Tickled Pink Journey Bracelet

Season #2

It’s that first glance, that shy look, your cheeks turn pink as you blush and you feel your heart racing with a smile pulling at you from inside wanting to play. To flirt is to connect with another person in a warm, lighthearted manner. It is an art form that energetically transcends words and focuses the mind, body and spirit on the power of human connection using magnetic energy. The talent lies in keeping the person intrigued, while creating just the right combination of tension and connection through witty banter and a touch of teasing. Perhaps best described as a social dance, flirting uses clever small talk as the eyes twinkle and a gentle touch creates an electric charge. Like a well written story, the art of flirtation is captivating and keeps both people hanging on the edge, eagerly anticipating the next move at a rhythmic pace. It is the first step to connecting from the heart chakra and is defined fully by the color pink. If you’re drawn to this bracelet stack, you are ready to mix and mingle and share a connection with someone who can authentically see you and connect with you in a positive moment of heart chakra play. The pink stones are about that first blush, that first moment of expectation, where we feel seen and heard and appreciated in a shared moment of space and time. We revel in human connection and in the joy of a conversation that may become something more or may just be a brief interaction that reminds the wearer of how quickly our thoughts, our emotions and our life can be turned around on a dime. Remembering that life is about the journey, not the destination, we also see that forging a new relationship begins with flirting and allowing the heart to open and mingle with others so that it becomes Tickled Pink. More at LavishGoods.com


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