Class Begins on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 7:30pm Eastern





with  Renowned Intuitive and Wisdom Teacher Kala Ambrose 

what are the Akashic Records

In the spiritual realms where the higher self resides, a record of every thought, action, word and deed is recorded for each soul. Referred to as the Akashic Records, these vibrational energy imprints remain attached to the soul through each lifetime. These imprints shape each soul’s destiny, karma and life purpose.
Psychics are able to see these Akashic Records in the manner in which they are attached to each person in their aura and energy fields. The records explain “who you are” and “why you are here” in this lifetime. They define the challenges you are facing, the relationships you engage in and the primary motivations and desires that you are attracted to on the mind, body and spirit levels.

Why is it Important to Study the Akashic Records at this Time 

We are in the midst of an evolutionary change as we are moving through the fourth dimension. Instead of living at only one point in time in the third dimension, we are now shifting quickly through the fourth dimension where we can connect with our higher self and experience all points of time, connecting our past, present and future selves into a simultaneous consciousness.
We are swiftly moving through this into the fifth dimension where we are creating multiple time lines, in a sense creating a greater number of life experiences within one lifetime.
In this shift of conscious awakening and awareness, we are connecting past, present and future lives together and working through all of the karma from previous lives, while understanding how this defines our lives in the present tense. Our ability to process these lifetimes allow us to shift into the new dimensions of being.

Are you ready to explore the akashic records with kala

As an award winning author and wisdom teacher, Kala shares her lifetimes of experience and training with her private students, in workshops around the country and here through her Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences.

In this AKASHIC SCHOOL live course with Kala as Your Travel Guide to the Other Side, you'll explore how the akashic records hold the information to your past, present and future lives. 

Read the course syllabus below to see the depth of information which will be shared during this six week course with Kala. 


Learn how to read and explore  Your Past, Present and Future in the akashic records

“We are not alone in this process. Our spirit guides have been working with us in one of the most important evolutionary shifts in our consciousness on the earth plane. When we can understand what is occurring to us on a body, mind and spirit level as well as learn how to connect to the Akashic Records and communicate with our spirit guides, we can accelerate the process in a state of grace and well-being.” – Kala Ambrose


Class begins Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

This course contains instruction about the Akashic Records.To take this course, you must be an adult over eighteen years of age and in good health.
In this Six Week Online Live Series, Kala Explores:
  • How to increase the level of electromagnetic white light around you to bring comfort and balance during this evolution.
  • How to raise your vibrational energy to protect yourself during these turbulent times.
  • Greater understanding of your Akashic Records and the laws of karma and action/reaction
  • Techniques to connect and communicate with your Spirit Guides
  • Identify past life connections and what karmic and past life actions are active in your present life
  • Discern what changes are in store for you on a Mind, Body and Spirit level.
  • The ancient hermetic axiom of “As Above, So Below”, which explains how the Akashic Records hold information from each lifetime.
  • How reincarnation and the wheel of karma operates from the spiritual planes down to the earthly plane.
  • The divinely unique energy imprint from the Akashic Records which holds the entire essence of each person and creates their personality.
  • How the Akashic Records are a “Book of Wisdom” and when accessed, can offer insight into ancient material and knowledge.
  • How to access past lives and karmic imprints from each of these lives.
  • The Evolutionary Age, which for the first time is allowing each soul to access these records and chart a new course and destiny.
  • The DNA sequencing in the auric body, which is rewriting old patterns and removing previous programming from the Akashic Records.
  • Explains how we can use this knowledge to restore ourselves and connect further as our psychic sensitivities continue to evolve at a rapid pace.
  • Learn how to explore the Akashic Records on your own, to help make decisions for your present and your future self. 

"In the spiritual realms where the higher self resides, a record of every thought, action, word and deed is recorded for each soul. Referred to as the Akashic Records, these vibrational energy imprints remain attached to the soul through each lifetime. These imprints shape each soul’s destiny, karma and life purpose. The records explain “who you are” and “why you are here” in this lifetime" Let's explore.- Kala Ambrose
BUY NOW $597. Class begins Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

your travel guide to the other side

This is a six week online course with Kala Ambrose where you will explore the past, present and future of the Akashic Records.


Each week Kala will teach about the Akashic Records as you meet on Zoom. Your questions will be answered in real time. 

Online Study

This is your opportunity to study with renowned Intuitive, Author and Wisdom Teacher Kala Ambrose as she teaches teaching live about the Akashic Records 

six weeks of akashic records school

Class Begins on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 7:30pm Eastern

As a Psychic Medium, I came back in this lifetime communicating with those who have passed on and now live on the other side in spirit world.  

I've also spent time with Spirit Guides and The Ascended Ones, who showed me early in this lifetime that my destiny was to teach and share what I have spent many lifetimes studying in the ancient mystery schools.

 As someone who sees the aura around every person, I learned how to follow the energy cords attached to each person, that connect us to our Higher Self on the other side , in order to see each person for who they truly are and to enter into their Akashic Records to see what their past lives reveal about their true self and character.
It’s been this way for as long as I can remember and I write about some of my spirit world experiences in my books including The Awakened Aura  The Awakened Psychic and Spirits of New Orleans


From meeting my great-grandmother in spirit one night, to communicating with my grandfather as he passed, my experiences strengthened the focus on my life’s work.

As I visited their Akashic Records, it explained the choices they made and the connection I had with them from many lifetimes.  It led my mother to call me, Spirit Walker, as I spent time in both the spirit world and earth plane on a regular basis.

Over the years, with the passing of my father, my mother and in more recent years, my beloved husband, my connection in spirit world has blown wide open as my grief demanded that I be able to stay in communication with my loved ones.

These events moved my life's work on an even deeper path as my travels to the Akashic Records became more frequent.

Originally, I worked with an individual's Spirit Guides as I would enter the Akashic Records during a reading with a client, to find information for their past life questions.

As my evolution expanded, other guides began to approach me, asking if I would deliver messages and information and then inviting me to attend meetings on the other side, where I could observe what was happening here on earth, as part of the "Global Consciousness Akashic Records" were revealed, which explained many of the changes that are now occurring in our world.

I balance my time between being an Intuitive Lifestyle Coach, helping clients see what’s coming in this current life, (so they can be open to new experiences, relationships and careers), and being Your Travel Guide to the Other Side, where I communicate with spirit and visit the Akashic Records as we help elevate the consciousness on a global scale.

I believe this is part of my contractual agreement with Spirit, that I am of service in this capacity, since I have lost many loved ones in this lifetime and understand what life is like on the other side.

I've experienced grief many times, which pushed me further to continue my conversations with them, not allowing physical death to stop the connection.  This led to visiting the Akashic Records to understand why they passed when they did. The more time I spent in this space, the more attention I received by the other side. Over time, the "Ascended Ones", decided that it was time for me to take my work to the next level.

Along this journey and in my work as a wisdom teacher, I've created these courses. My goal is to awaken humanity to the full potential of who we all are and then to help achieve mastery by harnessing and balancing these energies within ourselves so that we become a fully awakened human “be-ing”

I invite you to join me in this work. To study what it means to look into one's Akashic Records and how it can change your life in the past, present and the future.  If you're ready for this journey, I'm pleased to be your travel guide to the other side and to show you the magnificent inner workings of the Akashic Records.

“We are all One, One Energy, from One Light. Let us band together as Humans, with love for all of humanity, living each day in harmony as we explore your spirit.” – Kala Ambrose

EXPLORE the Akashic Records

Get to Know Your Past, Present and Future. Class Begins on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 7:30pm Eastern

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