“Kala Ambrose is a beautiful force of nature, exploring many fascinating realms. In The Awakened Dreamer she gives us access to and understanding of the world of dreams. When one considers we spend a third of our lives asleep, this is a tremendous gift indeed. From getting a good night’s sleep to learning to master dreams by taking control in lucid dreaming, Kala is a masterful guide through Morpheus’ territory.”– Maureen Seaberg, Psychology Today

“Kala Ambrose has written a splendid book about remembering and interpreting dreams. THE AWAKENED DREAMER stands out from similar books in its reader-friendly style and its specific exercises. However, seasoned dreamers will appreciate the attention the author gives to working with dream symbols, moving beyond simplistic “dream dictionaries” to a deep understanding of the personal meaning and emotional undertone of these images. Dreams are a part of humanity’s potentials and this book aims to help its readers develop those capacities, and have fun while doing so”. – Stanley Krippner, Ph.D. – Co-author EXTRAORDINARY DREAMS

“This book is just what I needed! I have a hard time remembering my dreams, no matter what I do it’s hard and that’s sad because I dream every single night and I know this because I always remember parts of my dreams but never the whole thing or enough for it to make sense. This book really helps, I’m slowly learning to remember my dreams and find out what they mean. It’s so cool and I fully recommend it to anyone who wants to remember their dreams. The author writes in such a way that it’s easy to understand and flow. The things in here make sense, the author isn’t asking the reader to do weird things in order to remember your dreams. It’s just awesome. Get this book ASAP”! – Carrie Atrip- Sallie, The NetGalley Team

The Awakened Dreamer featured in Publishers Weekly’sReligion and Spirituality Books Preview” for December 2017. “The Awakened Dreamer: How to Remember & Interpret Your Dreams by Kala Ambrose (Llewellyn, $15.99 paper, ISBN 978-0-7387-5311-9). A spiritual teacher, motivational speaker, and intuitive coach helps readers combine daydreams with visualizations that can be channeled into nightly dreams in order to strengthen the connection between the conscious and unconscious self.”

” Ms. Ambrose is an excellent writer; she is a vibrant storyteller. In some of her stories, there are some heartwarming lessons she shares about the different kinds of dreams that you may have. She shares personal stories of her own and those of clients that she has helped work through dream meanings… Her writing style is very personal. She loves to share her stories with you, the reader. I like that about her… Ms. Ambrose believes (as I do) that you should learn to interpret your dreams for yourself, after all only, you know your symbols mean. Throughout this book, she gives you the tools you need to be your own guide in your dream world”. – Dawn Borries, Pagan Pages

“Kala has a poetic gift of sharing her wisdom in a way that weaves you into a world of spiritual awakening through every day tips. The Awakened Dreamer offers the same practical guidance as her other riveting books, but specifically related to your dreams and better understanding why they matter. What you dream, why and when can be applied to your life in ways you never imagined. She offers insights on how to interpret your dreams, get better at remembering them and how you can incorporate what you learn to shed old patterns, bring you peace about a situation or help you through a trying time in your life. A must read for anyone curious about dreams or accelerating their path to higher consciousness.” – Renee Blodgett, Managing Editor  We Blog the World

“Are you ready to create a deeper spiritual and psychic connection through your dreams? Then we suggest letting Kala Ambrose be your guide. In THE AWAKENED DREAMER, Kala guides seekers through their journey to answer the questions, Who Am I, Why Am I Here and What is My Destiny. A powerful intuitive, Kala teaches you how to remember and interpret your dreams, how to use daydreams to manifest your personal dreams and how to communicate with loved ones and spirit guides on the other side through your dreams.”– Amy Zerner & Monte Farber, authors of THE ENCHANTED TAROT and KARMA CARDS

“The dream world is a mystical place and Kala Ambrose through her book The Awakened Dreamer, provides just the right roadmap. It is a rare primer that not only informs the reader about the complexity and wonder of dreams, but also reveals the author’s own spiritual quest. Written in an easy to read, well organized format, The Awakened Dreamer is highly recommended.” – ​ Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D. Author of: Where Does Mind End? The History of Consciousness & the Higher States

“As a primer for dreamers this book teaches all levels of dream school – from the curious beginner to the savvy graduate and initiate into the multidimensional nature of dreaming. ‘The Awakened Dreamer’ is inspired throughout by the author’s wellspring of experience as a dreamer, dream coach and psychic. By combining practical, psychological and metaphysical approaches Kala Ambrose has added an unusual gem to the ordinary literature of dreams”. – Sabine Lucas, Ph.D. Jungian analyst and author of  Past life Dreamwork

“If you’re fascinated by dreams & how to interpret them, this is the book for you! With her vast experience as dreamer, intuitive and wisdom teacher, Kala Ambrose clearly identifies the different types of dreams and how we can use them to clear old patterns, connect to spirit and become creatively empowered. Both within the text and in the in-depth appendix, the reader is given invaluable interpretations for many common symbols found in dreams. This is a beautifully written book, inspiring us to make the most of our dreams – both from the night and day – and thus manifest an exciting new reality. – Christine Page MD christinepage.com

“Kala Ambrose guides us through THE AWAKENED DREAMER with grace and insight, shining a steady light on the mysteries of dreams and nightmares in order to reveal profound messages that heal and enlighten.”  USA TODAY Bestselling Author Vanessa Fewings

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