What the Colors of Your Aura Are Telling People About You

How amazing and yet how often we take for granted, this wonderful world of color that we live in! Many people go about their day paying little attention to the significance of color and the energy that it represents.
In my work as an entrepreneur intuition coach, I help businesses and entrepreneurs choose the best color combinations for their businesses, their logos, their interior design, in essence — their entire brand.
Highly successful people understand that the colors they use for their business emit emotional energy that send a message to everyone who sees their name.
Those that really understand how aura energy works in color, design their company around specific colors in order to create a specific mood or thought process. This is why you will see many fast food restaurants use red and yellow in their logo and interior design, as this color combination encourages you to eat quickly and leave. Fast food dining is focused on getting people in and getting them out as soon as possible and these fast paced colors keep people from lingering too long inside the restaurant.
Pay attention the next time you are in one of these spaces and then compare the color energy in a fine dining restaurant that you love. How do you feel energetically in each space? Your mind, body and spirit read these color combinations through your aura and receive these energetic signals designed to create a certain response within you. This is done with every logo and business model created.
Each color emits a particular ray of light and we emit these colors through our aura according to where we are energetically. This is why you are attracted to certain colors, and why some of your favorite colors may change over time and why your most favorite color probably never changes.
Your favorite color many times represents the true color essence in your aura, while other colors that you are attracted to, ebb and flow according to your thoughts and emotions and what you are creating and attracting into your life.
The aura reflects these moods and their colors. It can express red with anger, green with envy, blue with sadness, grey with depression, yellow with a sunny outlook… It's important to note that these same colors (through the changes in their “energetic hue”) can express different feelings aligned with the emotional and thought processes, which can be then be viewed as — red with passion, green with loving nature, blue with peace, grey moving into balance and yellow enhancing intellect.
As we feel these emotions and think about what’s going on in our lives, we use color to express the color ray energy that we are resonating with at that time.
When we stand back and take a deeper more introspective look at our clothing color choices, our hair color, our jewelry, food and drinks we enjoy, our selection of crystals and gemstones, and the expansive choices in our home décor, we begin to see a pattern that we are creating with color, that is “telling our story”, of who we are and what we are creating and manifesting in our lives through the rays emitting from our aura and being expressed on our person and in our private spaces.
What Are the Colors of Your Aura Saying about Who You Are and Where You Are Going?
I’ve worked with clients from all over the world to teach them to understand the power of color in the aura and how to heal from the inside out.
When we understand what the aura is showing us, we understand what are are creating in our lives; whether the colors are bright and vibrant and actively creating our wishes and dreams and bringing them closer to us every day or whether the colors are dull and lifeless, indicating that stress and worry and doubt has taken a toll on us energetically and we are in need of spiritual healing to restore our passion and purpose for living.
It’s not enough to just study colors and what they mean. When you read a simple guide to color, it may tell you for example that if a person wears black, they are sad and maybe depressed.
When you know how to read someone’s aura, you’ll realize that those generalizations just are way too vague and not helpful.
When you see the aura, you see the true story of what’s going on in someone’s life and why they are wearing the colors that they do and what it truly means.
For example, in the span of a week, I worked with three different clients, each of whom wore the color black very often in their wardrobe. Each of them had come to me with very unique and completely different problems. Imagine if I could not see their aura and had just told them, black could possibly mean that you’re sad. LOL! That would have been completely unhelpful and ridiculous.
The language and power of color is immense. When we can read the aura, we begin to see the true magic and power that emits from every color in the world and that we emit as energy beings, and that everything else is emitting in this world through their color, in nature, people, animals, buildings and yes, even businesses!
Going back to the three clients I had that week that all wore black, I helped them identify what was going on with them through reading their auras and what their thought processes and emotions were creating in their lives.
Client #1 lived in New York City. She was in a very fast paced, high level position at work and was preparing for an opportunity to get a huge promotion at her work. She came to me concerned because she knew everything about her business but often choked when she had to speak in front of large groups and she knew that the presentation she had to give in two weeks time, would make or break her opportunity to go to the next level and be promoted to partner at her firm.
Through reading her aura I was able to identify the blocks in her throat chakra and how they were attached to an experience in her childhood that she still held in the emotional layer of her aura. Once this was identified, we talked through that experience and I created a mantra for her, which she could say daily to release the pain from that experience and heal the emotional wound.
Wearing the color black like she did everyday for work, had nothing to do with this problem. If you live in NYC, you know that black is worn by most everyone in the city and is commonplace everyday wear. She also worked in a very conservative environment where black and grey were the preferred and suggested wear for her profession.
What I worked with to help jumpstart her throat chakra and reopen it again, was to bring some cobalt blue into her life, to allow this color to calm her voice and energize her ability to speak clearly and with passion. Because we could not include this in her suit, she wore a cobalt blue bra under her jacket and we found a gorgeous necklace to wear made from lapis and blue sodalite. She did the inner work that I assigned to her for two weeks, consciously working to remove the old experience from her auric field and replacing it with the mantra to fill this space in her aura with confidence that she would speak easily and well in front of large groups of people and that her message would be positively received and appreciated.
I’m happy to report that on the day of her presentation, she wore her blue bra and her blue necklace and gave as she later told me, the best talk of her life. She sealed the deal and received her promotion, but even better, she told me that she felt a confidence and energy return to her, that she had lost all those years ago in her childhood. She had healed from the inside out and now mentors others who have lost their inner voice from one experience or another.
Client #2 was a woman living in Dallas with three children with a very busy life. She and her husband worked long hours and then ran the children from activity to activity after school. Dinners were often in the car caught between getting one child to one place and picking up another from somewhere else. Weekends were catch up time, laundry, cleaning, packing up for the next week’s activities, grocery shopping, homework projects and last minute emergencies. She had also joined a gym and was going weekly, but it was only making her feel worse and more tired. She was exhausted, had put on some extra pounds that were frustrating her and losing interest in everything, her work, her husband and her life in general. She had taken to wearing black everyday, not because her work was a conservative place, in fact, it was a pretty casual work environment where you could wear jeans and almost anything within reason. She was wearing black because she felt like she was disappearing into nothingness, into darkness and part of her wanted to disappear. She longed for a day where she could sleep in, where she could have an hour to herself without the demands of one of her children or spouse or co-workers needing something from her right now. She wanted to be invisible.
When I viewed her aura, I could see grey around the physical layer of her aura, indicating the physical exhaustion and depletion but I could also see her gentle soul energy, displayed in a beautiful lavender color in her aura, indicating her true spiritual nature. This color showed me that her energy would not be restored by doing something physically active like it can for some, which is why the gym was not working for her. It also showed that while she loved nature like most people, that the act of hiking or going camping in the outdoors, would not restore her aura energy either.
Her soul personality as seen through her aura, (being of the lavender color ray), needed to restore through a more peaceful immersive experience through touch and energy healing. I recommended that she begin a series of scheduled weekly massages for six weeks, along with working with an energy healer during this time to help to first ground her and then to restore her energy.
During this six-week period, I worked with her to reconnect to her Higher Self and to remember who she was a person, beyond wife, mother and co-worker.
We traced her path back to what she loved to do and why she had altered from this path. She discovered that she had given her power away when they moved to Dallas from the small town where she had grown up. In this new big city suburban environment, she had felt pressured to fit in and keep up with the Jones’s and she was pushing herself to do what she thought she had to do to be part of this group for her and her family. Once she realized what she was doing, she realized that it was not truly who she was or what she thought was important and needed.
I asked her to write down all of these thoughts and feelings, but not to act on them until she had finished her six weeks of massage, energy healing and self-introspection and exploration. At the end of the six weeks, we reviewed her notes and she felt that she was truly connected back to her soul and that she could once again communicate with her true self and her wishes and dreams.   Feeling stronger and more empowered, she sat down with her family and shared her feelings with them. To her great surprise, they all expressed similar feelings, that they were tired of their life always being over-scheduled and pushed to the limit to do things, and try to fit in to a certain lifestyle. She and her husband sat down and talked late into the night and decided to make some major changes. They cancelled many appointments and planned a family vacation, taking a cruise so they were unplugged from all of their electronic devices. When they came back home, they restructured their lives, scaling back on activities that the kids weren’t enjoying anyway and resolved to have one day of the week that is just family night with no other obligations allowed.
As she released her need to feel accepted by her peers, she created room for positive energy to flow back into her aura and she found that she was even more effective at her job that she loved and that people were actually more attracted to her, because they connected with her peaceful, relaxed, creative energy.
Can you imagine if this woman had just asked a color analyst why she wore black and she had just been told, wear a happy color and you’ll change and feel happy? While wearing colors can help us feel better, if we want true change, it has to start from healing the inside first.

Client # 3 was a man who wanted to wear black, but found whenever he went to buy a black suit for work, that when he tried it on, he would get nervous and break out into a sweat and would leave the store unable to purchase the suit. This had been this way all of his life, he had even persuaded his wife during their wedding plans, to allow him to wear a grey suit instead of a traditional black tuxedo. He had to wear a suit at his work and he mainly wore brown suits everyday, only occasionally switching to wear a navy blue suit.
His wife had been a client of mine and I had helped her design her new home using color palettes that reflected her aura energy to enhance certain rooms that she used often as she worked from home. He had seen such powerful changes in her that he agreed to meet with me to see if I could help him get over his fear of wearing black. She had been asking him for years to talk with me, but he had avoided the situation. What was bringing him to me now was that he was invited to a major corporate event that was mandatory black tie attire. He really wanted to attend this event but had been unable to make himself purchase a black tux to wear.
When we met, I asked him like I do all of my clients during an aura reading, to sit quietly and relax while I read and scan their aura bodies. I prefer to read the aura first before the client speaks to me, so that the information I receive is clear and directly from their energy and the energy from the other side. Once I’ve presented my report of findings from their aura, then I give the client time to share their story with me. This way they know what I am seeing, is what I am seeing and not because they have given me this information previously.
As I read this man’s aura, I immediately saw one of his past lives very prominent in his auric field. I call this a karmic marker, which is an experience from another lifetime that we bring back with us into our auric field. This marker is a beacon, which attracts experiences to us again in this lifetime so that we can work through this experience and resolve the situation.
In this past lifetime, I saw that this man had been involved in a community where he had used his powers of persuasion, magnetic charm, and magical power to take advantage of others. He had used this to gain great power and wealth. His knowledge of how to use these powers had been vast and he had caused tremendous suffering to others in his self centered focus on personal gain.
Knowing the power and energy of color like he did in that lifetime, he understood that many practitioners wear black as it holds energy in around the person and so as you build up your energy field, wearing black can keep this energy around you, allowing you to build up the energy and store it for later use. He had used the color black to contain the powers he was accessing and had used this color in his clothing by wearing black at all times. (Note: wearing black is not a bad thing, black holds in energy which is helpful, but he distorted it by holding it to use against others). Eventually he had died in a gruesome manner in this lifetime, being burned by a group of angry people that he had mistreated and they turned on him.
As I relayed this story to him, I saw tears in his eyes and he told me that he had never shared this with anyone, not even his wife, but that when he went into a store and would try on a black suit or black tux, that his entire body would get so hot that he felt like he was being burned alive and that one time, when he couldn’t get the suit off fast enough, that he had developed hives and what looked like a burn or hot rash on his skin.
Taking his hand, I looked into his eyes and said, it’s ok, let this pain out, I’m here with you and it’s going to be ok. This is not who you are now, release this pain, release this past. He cried and shook and I felt his pain release from his aura, from deep within his soul and it blew through the room, shaking everything in its path.
After a few moments, when he had stilled, I squeezed his hand and said, I’ve only told you half of your story, there’s more.  He looked up at me, still shaken and with a deep sigh, said ok, let’s hear the rest.
This was a past life of yours, I explained and one that you’ve carried with you for several lifetimes now. It is not your most recent past life. You went on to atone for what you did and you became a monk. You saw how that energy and magic and power is present in everything, in nature, in animals, in life and how it’s so much bigger and present in everything and that it doesn’t have to be hoarded for personal gain.
You spent that past lifetime as a monk in service, helping others to see how to connect with this energy in a spiritual loving way. In that lifetime, you wore brown robes everyday. This is causing your attraction in this lifetime to wearing brown suits, as it’s how you now feel comfortable in your own skin and it serves as a reminder to never go back to that person you once were, when you wore black to hoard power and use it selfishly. This is why you are having a strong negative reaction to wearing black.
As I shared this information, he visibly shot back in his seat, and I could feel his thoughts and emotions on fire as he took this information in. I could see in his aura how it was resonating with him and that it had brought back past life memories for him and how this session was connecting all the dots for him of who he was, and who he had been. He looked at me and with a slight quiver in his voice said that he had always loved St. Francis, the Catholic saint who loved animals and was so peaceful and that he used to read about him all the time as a young boy and it made him feel so peaceful and happy.
I pressed on, there’s more, I continued…
The karmic marker in your aura in this lifetime is part three of this journey for you, I explained.
You went through a lifetime of connecting with strong power and magic and you took a dark path with it. Then you went through a lifetime of connecting with this energy again and using it unselfishly in complete service to others and healing the world.
This lifetime is about understanding the balance between these two, to help you evolve as a person. These other two lifetimes were polar opposites, black and white. They were singular in focus, one to take everything for yourself, the other to give everything to everyone else.
This lifetime is about understanding and harnessing that power, to give to yourself and to share with others, the balance between giving and receiving, allowing you to be the vessel to do great good for your personal evolution and for the betterment of all those whom you come into contact with.
I then explained to him… The color you should be wearing more often in your suits should be grey, which is a mixture of black and white, showing your evolution into balance and understanding the great power and energy of the universe. Grey will remind you of what you are working to master within yourself in this lifetime.   And now that you have released the energy and pain from this past lifetime, I believe that you can go try on a black suit and that you will no longer feel any pain or discomfort when you try it on. Before putting the suit on at the store, surround yourself in this white light prayer and remind yourself that you are no longer that person and that you embrace and respect the energy of this power in the Universe. (I gave him the white light prayer that I share in Aura School and in my book)
We worked together for six more days to clear the energy from this karmic marker and he was able to try on and purchase a black tuxedo to wear at his upcoming event with no discomfort.
I’m happy to report that we continued to work together, as I became a intuitive business coach for him and that he is a hugely successful executive at a major corporation. He wears grey suits as his power color and black tuxedos with ease. He’s known for being an incredible powerhouse at his work and equally known for his generosity in giving back to his community and to charities.   Recently he showed me his beautiful garden that he and his wife had created in their backyard, where he had placed a statue of St. Francis as a reminder for him.
If you’ve read this far, thank you for taking this journey with me as I share how the aura works and how working with the aura can be transformative in your life.
My life’s purpose is to share this work with those who are ready to be transformed and understand the energy of how the aura as an energy body creates, manifests and directs energy in our lives in many aspects.
If this work calls to you, I invite you to join me here in AURA School

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