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beings of lightOne of the most profound revelations a soul experiences is that we are all energy beings surrounded and enveloped in various degrees of energy and motion. This coupled with the understanding that everyone is connected with the All That Is and that the All That Is is everywhere and everyone, is a life altering experience.

In the teachings of universal energy, the scientific world of physics is beginning to explain energy and matter and further expound on the ancient teachings of many cultures and mystics who have explained that we are all stardust and that our bodies are comprised from the materials of the universe.

We will focus here on how this particular philosophy affects you in your body.

One of the most important lessons regarding our bodies of energy is the understanding that there is an energy field, which surrounds our body. This is known as the aura. All living things have auras, including plants, animals and humans. The aura can be seen by humans and with practice I have found that all of my students have been able to see an aura around a person to some degree.

Some students are resistant at first about the concept and importance of the aura, and so I teach about the aura with this lesson. There is a universal force described in the eastern teachings as chi and in the western teachings as universal energy. This chi/energy spirals, some compare it to a DNA molecule. The energy travels downward from the sun, moon, planets, and stars and upwards from the earth, ocean, plants and trees.

We are all born with our own personal chi, which begins when we take our first breath at birth. The most profound statement that I could ever teach anyone, and I could spend decades teaching this one statement in greater detail is:

The Breath is The Life.

Our chi is unique and emanates within and throughout us as energy. With each breath we draw inward, we bring in the existing chi around us. With each exhale, we release this chi back to the universe. Let’s think about this for a moment.

The chi energy, which we breathe in,

is taken from the air closest around us.

When the student truly understands that chi is pure energy charged with the positive or negative sources we create around us, the awareness of how important one’s thoughts and emotions are become overwhelmingly important.

The student sees they are literally breathing back in the energy they are creating around them!

This energy is being circulated around the person and is the energy field, which is emanating from them. This is an important lesson, as it also further explains the law of attraction and how the energy you have created in your auric field is the first thing, which  is felt by other people, even when you walk into a room.

As an example, have you ever met someone for the first time and felt that this person was unhappy, spiteful, or angry before you even said a word to them? This is because their emotions are spilling forth from inside them and swirling outward around them. In this state, as they are releasing or fuming with anger, they are breathing in the negatively charged air they are creating which serves to add fuel to the fire. It is easy to understand then how one can create and then be trapped in a repetitive cycle of thinking and then feel unable to snap out of that feeling.

Creating Stormy Weather Patterns in the Aura
Creating Stormy Weather Patterns in the Aura

Take depression for example. The person becomes depressed over a period of time. As they become depressed, their thoughts are attracted to this mood, and their energy is low. They feel fatigued, lethargic and tend to breathe very shallow. As their depressed thoughts extend outward from them, they continue to breathe in the same negatively charged chi. The cycle continues until something is altered to charge the air differently. Depending upon the severity of the depression, defines how easily or difficult the air and mood is lifted. A person, who is feeling down because of the loss of a job or a love interest, may snap out of their feelings after a few weeks because of an incredible job offer they receive or meeting a new person.

A person with deeper depression may require help from other sources such as a therapist to help them review and alter their thoughts and emotions. In some cases, medication is used to alter the chemical balance, which has been created within the body due to the long term downward spiral of thoughts. The prescription in this case, can create a barrier between the physical and emotional fields, which serves to disconnect the energy temporarily from the emotional body where the energy was being created which led to the depression. In these cases, medication should be combined with additional therapeutic assistance to help the person search within themselves and renew their awareness of hope and purpose. This in turn, gives them the strength to move forward with revitalized positive thoughts and emotions, which subconsciously renews chi and recharges their energy.

If you think about these examples for a moment, you will recall old sayings still in use today. After a fight, someone might say, we need to clear the air or someone who has been working too hard might say, I need a breath of fresh air, a vacation away. Or when something just doesn’t feel right, but you can’t place your finger on what it is, you might say, there’s something in the air.

Our chi emanates outside of our body in the auric force field, which encompasses our body. Learning about the aura of one’s own body, as well as others can be very helpful in many ways. The aura can indicate the health of the body as well as the condition of the mind and soul.

As the  student begins to learn about their aura, they are taught a series of lessons including how to determine if their aura is healthy and vibrant, or whether it is has become frail. They learn to determine whether or not their aura is leaking energy or has a spongy texture to it, which must be repaired.  The student is taught how to build up the energy of their aura and how to form an impenetrable white light shield around their body as needed in certain situations.

I describe auras to my students as “emotions in motion”.  When you see a person’s aura, and its many colors, you are seeing their current thoughts and vibrations. The fields of the aura can grow and expand. For some people, this is a temporary expansion, which occurs when they are highly excited, or experiencing energetic emotions of anger and fear or love and joy. Students who work with the various fields of their bodies, can sense when their aura expands and becomes healthier. In addition, they can feel the influence and energy of a person through their aura.

These are  tidbits, pearls of wisdom from my book, 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled.  If you are interested in more information, please check out the 9 Lessons book or consider studying with me at my school, The Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences.Save

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