Your Aura Changes Every Seven Years

People often ask me, Kala, what do you see, when you see the aura of a person?
I explain to them, that I see the true essence of the person, “who they are at the soul level”.
The aura expresses who we are, what we are thinking, how we feel about things and what we long for in life. It shows our physical well being, our emotional reactions and the depth of our thoughts on various topics.
In essence, in every moment, the aura paints a picture of our soul and what we are experiencing here in human form.
Then people ask me, Kala, I wish I could see auras like you do and I say, you can, truly you can! This is why I wrote my three time award winning book,
so that you can learn how to see auras, work with them and identify what the colors and shapes mean.
But there are those who want to go further…
to explore much deeper than what a book can explain and it is for this reason, that I have traveled around the country to teach about the aura to people in prestigious world-renowned centers like the Omega Institute and Edgar Cayce’s ARE.
Now I want to bring these teachings to YOU! Right from your home, You can Study with Me and Learn How to See Auras in my AURA SCHOOL
Check out the video here in this post, where I explain how the Aura works in childhood, describes the layers of the aura including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and explains how the aura changes every seven years in seven years cycles.
Quick Tip: In this video, Kala shares an Ancient Egyptian Mystery School Ritual on How to Create An Auric Field of Protection.
and then come learn how to see auras as I teach you step by step in

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