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What No One Tells You About Your Aura

Did you know that when you are really upset or have been holding on to anger, that this energy builds up and when this pent up emotion is released, it can short out electronics and be felt by other people?

In some cases, it is not a burst of angry energy that affects the electronics, but rather suppressed energy that builds up from health issues, pain, anxiety, stress and pushing yourself to the limit, juggling too many responsibilities and putting too much pressure on ourselves to be the best at everything we do.   Over time all of this frustration becomes trapped within your aura energy body and is not able to be released peacefully.

You are probably feeling this all around you in the world right now, whether you turn on the news, read the feeds in Facebook or even try to have a conversation with a group of people.  The world is very tense these days. To imagine what this looks like your aura or in other people’s auras, visualize a thunder storm right before the rain is released from the clouds. The clouds are heavy and full, the energy gathers and the air feels heavy and thick, ready for a release.

If the conditions are not right and the rain is not able to gently fall, tumultuous weather patterns occur with lightning and high winds.

Your energy blocked in the aura can cause similar disruptions as it seeks to be released. When there is a blockage which stops the release of energy, it builds like a thunderstorm and can create havoc when it is finally released.

You know what I’m talking about, as you can think about a time when you were hit by a blast of angry energy by someone and how it drained you afterwards.

We’ve all experienced energy vampires, some who consciously try to force their will on others, and those some who thrive on stirring people up with their negative thoughts, words and emotions in order to upset them and feed on their energy.

Some of these people know they are doing it and some only know that they feel better when they’ve subconsciouly sucked the energy out of a person or the entire room!

And then there are also people who have learned consciously and sometimes subconsciously (carrying over information from previous lifetimes), how to harness this energy and send positive energy from their aura out to other people, places and things.

They are able to take this energy to creative positive effects in the world including healing abilities in many forms, such as physical healing, soul healing, working with nature and raising the energy vibration of people and places wherever they are.

Anyone with a strong auric field can have an effect on everything around them and if you don’t know that your aura energy is leaking, it can have an undesired effects on people, places and your things like electronics!

I receive reports almost daily from people who have experiences like this including turning street lights on and off as they pass by them. Others affect the performance of radios, clocks, computers, cellphones, and televisions or cause lights, security alarms and other electronics in their home to turn off and on repeatedly.

For many years, I was not able to wear a watch, as when I did, the watch would malfunction or stop completely. I also had a similar effect on a grandfather clock that I kept in the library where I taught for years. The clock hands would move rapidly and then randomly change the time often until it stopped working completely. The clock was brought in for repairs and it was found to be in good working order and no solution for the problem could be found. It was only when I learned how to heal my auric fields that this problem stopped.

There are a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual reasons for why this happens in the aura. For some people, it occurs only when their emotions are running very high and for others it was a random event occurring only when they were going through puberty. Some of these people are tapping into what is described in parapsychology as psychokinesis/telekinesis (PK/TK)

Here’s some information to get you started:

1. Read the  I wrote about how the aura affects electronics here on my blog including all the comments from people who experience this phenomena:

Does Your Aura Affect Energy Fields and Electronics?

2. Subscribe to my Youtube channel where I share videos on how to work with your aura including:

How to See Auras

How Crystals Work with Aura

Using Sound to Move Energy in the Aura

3. Join my AURA School, Six Weeks of Online training where I teach you how to see and work with your aura, how to protect yourself from energy vampires, and how to stop your aura from leaking energy!

The aura stores and emits energy from a containment field around your body, collecting input (thoughts/emotions/actions) and sending it outward (output) like a computer. Once it has received this information, it emits this data/energy which can be negative or positive, depending upon what we are expressing moment to moment. Once you’ve built some positive energy back up in your aura, it will help you think more positively and be aware of what is draining your energy every day so you can take steps to change your life through conscious awareness of your thoughts and emotions. After doing the Aura Restoration work, you will learn how to detect energy fields around you. It’s time to determine how far your auric field is expanding around your body. Through the global consciousness field, you can connect with the energy of any living organism on the planet.



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She is the award winning author of six books including The Awakened Dreamer, The Awakened Psychic, and The Awakened Aura, and has taught thousands around the world how to connect with their soul path and destiny and create a life and career that is balanced and in tune with their life purpose and goals.

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