Ask Kala: What Happens to the Aura During Menopause

ask kala Sep 15, 2020


This question delves into sex talk. Fair warning, we talk about sex here, so if that's not a topic you'd like to read, please move on to the next post.:)

Today's question from Ask Kala comes from JM  , who writes:

"Hi Kala, thanks for the opportunity to ask a question for ASK KALA -I’d love to hear your insights about what takes place to the aura and energetically when a woman goes through menopause; specifically what are “hot flashes” from an energetic view? They do feel like a sort of cleansing energy and seem to be totally misunderstood in the mainstream. Thanks! JM"

Hi JM,

I'm really excited to talk about this topic, as I've always thought that a lot more information should be shared about the stages that a woman goes through in her life that are connected to her fertility cycle.  In some cultures, the stages are described in three parts as Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman, which in today's world we might explain in three parts as:  a female before she begins her menstrual cycle, then a female who can actively conceive and for act three, menopause where the physical fertility cycle has ended.

When I work with clients in my Entrepreneur Coaching sessions, I often begin by asking them what they loved to do and what they wanted to be when they were around the age of ten or eleven. At this age, the mental layer of the aura has greatly expanded and we have a pretty clear idea of what we enjoy doing and what truly interests us. When we go back and think about what we wanted to do at that point in our lives, there are usually a lot of great clues and information regarding where our true talents and interests are.

What changes our plans between this age and adulthood in our careers?


Once we begin puberty, the emotional layer of the aura takes over and our emotions are like giant waves in the ocean, they tend to take over our lives through our teen years, making us barely recognizable to our parents as the sweet children we once were.  Eventually we level out from this tidal wave of emotions and hormones that hit us during our teen years and by our mid to late twenties, we've begun the journey of adulthood.

Ok, so we're on the road to adulthood and ridden through these emotional times, so why don't we return to the mentally astute place we were at age ten, coupled with that sense of wonder and play? 

For most people, the answer is because by our mid twenties, we are now sexually active. The second chakra, is the sacral chakra and is where the energy flows for both creative action and sexual activity. Fertility generates from this chakra and we decide what to do with this energy on a daily basis. When we engage in sexual activity, the energy in this chakra is released during this activity and then it takes a while to build back up again. Each time we have sex, we repeat this cycle, build up, release, build up, release.

At other times, we direct this creative fertile energy upwards through the chakras and generate a creative act, through our work or a hobby, into something that we want to bring into life. We are using the second chakra fertility and this time instead of releasing the energy at the second chakra level with the sexual act, instead we direct it upwards into the idea that we are creating.

There are many stories in the past of artists, who would find a model that they would call their "muse".  This model/muse was usually a woman who was attractive and stimulated the male artist with passion and desire for this woman.  The artist would ask the model to pose for them while they painted her and most only understood that this is when the inspirational magic happened for them. They didn't understand that this desire was activating their second chakra and that their creative outlet to paint was being heightened because their desire to sleep with the model was only outweighed by their passion to paint her first because they were bursting with creativity.   Many of stories go on to explain that once the painting was completed, the artist would hold back no further and would make passionate love to the model/muse who had brought him to great heights with his art.

Because most times there was little other connection to the model beyond the second chakra, (I teach about how which cords that connect first in the aura between two people make a big difference in how their relationship works and lasts) after a time, the connection/cord would dry up and wither and the artist would search for a new muse to fuel his fire once again.

This wasn't the way it worked for all artists and then as now, there are many other ways to stimulate creative energy. What is interesting though, is that while they didn't understand how things worked in the aura, at some level, they understood to wait until they completed their work to then engage in sexual activity, as they realized that the creative energy dampened after the sexual act.

I explain this process in greater detail in my AURA SCHOOL in my Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences, where I share how the aura connects through various energy cords around the body and how with each partner we have sex with, we create and connect a cord to that person, which can grow and expand or wither. I also explain how the specific chakra where we first create an energy cord with another person, affects the long term effect of each relationship. And yes we make conscious and unconscious decisions on which chakra we connect with first with another person.

So how does this relate to your question of menopause, you ask? 

Well, I wanted to explain a bit on how the second chakra works and is activated. When we go through menopause, the heightened hormonal drive to procreate is lessened and we are returning back to how we were energetically before we began puberty. As the hormones begin this dance, we are thrust back into puberty all over again, our bodies changes, our moods swing, and here we are, going through this overwhelming process one more time.

Once menopause is complete, we enter the wise woman phase of our lives. The emotional layer of the aura is not experiencing waves of change again like it did during puberty and has returned back to normal levels. The second chakra is still active and still enjoys sexual activity, but the mental layer of the aura has expanded during this process and so there is a drive and passion to find purpose, to seek new experiences and to be creative in a way that feels fulfilling.

Because the mental aura is now the more active and larger layer of the aura, we are in our wisest years and have the culmination of a multitude of life experiences coupled with knowledge of how to do things better. We have returned to the mental layer of the aura that we first connected with at age ten or eleven, where because the emotional layer of the aura wasn't overwhelming us, we could think clearly on what we loved to do and create and be.

This is a wake up call to the system. The aura shares this information with the mind, body and spirit and reveals this information to the soul. For many people, this is one of the first times in a very long time that they are able to get clarity on what they love to do. If they have not been able to express theses loves and desires in their lifetime to this point, they feel the loss and sorrow of not having created these experiences.

This is what many describe as a mid life crisis, when the soul realizes life is passing quickly by and has a glimpse of what has not been attempted or achieved, or what was discarded too easily. 

There really should be a menopause type description for men as well, as they go through their own changes like menopause as they age and their testosterone levels drop. Testosterone overwhelms the emotional aura of men from puberty through their adult life until these levels drop for them as they age. With men who are sexual after their testosterone levels drop, some of them can become even better lovers, because they are able to slow down and enjoy the entire love making process including more foreplay time and because testosterone is not overtaking all of the layers of the aura and their other systems, they can become more attuned to their partner as well as to the entire experience.

So what do I tell most women who ask me about menopause?

I suggest they get excited about it, because they are about to reach one of the pinnacles of creative energy in their life, where their creative energy is now more free to link to their wonderful ideas and this offers the opportunity to embark on an amazing new cycle. It is the beginning of something magnificent, not the ending, but as with all things, every new beginning, does start with the ending of something else and in this case, it is the ending of the physical fertility cycle. As the physical cycle ends in the second chakra, the energy that was pulled from this layer of the aura now moves into the mental and spiritual layers stimulating creativity at a whole new experiential level.

If only these things were taught to everyone and we had an understanding of what was happening to us at the mind/body/spirit level in the aura and energy bodies, we would know how to embrace and activate this energy and take the fertile creative energy from the second chakra and embark on new directions with even more sexual satisfaction and creative fulfillment. I hope this article helps some women and men to reconsider this time of their life and to give some thought to activating their second chakra right away.

Lastly, as to the hot flashes, I'm not a doctor, nor giving any medical advice of any kind here. There are a variety of reasons related to the body and hormonal changes and the effects that are felt during menopause and in no way am I speaking to what women go through physically at this time, check with your doctor for advice as needed.

I will say though, what I see in the aura when someone is going through a hot flash. 

When I see perimenopause and menopause in the aura, I notice that the emotional layer of the aura has been swollen to a very large size, especially during perimenopause as all of the changes are taking place. Then as menopause settles in, the mental layer of the auric field expands and opens for new ideas and communication to come through. 

When the hot flashes occur, I see energy moving through the layers of the aura in big bursts.

The first type of hot flash builds up in the mental layer of the aura and then erupts through the emotional field of the aura.  What is occurring here is that (energy/emotions/stress/trauma/old wounds/regrets/pain), I could go on describing, but I think you get the idea, is being raised to the surface so that it can be purged from the aura. The thoughts about this experience is bubbling up and then it pushes through to the emotional layer of the auric field where the memory of this event is stored and in an attempt to heal and release this memory and emotional attachment to it, it erupts out as a hot flash. 

Remember, when we are going through menopause, it's like going through puberty in reverse. 

In puberty, we are just beginning to have these hormones raging through us in our emotional auric field. The aura wants to release this energy as quickly as it can, and in this case, it erupts through the physical aura and eventually into the physical body in what we see as a pimple/acne. There's not a lot of mental energy tied up with the emotional field during puberty as we don't have as many memories of this sort like we do later in life, so the energy is released in smaller pimple sizes.

As full grown adults, we tend to have a lot more regrets, a lot more memories about it all, a lot more grudges held on to and possibly years of anger and sadness about things,  and so during menopause, it radiates outward in the hot flash to burn it away. It doesn't want this energy to stay in the aura for several reasons, including it wants to make space for new experiences and, it doesn't want this energy to cycle through the auric levels down into the physical body. As adults, we've had a longer life span of challenging experiences, and we've stored these emotional experiences inside for a long time, so if this energy moves through the auric layers and enters the physical body, it can lead to dis-ease in the body on a larger scale than a pimple eruption during puberty.


The hot flash is a gift trying to help us release and let go of the past, so that we clear our energy bodies in order to create new memories and experiences. The mental layer of the aura wants to release the old and open the pathways for new thoughts and ideas to flow through easily.  It's essential to do a good clean out in this way and nature as always provides a way for the body to do this.

The choice then becomes to let go of these memories and the pain associated with them. If we keep the memories, the remaining residue that was not burned off during the hot flash remains in the aura and grows again each time thought and energy is directed to remembering that experience and it grows larger each time emotion is attached to the memory as well.  Once the hot flashes have ended and menopause is complete, these experiences if kept active in the aura, can create a hardened shell around the person in their auric fields. 

The second type of hot flash I see is even more transformative.

Again it forms in the mental layer of the aura, then moves through the emotional layer of the aura, but if the person is consciously aware that they are going through a change of life and have the desire to embrace these changes, the energy then radiates up through the spiritual layer of the aura and is released.

When I see the hot flash go through the spiritual auric layer, it changes color and form. What it is doing, is truly "letting that experience go".

The energy, emotion, memory and holding on to this experience is transcended and healing takes place in all layers of the aura.

With each experience like this, it is an opportunity to be free from the past and in letting it go, the old wound heals and this experience is not carried through with the soul into the next lifetime. It is marked in the akashic records as completed.

Well JM, this may be more of an answer that you ever expected about your question regarding the aura, menopause and hot flashes, and I hope it has been of some help to you on this journey. 

There's a lot more I'd love to say about this topic, as we've only delved into the first level of what happens during menopause here in the aura, but a blog post can only be so long and this one is well past what I usually write. 

For a lot more information on how to the aura works, how to see auras, what the colors of the aura mean, how the aura connects during sex, how energy cords connect between people in their auras, and how the aura changes every seven years of your life, check out my AURA SCHOOL.  When you sign for AURA SCHOOL, you also receive the e-book version of my award winning The Awakened Aura book.

Wishing you all the best on your Wise Woman journey!

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