Journey Bracelets - The Kala Ambrose Show

Season #2

What if a renowned psychic who sees auras and a geologist with a master's degree got together and combined spirituality with science to test out these factors and see what’s real and how it really works.

What if they discovered how certain gemstones and crystals work together and which work the best together side by side. What if they could explain from start to finish how to work with these gemstones and crystals in the right order, to guide you on the path of where you were looking to go?

What if there were certain formulas created that allow the stones to be even stronger when their energies are aligned in the right combinations! What if, after figuring out these secrets through experimentation and studying how these gemstones were used in ancient cultures, they took these gemstones and knowing their unique principles, they made them into bracelets placing them in the correct order so they work in tandem with each other to achieve the desired effect.

And then, they added reiki energy to further activate the stones in the bracelet! What if, now knowing this precious information, the psychic and the scientist joined forces to design these custom gemstone bracelets that they called - The Journey.

What if they wrote step by step how to work with each bracelet type and even added special charms to some of the bracelets to enhance them even more!

What if these two women also had a love for jewelry and beautiful things and while designing these bracelets they strived to make them beautiful works of art at the same time, understanding that this journey is a mind body spirit connection and it has to feel good and at the same time, look good on you. That these gorgeous gems were so lush and lux and felt so good, that they had no choice but to name them lavish.

What if it's time for you to take the Journey?


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