Psychic Octopus Paul Predicts World Cup Winners

animals psychic Jun 24, 2019
An octopus named Paul accurately predicted the winner of each game during the World Cup. Paul, who has now passed on, (2008-2010) lived at the Sea Life Center in Oberhausen, Germany. During his adult life, he made his World Cup predictions using his nine brains, three hearts and intuitive skills.
To determine each winner, he would choose between two boxes which one he would open first and then eat the mussels from inside. Each individual box had the national flag representing the teams playing. The one that Paul pulls the mussels from first, is declared his pick for the winner.
During his brief lifetime, Paul was 100% accurate in his choices.
Dubbed the ‘eight-legged oracle’, he had dealt with people who did not appreciate his psychic predictions. He once shocked his home country by predicting Spain to win over Germany, which led to him receiving death threats. The response in Spain was more positive with Spain’s Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero quoted as saying that he wished to send a protective team to watch over the octopus.
In addition, according to the Washington Post, celebrity chef Jose’ Andres removed octopus from the menu of all of his U.S. restaurants in honor and appreciation of Paul's prediction that year.
Octopuses have a very low life expectancy, some only live up to six months and others to five years. They are recognized as one of the most intelligent animals in the ocean, with research showing that they exhibit both short and long term memory.
They are known as incredible escape artists and frequently break free from their aquariums to move into other tanks. Some reports claim that they have boarded ships and open holds in search of crabs.

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