SCHOOL

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