Orange Color in the Aura

What does the color orange mean when seen in the aura? Orange is the color of joy and opening to spiritual consciousness. It is no surprise to me to find that many orders of monks wear orange robes. I’ve also noticed that children love the color orange and will use it often when coloring pictures. They also enjoy wearing the color and frequently when given a choice, many will be drawn to orange and purple colors, which are very complimentary for their energy fields.
Orange is warm and vibrant and indicates that the person is receiving new information and energy from the other planes. Orange is an infusion of energy. A person with a strong orange aura will generally be outgoing in nature and have inspirational things to say and will do well in public speaking and working with groups of people.
When Orange Goes Rogue
In my work, it has been rare for me to see someone with orange as the main aura color, where it wasn’t bright and shiny. I have seen the color orange appear in one section of the aura where it was dull and muddy, but never in the full intensity of the aura. When I see orange that has become dark and muddy, it indicates that the person is cranky and irritable and definitely not in a creative mood. This color seems to come and go though in the emotional field, and rarely stays in this hue for long. If the person goes through a longer period of feeling irritable, it seems to change color and move into an angry red or dark brown.
Interestingly, as children grow into adults, they seem to pull away from the color orange. I’ve often mused that, as they have to spend more time in the mundane realities of the earth world, that they lose some of the connection with the pure joy of learning and opening to new information. Their guard comes up as a protective measure and it slows the connection to the orange energy.
As adults, we can recapture this energy to help open ourselves back up to the energy of orange. Most of us have a difficult time wearing the color orange, so the next best thing is to eat one. As you enjoy an orange at breakfast, with each bite savor the taste and the juice and invite the energy from the orange to infuse its essence with your energetic fields.
Recommendations to Connect with and Enhance Orange in Your Aura:
Foods: oranges, carrots, mangos, clementines, passion fruit, cinnamon, paprika, cantaloupe, pumpkin, and apricots
Home Décor: Orange is wonderful in the home and best used in colorful accents like pillows and candles. A little orange is all you need to wake up the energy in the room and create a strong vibe. Children may ask to have their room painted orange, but it can prove to be too over stimulating for them. Instead, supplement orange in a bedspread, pillows, curtains or other décor in the room. Orange as a wall color is not recommended, even in the dining room. It creates an energy vibration to hurry and that is not suitable when dining and attempting to digest properly. Many fast food restaurants use a combination of red and orange in their décor, to encourage their customers to eat quickly and leave, making room for more customers to have seating. While this is effective in that regard, it is not the desired outcome I would choose when dining at home. To recharge the energy in the home, rather than using an orange light bulb in a lamp, I recommend using a Himalayan salt lamp, which radiates a beautiful orange glow.
Clothing: Wrap oneself in an orange robe to infuse the body with the creative juiciness of orange. There’s really not a bad way to wear orange, so cover yourself in it from head to toe when you feel the need to connect with orange. In occasions where this is not a good fashion choice, an orange scarf will work nicely.
Gemstones: garnet, amber, orange calcite, orange carnelian, orange aventurine, orange garnet, tigers eye, and sunstone
Flowers: orange day lily, lantana, orange tulip, bird of paradise, oriental poppy, orange zinnia, peach tulips, orange Gerber daisies, gladiola, Echinacea harvest moon and orange blossoms
Music: chanting by monks, classical music of Vedic origin, Indian folk music and the blowing of the conch shell as done in Hawaii.
Activities: Connecting in the water is the best way to stimulate and revive orange energy. Spend time near the ocean, swimming and exercising in the pool and near waterfalls. Massage is especially helpful to stimulate and circulate orange energy as well as soothe the second (orange) chakra. Lymphatic massage is especially therapeutic for this color.
Orange Aura Mantra: I connect to who I am at my deepest level. I acknowledge my feelings and understand that they are here to teach me more about myself. I will no longer hide from my feelings; I embrace them and welcome the journey. I live in joy and find happiness and peace in each day. – Kala Ambrose
To learn more about the Aura, check out Kala's book, The Awakened Aura or study with her in her AURA SCHOOL

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