Gulfcoast Mermaid Journey Bracelet

Season #2

Enchanting, mischievous, graceful and beautiful, mermaids are the queens of the sea. Charming and captivating, they represent the merging of earth and water and the power of transformation between both. They represent all that we are capable of becoming when we apply ourselves to personal growth and development. Mermaids are considered to be lucky and wearing this bracelet stack is a good luck charm for the wearer. This bracelet is magnetized with the energy of the mermaids, inviting you to be yourself, seek adventures, never stay stagnant in one place, go with the flow, and challenge yourself to try new things! Mermaids are said to be intuitive and wise. They are also empaths and very in touch with the emotions of others. They bring inspiration and beauty, assist with transitions in life, and open the wearer up to exploring their true desires. When wearing this bracelet stack, expect to feel effervescent, lively and vivacious. The stones gathered here work together to uplift your spirit and energize you in a fun, bubbly, positive manner. This is our first mermaid bracelet and probably won't be our last. In this design, we give homage to the birthplace of Journey bracelets and to the mermaids who are our guides here. The Gulf Coast is known for its coastal towns, natural beauty, diverse ecosystems, and a laid-back atmosphere with a big dose of southern hospitality. Famous for the power of three: white sand beaches, warm turquoise waters, and sunsets in vibrant hues of orange, pink and purple, the area radiates a magical mermaid look and feel. Are you ready to take a Gulf Coast Mermaid Journey? More at


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