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Woman With Third Eye, Psychic Supernatural SensesThere is a distinct difference between the dominant primary and the fluctuating secondary colors seen in the aura.  Red, Yellow, Green and Blue are the most common and prominent colors seen in the aura. Other colors like purple, gold, turquoise and brown are not as dominant as a long lasting color in the aura field. They are most often seen periodically, such as; when a person is experiencing a strong emotion such as love, undergoing a healing, or experiencing depression. Other colors indicate that the person is experiencing a spiritual connection and awakening.

Purple, violet or lavender in the aura is such a lovely sight to see. In most cases, the person is connecting with the spiritual realms and building on their intuition and spiritual connection and it is one of the highest levels of auric vibrations in the human aura. It is assumed that if someone is psychic, that they are receiving energy through their sixth (third-eye) chakra. While this is accurate, there is more here than meets the “eye”, literally. Each chakra and energy field builds upon the next, beginning with the first chakra and continuing up the spine of the body until it reaches the sixth chakra. When the portals of each chakra have opened enough to raise energy to the sixth chakra, the effect is the ability to “see” beyond the veil and receive information flowing from the higher planes.

What is not often discussed, is that there is a great variety in how open this area can be and depending upon how clear the energy is in this area, it determines how much information comes into the energy field to be received. People with psychic ability do not have to be spiritual in order to obtain information, but people who work to embrace their spiritual bodies as well as their intuitive field, are often able to receive information from higher planes than others.

The energy is always there and flowing, but the difference is like a water faucet and being able to open it only just a bit to receive a trickle or to be able to turn the faucet on full blast and receive an enormous flow of water coming in. There is a built in protective system, which first allows the energy to only trickle in, so that the psychic can grow comfortable with accessing the information from the closest planes where the information is not overwhelming to receive. As the psychic develops further and works on their spiritual connection, the flow continues to expand into the higher realms, so that they can become comfortable with the expanded flow of information. Otherwise, to first open up and receive the floodgates, would be overwhelming and a shock to the system.

It is rare to see a person with a primary indigo, violet or purple aura. When you do, the person is usually a visionary with a deep sense of service to humanity. More often, one generally sees flashes of violet and purple in the aura, which constitute a flow of energy when the person is doing psychic work or in a deep spiritual state of ecstasy and connection with the divine.

There is a poem written by Jenny Joseph in 1961 entitled: Warning: When I Am An Old Woman. In the poem, she states, …”When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple.” I’d like to think that Ms. Joseph was connecting with her sixth chakra purple energy and in her own way, is writing about what I refer to as “wise woman wisdom”, the deep intuitive knowledge and wisdom that every woman carries inside of her. As women enter into their fifties, they begin the wise woman cycle and the purple energy expands greater in their energy fields. Wearing purple is one way to connect with the energy and allow it to expand.

When Purple Goes Rogue

When purple becomes muddy, the person is out of balance and has spent too much time pushing their way into the other realms, without having a clear channel in the energy fields to do so. Because they are forcing the experiences, the lower bodies become gray and this mixes in with the purple, causing a muddied effect. They experience very uncomfortable side effects when pushing to open this field, including encounters with lower level beings from the other side and experiencing nightmares. Pushing this energy field open when one is not ready breaks the protective shield that is normally in place. This field is ready to open and close naturally as the energy raises and lowers. When it is pushed open, it shatters the field and the person becomes overly sensitive, out of balance and looses some touch with reality. They may hallucinate and become overwhelmed picking up on every energy imprint from each person. With no balance to discern what they are feeling, it overwhelms and cripples their mental and emotional fields. It is best to allow this process to open naturally, which will happen if one works to balance the lower fields and chakras first.

Recommendations to Connect With and Balance Indigo, Purple and Violet:

Foods: When entering the higher energetic levels and sixth (third-eye) and seventh (crown) chakras, food does not have the same effect on these light bodies. Grapes and grape juice may be beneficial to balance at times. To ground the body back from psychic work, dark chocolate is recommended to restore and connect to center.

the-awakened-aura2bHome Décor: Purple in the home works best in small doses. I love purple and have incorporated it in my home in various ways including purple drapes and for years, an eggplant purple chair that I used exclusively for meditation and psychic work. Purple pillows, bedspreads and accents work best in home décor to bring this energy into the home.

Clothing: Wearing purple connects one with the feeling of royalty and divinity. When feeling bold, people are drawn to wearing purple for a specific event. Most times though, it is more welcoming and energy enhancing to wear it in the lighter form of lavender. Lavender is the softer side and is calming, graceful and intuitive. Use lavender colors in the home and in your clothing to enhance this energy without it feeling overwhelming to you and to others.

Gemstones: amethyst, tanzanite, purple topaz, moonstone, purple fluorite, and clear quartz, diamond

Flowers: violets, purple aster, lavender, larkspur, hydrangea, monk’s hood, evening primrose, Scottish thistle, purple sage, lilacs, purple tuberose

Music: At this level, each person has to find and connect with the music that personally lifts their spirit and touches their soul. There is no one type of music that works here. Along with music, working with quartz crystal bowls is very helpful.

Activities: Guided meditations, which help you to visualize. Study with teachers on metaphysical topics, and energy work. Pay attention to your dreams, keep a journal, engage in service work and practice giving without thought of compensation. Spend time outdoors in the evening, enjoying the moon and stars.

Mantra: I am one with the universe. I am open to receiving the bountiful gifts, which are mine by divine right and for my highest and best purpose. In return, I pledge to be in service to humanity, to assist others how I can and to think of others with unconditional love and compassion. I accept the truth about who I am as well as who each person is; both in their gifts and in their shortcomings. I release my past, my fears and my old patterns on negative thinking. I replace them with love, light and positive affirmations each day. Each day I am growing stronger in the light and wiser in the ways of the ancients.


About the Author

Kala Ambrose is "Your Travel Guide to the Other Side". Award winning Author, Intuitive, Wisdom Teacher, Podcaster and Lifestyle Expert, she helps Entrepreneurs, Seekers and Visionaries live their best life.

She is the award winning author of six books including The Awakened Dreamer, The Awakened Psychic, and The Awakened Aura, and has taught thousands around the world how to connect with their soul path and destiny and create a life and career that is balanced and in tune with their life purpose and goals.

Whether she’s teaching students at her Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences, writing and speaking about empowering lifestyle choices or teaching to groups around the country, fans around the world tune in daily for her inspirational musings and lively thought-provoking conversations.

59 responses to “What the Color Purple Means in the Aura

  1. I had a dream:the palm of my hand began to come to fill with a shiny Lavender aura, and spread. At the ends was a brilliant shimmering and vibrant Violet. There were some tan/earth tones around too. What does this mean? I’ve been having these dreams a lot, with mine and other people’s auras. I’ve been depressed lately, and trying to heal from years of abuse from family, boyfriends, and substance abuse. I’ve been told I’m special. I’m ver sensitive, I daydream a lot, and I have healing abilities. I calm people.

    1. I would say you are an Empath and you are ‘seeing’ your healing ability in your hands as lavender and you ‘see’ who other healers and sensitive (Empaths) are through seeing the same in them. You are being shown it in your dreams as your subconscious is trying to open your eyes (3rd eye especially) to your potential. ?

    2. Which palm did the lavender come from? The left hand is receiving and the right hand is sending/giving outward. Thanks for writing!

  2. i had a vision while meditating that i was falling down an endless golden spiral stair case and then i was encased in a giant pair of datk purple wings and then the vision ended please explain this thanks.

    1. Not enough information to interpret, but staircases usually indicate a journey and feeling of going forwards or backwards. In this case, you were falling down, but it sounds like the wings gathered you and helped you during this time. Thanks for writing!

  3. My name is Sarah. I have certain abilities but need help. My mother isn’t interested in helping me learn. My father tried but his mental health is failing. I am of mixed descent and due to that factor my gifts are strong but strange. I see tiny mixed lights like a film over everything and everyone. My dad said im a spirit walker in our American Indian tradition. Is this the veil that I’m seeing? I see spirits beyond it and on our side as well. I dream of the future and it happens. I hug someone I get pictures in my mind. What am I?

    1. It looks like your question was never addressed. So I’d like to try and help. My name is Juliette and I am a psychic medium.
      I have spent my life learning about all the abilities i have that made me feel so weird and alone with nowhere to turn. No one would believe me and I was told by my parents that my abilities were from the Devil (who I do not believe in). Living that way was extremely difficult and
      I later learned that this is hereditary and that my Mother and Father (who is half Cherokee Indian) both have unusual abilities. Mother has premonitions, Father has visions and hears spirits. They never told me, I just eventually realized they did on my own.
      I have helped police find missing people, and I see the dead, hear the dead and often see things before and/or after they happen in waking visons. That’s when I see the flashes of pictures or situations (like if a movie reel was skipping) This will happen randomly when I am just doing normal stuff.
      I am also an Empath which means I feel people’s mental and physical pain and even take on physical manifestations of other’s pain – i.e. My knee will swell if someone around me has a swollen knee that hurts. I always mirror people’s pain and feel it on the opposite side of my body than where they are hurting. You may also be an Empath and not even realize that sometimes the inner pain you feel is not your own.
      I just wanted to tell you a bit about myself so you know I understand. If you have no other medium you’ve met and know is legit then I would encourage you to contact a paranormal research group near where you live and find out if they know any real clairvoyants or psychic mediums you could talk to. They can help guide you on your journey of the strange and unusual life that is your and their relalities. So to answer your question:
      A. Seeing the future in dreams or waking visons are called premonitions. This is a Psychic ability that you possess.
      B. Seeing the dead whether they are in this realm or on the other side of the veil indicates that you are what most people refer to as a medium.
      Therefore from what you described about your own abilities, I would classify you as a Psychic Medium / Clairvoyant
      I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Namaste ❤

    2. It sounds like you have abilities in psychic ability and mediumship. My book The Awakened Psychic offers exercises on how to develop these abilities if you are interested in learning more. Thanks for writing!

  4. Hi KaLa i would like to experience spiritual awakening with sound and colours. This is to see how they gyrate and vibrate. And the spiritual impact in the chakras and our feelings. Thanks a lot ,James .

    1. The best way to begin this journey is to work on seeing the aura in every living thing. Study the aura and the chakras so that you will be able to identify the energy surrounding each color.

      I offer some videos on how to see auras on youtube:

      as well as my book, The Awakened Aura
      and the six week video download course here at the Academy of Mystical Arts which includes how to work with color in the aura through sound:

  5. Hello I visited a mediumbrella on Saturday and she said I have a strong purple glow around me. And I am a Ightfield worker and should build on this please help ? Xx

    1. Hi Adele,

      Purple is a color I see in the aura of people who are opening up spiritually. It’s usually a sign of spiritual growth and a blessing. Enjoy 🙂

  6. 2o years ago when I first moved to southern CA, I began noticing the color purple moving like a stream between things – not necessarily people.

    I’ll see purple streaming up a staircase or swirling between cars on the freeway. Sometime I see it moving around people, sometimes it just moves and flows around trees and buildings. Indoors, outdoors – doesn’t matter.

    It’s a beautiful, bright and almost neon purple and it moves or flows. Not necessarily fast or slow, just a gentle movement. I don’t see it all the time and cannot go looking for it. It just shows up!

    It’s not peripheral. It glows and holds, it glows and flows and often stays for long periods.

    Occasionally I’ve seen other aura colors around people but this is rare and only while in a darkened room.

    Any thoughts? Have you heard of anyone else doing this?

    I’ve asked opthamologists, optometrists, intuitives, etc, and have had no real answers.

    When I see it, I ask others if they can see it too (if anyone is around) and no one else has been able to see it. I love and enjoy it, and would love to understand it better.

    1. Hi Wendy, Many people first awaken to their psychic abilities through an experience of seeing a color around people, places and things. For some it is the white glow of the aura and for others it is a specific color. I’ve worked with people for example, who only see a color around a person when they are being warned not to trust the person they see the color around. Others only see a color when the person is emitting a very strong emotion like extreme anger.

      We are each individually attuned and connected to different colors and each person has what I describe as their “power color” when I read their aura, which is the most predominant color in their auric field.

      The purple you are seeing is often described as the spiritual layer of the aura. It sounds like the veil may be opening around you to the spirit realms when you see this color. It might be helpful to keep a journal of when you see it, how it feels when you see it, what you are doing, if it’s a certain time of day or week or month, if it’s stronger when you’re emotional or in a happy or sad place, and other notes of this nature so that you can begin to discern when it appears and for how long and how strong.

      This is the beginning of the work to determine what is occurring around you and how you can work with it, if you choose to explore this further. My books, The Awakened Aura and The Awakened Psychic offer specific techniques on how to see and work with the aura and how to open further to your psychic abilities.

      All the best,

  7. Hi ! I am attracted to people and things spiritual in nature ( sounds so weird) purple, I need always to wear purple nail polish,,,I try other colors but no! It has to be purple. I know when spirits are around, I know when they are trying to “get in”( weird, yet true) some of them pressure too much, quite forceful some of them. Just yesterday, I made a net! A net of all things in the color turquoise ( my first thought was : dad would laugh knowing I made a turquiose net ) I hung crow feathers I had collected from my walks, I asked why am I making a net? The reply was ” so it be known, to those who enter your home are subject to the mystical laws ” I never heard of mystical laws before. They told me the crow is the keeper of the mystical laws and I am to let it be known to those who enter my home. They said ” the soul of the mystic will know that I am protected by those laws “. Do I fully understand? Not at all! Yet I now enjoy what seemed like a curse in 2013 when I went through some intense spiritual stuff. Purple seems very important and natural in my life, I not sure why,,,,feels magickal, creative, inspiring, energetic, life giving, yet very strongly balanced, calm. It is all so amazing,,,and I am told by them to let life be my teacher. The family I was born into disowned me as I refused to follow their ways, I was severly hurt by it, ” they ” told me ” now you know their truth, their love is not unconditional” I believe my mind was blown,,,more like my ego was blown!!! I am not the person who I thought I was nor is anyone else who I thought they were!

  8. My boyfriend and I always place a kiss on the forehead 3rd eye of one another before we ever part. The other night, we were sitting out on porch talking for hours and I got up to get something inside but I leaned over and gave him a kiss first. He was startled and said “whoa! I just saw your third eye!! It was purple! Blinding! Bright and so beautiful!! That was insane! ” it took him a couple of minutes to get himself calmed but was in awe. I just smiled and told him that was a good thing I believed. I’ve always associated purple with protection, divinity, higher power.. as of late my intuition has become stronger and stronger.. my ears ringing louder and louder… (I have an “inner ear disorder” that causes vertigo)
    But I was so happy he saw that!
    Any comments on that?

    1. I write about this in my The Awakened Aura book, the longer a couple is together, the stronger the cords become that connect from your aura to his. Because you two continue to kiss each other on the third eye and connect in this highly evolved fashion, you’ve created a strong cord from your aura to his. This has grown strong enough for him to see you energetically now when you kissed. The more you two work together, the stronger your intuition and your telepathic communication will become. Enjoy the deeper soul/spiritual connection that you two are creating together. 🙂

  9. Hola:)
    Today while meditating I was thinking about the guy I like, then after I start thinking if I should change to this specific agency for work. And a purple glitter heart start appearing from small and will expand for a few seconds. Was completely beautiful. Then I start thinking about the guy and dissapear, I start asking myself what color is he. And red like a fire ball appeared. I’m very new in meditation. Probably I’ve done this less than 10 times. If you could guide me. Or take your lovely writing from the page?

    1. Hi Daniela, while you were meditating, you were seeing the energy represented by the color of your thoughts and the energy of the person, place or thing. The purple around your thoughts of working for a specific agency indicates that your soul is attracted to you working at this place, as it would be beneficial for your spiritual/soul growth. The red fire ball that disappears quickly when thinking about the guy, indicates that there is passion there, in the form of sexual attraction, but that it would be fast and fleeting without substance for a long term relationship. The possibility also exists that you could be hurt by this person, (play with fire and you can get burned) for example.

      I offer some videos on how to see auras here at the bottom of this page:

      as well as my book, The Awakened Aura that teaches you how to see and work with auras:

      and my six week video download course here at the Academy of Mystical Arts which covers everything you need to know about seeing and working with auras:

  10. If I were to label myself I would say that I am a empath-medium. The spiritual communications I get are always very specific and extremely accurate: exact name, exact cause of death, specific symbols that are immediately identifiable to the message recipient as meaningful and unique symbols between the recipient and the spirit.

    These communications always come to me in very clear visions–there like HD photos; the “voice” part of the messages are also concise and specific. There’s little analysis that has to be done. It’s like I’m a personal assistant who takes a phone message, jots it down, and gives it to the recipient. Recipient reads it and says, “Yup. got it.” But I had an experience today that was nothing like the experiences I normally have. Your post here does offer some insight. But there’s an element that I’m not sure of…

    I was in a wonderful meditative state. I had opened the channel for any spirit who walks in the light, who is caring, kind, loving and has good intentions.

    During meditation, my eyes are closed, but I look forward, through my third eye.

    Beautiful swirls of purple energy appeared. It was thick and full. And it was full of life. It swayed and swirled. It was a very very rich purple. I could feel the energy coming toward me, then surround me. As is my way, I acknowledged what was before me.

    The purple energy was there for several minutes. Then it dissolved. I was again looking forward into the dark with my third eye.

    That was the first time that I have ever encountered purple energy.

    Then a white light began to illuminate from below. It slowly filled the darkness. Then the light to begin to slowly swirl and move and it filled the space in front of me. Then it came towards me and it entered me. I could literally feel this light in me. It wasn’t terrifying because I have felt the presence of energy in me before.

    One thing I am always adamant about is identification. I tell all spirits who enter my realm that they must identify themselves. I asked several times for identification and I received no response. I then stated that I would ask one more time, and if I did not get an answer I would order the spirit out. I asked again. I gave enough time for a response. When I received no response I told the spirit I was in that moment going to order it out. And I did. I first gave the order to leave. I then after a pause, I broke meditation.

    Normally when I break meditation in this manner the sensations leave instantaneously as do all the visuals. But in this case, the sensation and visuals lingered for a couple of minutes. I continued to feel the fullness it my body. I did not see the white energy, rather, it was like I was looking through a crystal clear lense, but one in which the glass was swirled. Everything looked at crystal clear, but crystal clear through swirls. I don’t know what the experience was or what it means.

    I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but my communications are usually from mothers to daughters. I have encountered masculine spirits but very few. In several cases, mothers who have taken their own lives have reached out to their daughters.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    1. Hi,

      I have just started my journey on spiritual awakening and have had a very similar experience to yours. Literally today. Have you had any further revelations on your guidance and power since? Thanks!

      1. I learn more everyday, which I then share in my books, in Aura School and videos on youtube. I find like everything else in life, this experience changes and evolves and always more to learn. 🙂 Thanks for writing!

    2. Sounds like a strong entity and that you did the right thing not allowing it to stay with doing what you needed to make you feel comfortable. Always trust your intuition and do what’s best for you. Spirits who are for your highest and best good will honor your requests and want you to feel comfortable. Thanks for writing!

  11. Hello I had a dream I saw a female in hindu tipe position of meditation levatation through out a field. She had a beautiful purple light that came from within glowing… and keep her steady levitation until I could not see her insight. I am currently beginning to meditate …and had that dream 2 nights ago.

  12. The flame revealed my aura… i have blocked my vision as I did not understand it and I was scared. As a child it came naturally, now, the door seems to be shut! I lost my sister who reached out to me in spirit, so now I need to open the door again. I dont know how… but I dont want to see or hear the children again, or the man with the angry voice…. is it possible to have the one without the other?

    1. Psychic training is very helpful, so that you first learn how to create a psychic self defense field of protection, so that you can protect yourself from spirits that you don’t want to interact with.

  13. I see the colour purple oftenly in a vision and i don’t know what it signifies. everything around me turns purple, Trees, bridges, mountains, streams, grasses, leaves, and sometimes the sky. i would like to know why is this happening to me. please help if you can.

    1. It sounds like you are experiencing the purple ray, which is a spiritual color. If it becomes overwhelming to you, ask your spirit guides to slow this down, that you are uncomfortable. It would be helpful to get some psychic, aura and spiritual training so that you can learn how to work with energy in a safe and calm manner.

  14. Heyo!
    Everytime im in a dark room or before i sleep or when i close my eyes, everysingle time,
    i see purple lights that are first faded then they swirl, fan, or sometimes i see shows of what looks to be people moving.
    It has NO purpose because its always there for couple months now. It doesnt matter what state i am in.
    About me- i did used to meditate and im always spiritually interested and currently im always tired and depressed:((
    Do you have any clue about this sort of distraction to my sleep?

    1. It sounds like you are seeing/sensing energy that is around your energy body. When we’re tired and have become a bit run down, it also affects our aura energy body. This can affect electronics and a variety of things, some people have lights turn off and on and others see a color when they close their eyes. In my The Awakened Aura book, I give a simple white light prayer that you can say daily to help replenish the energy in your aura. You can read more about the aura here:

  15. At night recently when I lay down for bed I will be resting with my eyes open and often a large purple sort of energy begins to become apparent. It seemingly goes to the ceiling and back down to me and upon it coming down towards me all I can see is black fading to purple and a slightly intense feeling of stimulation throughout my body and like a cycle it leaves as fast as it comes and returns to the ceiling swirling around my body. I feel very calm and serene when the purple begins to move around me and it puts me to sleep very easily although I am not one to fall asleep easily. I usually wake up the next day and forget about it but I googled what I saw after it happening several times and the images I found matched the color of purple perfectly and I didn’t think there would be so much information about it but it led me to here. I also stayed the night at my girlfriends house and one night when she was sleeping I was laying awake and once again the purple energy started fading in and out but this time I also noticed an electric green color coming into my vision. I looked over to my left and it was radiating from my girlfriends body and it was absolutely beautiful. This has now happened several times as well all without any attempt to get this to happen, it just does which leaves my very confused. Can any logical conclusions be made from this?

    1. Hi Alex, it sounds like you are beginning to see the colors of energy that radiate from people, places and things. We call this the aura. I write about the scientific principles and studies that have been ongoing for decades in regards to the aura. Every living thing radiates energy and some people can sense or see this energy field and the rays of color that it emits. My book, The Awakened Aura goes over all of this material in depth, including explaining what each color means when you see it in the aura and I also have a free PDF booklet with some information about the science of auras. You can download the PDF guide here:

      My Aura School is a comprehensive course on seeing the aura, should you want to explore this further:

      All the best,

  16. My spiritual director was guiding me through a meditation on the senses of the body starting from the toes all the way up through my head.
    Shortly as it began I saw swirls of purple more on the lower half swirling back-and-forth very deep beautiful purple and as we came to the head the swirls Were more on top swirling swirling downward and as the meditation finished I faintly saw some light swirl
    then a face looking at me
    it had an eye and a partial nose and slowly left my vision and then it was just blank.
    This meditation was about 30 minutes or so.
    Your thoughts please

    1. Purple is the color most connected to the Spirit world, Spirit energy and the Spiritual planes. It sounds like you were opening up and able to glimpse into one of the spiritual planes during this exercise and began to see a spirit making themselves known to you. Thanks for writing!

  17. I meditated for the first time while having reflexology. I saw a small black rock size of a raisin. it was revolving and coming closer.. as i viewed it, it was surrounded instantly by Purple light..everywhere.. and changed to be a pupil of a purple eye of which I was in and surrounded by… then everything purple the pain in my head was one of presure.. discomfort physically and I opened my eyes..still feeling its effect, closed them again and everywhere was purple with depth, all around. .. Im not taken to unusual happenings when i’ve tried to meditate before, i usually think of groceries or other stuff to do and stop.. im not a person who likes putting pen to paper to ask questions , i’m a pretty sensible person who is a helper by nature. What the Heck was that. Not done it since..its been a week.

    1. Anytime during a meditation when things feel odd or uncomfortable, stop and ask your spirit guides to identify what you are seeing and to explain to you what is occurring. The process should always be a peaceful, positive, experience and your guides are there to help you with this. Thanks for writing!

  18. Hello,
    I would like to say I never meditate. And I still see Purple color. The color Purple always around me since I can remember. It’s appearing every where specially by end of the day and much stronger at night.
    I do feel spirits but I don’t see them and don’t know how to communicate with them. Except one day when I was dating my ex, before even I met him I saw him in my vision, and my so call gift’ opened up much stronger after we start dating. I able to see more vividly my dreams that was coming true in my daily life, I was shock how accurate they were. Everything was good until I sense changes in his energy like present of another person in his life as suspected I was right thanks to my so call gift.
    My boyfriend start acting very awkward toward me very mean and come to find out very ungrateful. Why I brought this story about my ex? Is because back to the Spirits, while I was packing to leave him I had second thought to stay and see if situation resolve, changes. (Btw, I need to add my favorite flower is White Lily’s). That day before whole things started by me leaving him, I saw nine or eleven Black Lily’s, like I saw them in my dream, they appeared in a air which is surprised me. After my ex was rued to me I was going upstairs still decided to pack my belongings into my car and leave. Something happened next, and I’m not making this up it’s a true story. While I was going upstairs to get rest of my things, I saw above stairs dark cloud from that cloud appeared a figure of an old women dressed in black with dark eyes staring at me. I don’t know how to call it Ghost or Spirit but the way I saw it, it was like a real person, she scared me so bad I stumble six steps back and my knees got bend, my energy completely left me. I tried to get up and said to her “Please go to the light this not place for her to be in”, “Light is Better than dark”. She look at me with angry face, her energy towards me was very negative, hostile as I can say “evil” and I normally don’t like use phrase like that. She told me to leave. Which I did.
    I noticed after I left my ex my so call gift become weak. But, lately my intuition went up, and I still not meditate, because when I do, I fall sleep.
    Is there any explanation in this or any guidance I can learn more about.
    Thank, you

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience, spirit is always trying to help guide and protect us and it sounds like you have very good strong protectors and are being watched over. I write about how to work with spirit guides and psychic protection in my The Awakened Psychic book and go into greater detail in my online six week PSYCHIC SCHOOL course. More information here:
      Thanks for writing!

  19. Hello my name is Michael I wish to clarify some of the points raised here. I agree with the author of the website here that purple is that of a higher light and always joyful too see. If you have seen this or began seeing this your third eye is ready to open. 20 years ago in meditation my third eye was beginning to open, the second it did i saw a point of purple light. For the third eye to fully open you must attain full soul conciousness (self realisation). I was lucky enough to experience this the first time I meditated. You will know if you experience this believe me. The veil of the material is lifted and you actually experience yourself as just the soul seperate from body and all material of this world. my heart beat dropped as close as it could to flatline, prob 40 beats per min (rough guess). at no time was i anxious or worried it all was completely natural as i was experiencing myself in reality. at that point all my energy instantly went to the third eye within the pineal gland that is where you reside. I was then able to leave my body and float above it. The third eye was now open automatically, I could see my body laying on the bed as I looked down at it through the third eye. The third eye the souls’ eye which is different from the physical eyes. Theres no loud sound as somme report all is natural effortless and completely beautiful and peaceful. When I returned to body I continued to see everything through the third eye from the centre of my forehead, not my physical eyes. The world is the same but the vision is different. The main thing people don’t get it is the experience that is more important than the seeing of light. the state of conciousness you attain is pure bliss. i had the best nights sleep i ever had in my life that night. And awoke feeling so fresh like never before. Of course this profound state could n’t last forever in fact it was when i took a puff of a cigarette the next day that i instantly came back to the normal body conciousness. Soon after I had a profound experience of God himself, I mean he touched my soul i felt it and I saw his light in all its glory. His light is of immense power you cannot help but feel awe when you feel his light surround you and his light is red or golden in direct contact. In semi contact purple. In direct contact he will born karmic debt off your soul. I could write a whole page on this experience but i will move on. This happened at a group meditation centre. Upon returning home as soon as I opened the front door I saw a purple light hovering by the ceiling then it rocketed towards me within a millisecond and entered in centre of my forehead. Since then I see purple light daily intermittently usually as a point sometimes expanding into the entire room when i meditate. I believe once god had touched my soul he bestowed this gift of having his guidance with me as and when required. i learnt how to interpret the seeing of this light over years. Most often he will show me this light as a warning something is not for me. Sometimes it happens out of the blue and I know I am not meant to go here or there or do this thing etc… I am very good at interpreting what he means now. Other times he highlights what is the best choice for me through this purple light. This is not intuition ie; a gut feeling which is also a good indicator but this is a definite way of showing me something before it happens. I know from experience of living with this gift. I am an empath and experienced in various mediations.

    To cut a long story short seeing purple light, its all good. Meditation is a must to develop on any spiritual level. If your seeing it daily, think what is it indicating to you. Trial and error is how I learned. It may work as it does for myself exactly the same for you. Thats what I hypothesise. Let me give you quire recent examples how it worked for msyelf (or more accurately how god was trying to help me. If you ignore a warning sign you will pay the price believe me from experience. not in any spooky way. just the direct repurcussion of your decision. Or if you misinterpret. ) I had a few sessions of chakra balancing through a crystal healer. Experimenting which is fine. She said buy this certain crystal and wear it around your neck. So I went to the shop and just as I was about to buy the crystal I saw the purple light appear on it. Hmmm ? It happened again strongly. He couldnt be warning me off it i thought. Why would he do that…so I went ahead and purchased it and wore it straight away. Within minutes of wearing it I felt like I was choking and my thoughts went all paranoid and i became anxious. This was all the effects of the crystal. I tied to persevere wearing it but the feelings intensified til i had to take it off. I started feeling better straight away and never wore it again. So I chose to ignore the warning and thats what happened. one example of hundreds. in recent years i hardly get my interpretation wrong and out of experience i know to fully trust the signals. No doubt he has saved me a great deal of pain and suffering through guiding my decisions.

  20. Dear Michael, Bless your Heart for your response. You were right when you said by ignoring the signs. If I did knew what Purple color means and why it is around me, it would save me so much trouble.. Thank you, again. I will learn how to meditate.. 🙂

  21. Hello, I have additional question if anyone aware or have/had of swirling heavy pouring rain drops going in all kind of direction visions, among other similar things?
    If anyone ask me if I went and saw my eye dr.? I will answer “Yes”, and my dr. said he doesn’t see anything wrong with my vision.
    Any thoughts or explanation? Books to read?
    Greatly Appropriated.

  22. Hi, I have a question in addition to my Purple color, if anyone had, have swirling heavy pouring rain drops going in all kind of direction visions or something like seeing snow flakes like in real heavy storm? Same thing seeing hail and actually seen them bounce back after they hit the surface? (Surface can be anything cloths, bed, tv, my hand/arm, kitchen counters etc).
    I went and saw my eye dr.? To see if I have vision issues, the eye dr. said «no».
    Any explanation or something to read about?
    Thank you

  23. My aura is purple. I’ve had healers and young children tell me they see purple around me. One child called me ‘ The purple lady.’ I’m starting to dream about purple objects, clothing, etc.

    Music without lyrics (jazz, bossa nova, classical, house) ground me; children’s songs raise my vibration.

    I’ll spend this week drawing using more purple and see where it takes me.

    1. Purple is a wonderful color to have in your aura and around you. In my Awakened Aura book I share what purple foods, music, drinks, colors, decor, gemstones and mantras help raise your purple energy. Enjoy, thanks for writing!

  24. I have been told that I am Crystal aura type predominately and that this is a rare thing. I have on several occasions had Reiki healers try to guide me into this practice.
    I have seen auras and have had psychic flashes since I was a child. I can sense other peoples feeling and often sense their aura colors. This often frightened me as a child and sometimes as an adult but I feel like I’ve come to control and somewhat use these abilities. In general, I don’t go around reading people’s auras, but I do automatically assign a color or get a color impression from everyone I meet. I have recently made a new friend who has greatly peeked my curiosity in the realm of auras. This person seems to be a mix of purple, blue, and crystal. I enjoy this persons company more than words can convey. They have such a positive energy. But it is funny, I can’t get to close, like to hug them, without feeling uncomfortable. I tapped them on the shoulder to ask a question and had to step away. Almost like there was a strange little spark. Not something that was overly obvious, but they noticed, sensed I was uncomfortable, and had a what is wrong look. It was weird because I knew they knew. This is a person I can talk to for hours and not feel uncomfortable at all. They often step in as if to hug and I step away by instinct. Not something I want to do, I am a hugging person, just this person is just overwhelming and I can’t figure out why. It is like we connect, but at the same time repel. And I have noticed that we can talk about anything alone, us two, but when other people come in the room conversation is limited and strained. Why is this?

    1. I can only give limited feedback here since I’m not with you in an Aura consultation. With the information you provided, it sounds like they are from a very similar energy vibration to your aura vibration, in a sense, on a very similar “wave length” of energy, so it’s easy to pass information back and forth very quickly. We grow and learn when we interact with others on “different wave lengths”, which is why we come here to the earth plane to learn more about each other and grow from these diverse experiences. You can communicate easily and quickly with this person because there is little effort required to get your point of view across and the same for them. While this is nice, you also feel the “repel”, because you are here to seek out different energies and this is where the saying comes from, “that opposites attract”. When you two talk about anything alone and other people come into the room, the symbiotic cord in the aura disconnects from the two of you, because your aura energy is excited to have “new energy” come into the room and it wants to engage and learn more from the other energies. To learn a lot more about the aura, consider taking my six week online course – AURA SCHOOL
      Thanks for writing!

  25. My name is Georgia since i was a little girl i had dreams about people in my family death.Days later later to weeks it happen just as i dreamed it or feeling like i done things before and relieving the day over again for a long ti.e when i look in the mirror i see a light color purple glow around me and sometimes i see purple lights when i am woke.And i also lost my brother he was killed and i have been so depressed for the past 4 years and i saw him with my dad that passed in a glowing beatiful place just standing there smiling at me i guess to let me no he ok.What does all this mean?

    1. Hi Georgia, you sound like a very intuitive and empathetic person with medium abilities as well. If you’re comfortable with these abilities, you may want to study and learn more so that you can proceed further into these things. If not, you can ask your guides to help you not experience these things, if they are too difficult. I write about how to contact your guides in your dreams in my book, The Awakened Dreamer. Thanks for writing!

  26. Hi there
    I honestly don’t know what’s happening to me lately. 2015 September I went through the biggest wave of depression in my life and shortly during this time something strange happened to me…I was having problems sleeping one night..looking through my window I began to doze off at the moon and I ended up waking up for just a brief moment to see these (I honestly can’t describe it) colors ..big and vibrant all together like a kaleidoscope floating in my room 5/6 inches away from me…I wasnt scared of it at all but to this day I dont if my mind was playing tricks on me or if I truly experience that and if I did why
    Today I say a misty lavender color floating in front of me
    I blinked my eyes
    Moved away from the area
    Heck I even tried to talk to it lol
    I did all sorts of things to see if what I was seeing was really real and it was… Can someone please tell me what’s going on.

    1. 2015 was one of the most challenging years that I can remember and I’ve had more students than ever in my experience, tell me that it was the toughest year of their life. I spoke about this recently when I taught at the Empath Conference at Edgar Cayce’s ARE center. From 2007-2017, we shifted from an old energy grid and are building a new one. The midway marker of this break and beginning of the new grid creation was 2012, and at 2015, we hit the mark where the new grid snapped into place, which put us into a neutral void type zone until 2018. 2018-2020 are stabilizing years for this new grid to connect and 2021 begins the new patterns. I write about this in my book, The Awakened Aura, how these energy grids are also being built around each of our physical bodies. Thanks for writing!

  27. How can a lavender aura person find the right partner? I could never understand why it’s been so challenging as I don’t have any problem attracting the opposite sex and they find me attractive. But on a recent work project an attractive model attempted to seduce me and it just didn’t feel right (she did end up seducing a married man later). Right near the end of the project she said, “Dark must be very attracted to you.” This was such a strange comment out of the blue and I asked her to explain. She said, “You’re so light! Darkness is always attracted to such light.” Now looking back things make sense in retrospect. Still though, I haven’t found my equal of light as frauds abound. Any suggestions? Positive help is truly welcomed!

    1. Hi Dave, I’m curious as to how it was determined that you are a lavender aura? When I see the aura around someone, I never see just one color. Each layer of the aura has a unique color, one in the physical field of the aura, another in the mental filed, a third in the emotional field and the fourth and more in the spiritual fields around the aura. All of these fields are fluid and change frequently with our moods, emotions, thoughts and health and well-being. So when I read an aura for someone, I let them know about all of these colors as well as any karmic imprints in the various auric fields and other markers. There is a “power” color that I share with each person, which is an overall color that does remain consistent in the aura for most people, but that color is still affected by all of the other colors. It’s like looking at someone’s Sun sign in astrology and trying to give them a detailed astrological reading about everything, when all you have identified is their Sun sign, so not very accurate.

      Regarding attracting the wrong type of mate to you, the woman you mentioned gave you a great hint there when she explained about darkness being attracted to light. You are a loving being of light, and with that knowledge, it’s important to learn psychic self-defense and protection, so that your light shines strong and bright and is there to give love, but also has a strong protective energy beaming from your auric field, which negative energy will be repulsed by and avoid. It’s like a bug zapper, if they get too close, they get zapped and so they stay away. This allows your loving light to shine, while attracting others of positive energy who want to give and share their light as well. I write about this in my book, The Awakened Psychic, where I discuss Psychic Self-Defense and show you how to build a white light shield around your aura, so that those types of energies, negative and energy vampires, won’t bother you in the future.

      PS: I love how you wrote above that the comment was “out of the blue” 🙂 I write about these sayings in my The Awakened Aura book, how we describe what field comments and thoughts come out of the aura, such as… “she’s a ray of sunshine”, or “that came out of the blue”, or “feeling under the weather” etc. We describe the aura energy so often in our sayings. Thanks for writing!

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