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It’s Time to See the Energy Fields Around You and Others

Kala Ambrose has seen the energy fields known as the aura around people, animals and nature her entire life. As a wisdom teacher, Kala shares her lifetimes of experience and training with her private students, in workshops around the country and through her online school, The Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences.

While she can’t cover everything about the aura in this quick guide, the information provided here is a jumpstart to understanding the energetic and scientific aspects of how the aura works with your thoughts and emotions and in nature.

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How the Aura Emits Energy

The aura stores and emits energy from a containment field around your body, collecting input (thoughts/emotions/actions) and sending it outward (output) like a computer. Once it has received this information, it emits this data/energy which can be negative or positive, depending upon what we are expressing moment to moment.

Aura Restoration Techniques

Try this exercise to see and feel the difference in the aura.  Once you’ve built some positive energy back up in your aura, it will help you think more positively and be aware of what is draining your energy every day so you can take steps to change your life through conscious awareness of your thoughts and emotions.

How to See Auras in Nature

After doing the Aura Restoration work in part two, you are aware of your aura energy field. Once you can detect the field around you, it's time to determine how far your auric field is expanding around your body. Through the global consciousness field, you can connect with the energy of any living organism on the planet. Here's how...


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