Mardi Gras Colors - Purple Green and Gold

Fresh off of showing my fireplace decorated for Winter, it's time to bring in some color!

There's nothing like color to brighten up your thoughts and emotions during the Winter months, so if you're wondering what you can do to lift your energy at this time, it's easy! Start by bringing in some fun colors to your room!

One of my favorite yearly celebrations is coming up! It's Mardi Gras. The Colors of Mardi Gras are Purple, Green and Gold. Purple represents justice, green is faith and gold represents power.

Beads in these colors are thrown to the crowds as the floats pass by in the parades. It is said that if you catch the beads, the color represents the type of good luck you will receive this year. Remember it's bad juju to steal beads from someone else who caught them, that's only going to reverse that fortune and bring the bad upon you, such as loss of power, faith or justice for you.

I've added some of these colors to my fireplace here with the addition of my carnival mask along with the New Orleans Homesick candle. These candles are blended to create the sensory memory of what it smells like in your home state or city in order to invoke those memories.

In my most recent post, I shared what I was creating energetically on this mantel with the placement of all the other decor items.  Now I've added the mask representing the colors of green, purple and gold, which coordinate with the peacock feathers.

If you remember that peacock feathers are a symbol of awakening, what am I energetically awakening in my home through the use of these colors?

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