Turquoise in the Aura

I decided to give turquoise a new classification as a color in the aura, due to the evolutionary changes I have been observing in the auric fields over the past decade.
I am now seeing more people with a primary color of turquoise in their aura and it is noticeably different than the darker teal color that used to appear with the blue in the aura. This turquoise color is one that was very predominant during the time of ancient Egypt and is returning again in many auras.
People with a predominant amount of turquoise in their aura are old souls, who are bringing back with them their knowledge of the ancient ways, especially to do with ancient healing techniques from the temples.
Turquoise in the aura represents a natural leader with a strong desire to share their vision and these people are naturally drawn to teach, to heal and to inspire.
When turquoise appears muddy or murky, the person is struggling between what they have been told that they must to do in this lifetime, and what they are feeling on the soul level that they are truly here to accomplish.
Recommendations to Enhance Turquoise in the Aura:
Foods: not applicable to this color
Home Décor: turquoise in the home raises the vibrational energy of a person working to connect with their ancient wisdom. Natural elements such as turquoise colored tiles are helpful as is living near the water or the presence of running water near the home such as a swimming pool or fountain.
Clothing: Turquoise clothing raises the energetic vibration of the aura.
Gemstones: turquoise, moonstone, lapis and copper.
Flowers: orchids from Hawaii. Also organics like seashells and starfish.
Music: instruments with strings, such as the guitar and the violin.
Activities: courses in ancient esoteric teachings and holistic healing, books on the topic and travel, especially to foreign countries and by the sea.
Mantra: ” Hear me now O ancient ones. I hear your call and stand here ready to return to service. I am surrounded by the pure white light and ask that only that which is for my highest and best is presented to me now so that I may connect to the path formed by my ancestors. I return here and now to carry on what was begun ages ago to bring it to fruition. As it once was, so it shall be again”. – Kala Ambrose
To learn more about the Aura, check out Kala's book, The Awakened Aura or study with her in her AURA SCHOOL

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