What Does the Color Purple Mean in the Aura

There is a distinct difference between the dominant primary and the fluctuating secondary colors seen in the aura.  Red, Yellow, Green and Blue are the most common and prominent colors seen in the aura. Other colors like purple, gold, turquoise and brown are not as dominant as a long lasting color in the aura field.
They are most often seen periodically, such as; when a person is experiencing a strong emotion such as love, undergoing a healing, or experiencing depression. Other colors indicate that the person is experiencing a spiritual connection and awakening.
Purple, violet or lavender in the aura is such a lovely sight to see. In most cases, the person is connecting with the spiritual realms and building on their intuition and spiritual connection and it is one of the highest levels of auric vibrations in the human aura. It is assumed that if someone is psychic, that they are receiving energy through their sixth (third-eye) chakra. While this is accurate, there is more here than meets the “eye”, literally.
Each chakra and energy field builds upon the next, beginning with the first chakra and continuing up the spine of the body until it reaches the sixth chakra. When the portals of each chakra have opened enough to raise energy to the sixth chakra, the effect is the ability to “see” beyond the veil and receive information flowing from the higher planes.
What is not often discussed, is that there is a great variety in how open this area can be and depending upon how clear the energy is in this area, it determines how much information comes into the energy field to be received.
People with psychic ability do not have to be spiritual in order to obtain information, but people who work to embrace their spiritual bodies as well as their intuitive field, are often able to receive information from higher planes than others.
The energy is always there and flowing, but the difference is like a water faucet and being able to open it only just a bit to receive a trickle or to be able to turn the faucet on full blast and receive an enormous flow of water coming in.
There is a built in protective system, which first allows the energy to only trickle in, so that the psychic can grow comfortable with accessing the information from the closest planes where the information is not overwhelming to receive.
As the psychic develops further and works on their spiritual connection, the flow continues to expand into the higher realms, so that they can become comfortable with the expanded flow of information. Otherwise, to first open up and receive the floodgates, would be overwhelming and a shock to the system.
It is rare to see a person with a primary indigo, violet or purple aura. When you do, the person is usually a visionary with a deep sense of service to humanity. More often, one generally sees flashes of violet and purple in the aura, which constitute a flow of energy when the person is doing psychic work or in a deep spiritual state of ecstasy and connection with the divine.
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