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green auraThe color green in the aura reflects many of the qualities found in trees. Green is calm, restorative and abundant.

When a person maintains a consistent green auric energy field, they exude a healing energy. In return, they are nurtured and healed themselves by spending time in nature.

People with a primary green aura are loving, kind and compassionate and require frequent periods of private time to recharge their energy as they give their energy abundantly to others.

When green is seen predominately in the aura, it indicates that the person is opening and operating from the fourth (heart) chakra level. People with this energy are warm, friendly and welcoming. Many empaths radiate with the green energy from the heart energy field, along with pink, both of which are connected to this chakra. If you are drawn to pink and green, there’s a good chance that you are working on opening your heart chakra. Your higher self is connecting you to these colors and wanting them around your energy field.

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When Green Goes Rogue

When green appears dark or muddy, it indicates jealousy, spite and envy. If the green has a yellow tinge to it, the person has overloaded their mental energy field to the point of exhaustion and will not be making clear decisions. Because of this imbalance, it is easy for them to feel jealous or envious of others. They feel depleted and overloaded and the emotions soon turn to feelings of resentment and anger. The phrase, “green with envy”, is a good example of how the color washes over the person, reflecting the mental and emotional fields around them.

I once knew a woman whose aura was almost completely covered in this sickly green color. I only saw her every year or so and each time the green had expanded. The last time I saw her, the sickly green had expanded to the point where her physical skin had a greenish/yellow tinge to it and her eyes appeared to have narrowed.

My first thought was that she was beginning to look like a reptile. When thinking about reptiles, they are cold blooded with a tough skin. This woman gave off this same appearance and energy, she had pulled away from the warmth of her heart chakra and was creating a tough skin around herself filled with her jealousy, envy and spite.

Dark green can symbolize a person who is overly focused on money, to the point of greed taking over rational thought. I’ve been in corporate buildings where the focus has been maintained for years on profit and greed and the building itself now resonates with that clouded aura. When you see this color green around a person, be very careful. If you can, avoid doing business with them, for their “heart” truly is in the wrong place when it comes to money matters.

Recommendations to Connect with and Enhance Green:

Foods: all green vegetables and fruit including spinach, kale, green peppers, limes, broccoli, celery, green tea, lettuce, parsley and cabbage.

Home Décor: Green is a soothing color in any room of your home and can be used in almost any design of your choosing. Paint the walls green, use green accents and accessories, there’s no limit. I had an emerald green sofa that students sat on for years while studying the wisdom teachings with me. They enjoyed sinking into it and they found it to be warm, inviting and soothing. Almost everyone had a comment and memory to share with me about the sofa when it had finally run its course and was done.

Pale green, dark green, emerald green, all colors are soothing to almost every energy field. The only green to shy away from when decorating is an overabundance of a yellowish-green. Too much of this color in the home can have a draining effect on the aura, but used in small doses is fine. Green plants are a wonderful addition to the home, softening the energy and providing a welcoming touch.

green malachiteClothing: There’s a right shade of green for any skin tone, try on several colors and ask a friend to look with you to see which one looks best against your skin and hair coloring. Most times, the color green that looks best on your physical body is also the one that is the right choice for your auric field as well. As the wisdom teaching goes… “As Within, So Without”. We manifest internally and outwardly in a harmonic vibration of who we are and what colors we resonate with.

Gemstones: emerald, malachite, rose quartz, jade, and tourmaline

Flowers: green plants of any variety and shape. See also below under the pink flower section, as pink flowers enhance the green auric field.

Music: metaphysical music that lifts energy, especially when it includes the sounds of the ocean including dolphins and whales. Traditional folk music from all cultures is well received. Celtic music is especially good to connect with green.

Activities: Connecting with others in loving and accepting ways. Meditations to open the heart chakra are very helpful. Engaging in active practices of non-judgment, compassion and sensitivity towards others will speed and enhance opening this energy field and chakra. Energy work and massage are very beneficial in opening this field as well. Spending time at the beach, where the ocean waves hit the sand are very helpful in healing and opening the heart chakra.

Mantra: I am love. I forgive all transgressions presented to me and I live in a sea of unconditional love. All is well in my world and each action I take is for my highest and best good. I love myself and accept myself as the pure divine being that I am. I give thanks and know that divine energy is flowing through me, healing and replenishing me in every way. – Kala Ambrose


About the Author

Kala Ambrose is "Your Travel Guide to the Other Side". Award winning Author, Intuitive, Wisdom Teacher, Podcaster and Lifestyle Expert, she helps Entrepreneurs, Seekers and Visionaries live their best life.

She is the award winning author of six books including The Awakened Dreamer, The Awakened Psychic, and The Awakened Aura, and has taught thousands around the world how to connect with their soul path and destiny and create a life and career that is balanced and in tune with their life purpose and goals.

Whether she’s teaching students at her Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences, writing and speaking about empowering lifestyle choices or teaching to groups around the country, fans around the world tune in daily for her inspirational musings and lively thought-provoking conversations.

8 responses to “What Does the Color Green Mean in the Aura

  1. Green aura meditative studies are much appreciated. I love how you adorn your writing with the past present and future. You are a flowing rock down stream changing aura with the environment and truly a staple in our society. Would love to communicate – lauren

    1. Wow, thank you Lauren for your kind thoughts xoxo You can reach me here through the CONTACT form here on the site. All the best, Kala

  2. Kala, I stumbled across your website as I am putting together some information about the auric field & chakras. I just purchased your book so I may read it & have it on hand when I host aura parties. I have had an aura photo system for well over a year now and my clients are pushing me to teach, so I thought what better way than to do it during an aura party. I love your website as you take such care with the content you provide. I would like your permission to include your website on the hand out I am creating for my parties/classes. I have provided my website so you may get a snapshot of who I am and what I provide. I believe in working from a standpoint of love, abundance & being proactive in our lives when it comes to our growth. I believe that those who are meant to learn from us & we from them will cross our path when the time is right, this let me find your site today, as I have been working on this project for some time. I am gratful for your knowledge & ease/clarity of sharing that knowledge. Sometimes I get caught up & the message gets fuzzy. This class is meant for those who are curious to step through the door I am opening, in a safe & fun environment. Again, thank you very much for showing up today! Love & Light- Heather

    1. Hi Heather, I just sent you a private reply via email, so you check your inbox to see a longer reply. In brief here, I love that you throw aura parties!! 🙂 You are most welcome to include my website and share with your parties and classes. Keep up the great work spreading love, light and lots of beautiful aura colors around the world! xoxo Kala

  3. I came across your site in search of a color aura I saw around myself it was mostly green, turquoise, it was the first time I seen it and was curious but have found your site to be interesting and look forward to seeing more of it. Thank you.

  4. My boyfriend has more of a sea green aura, and I am having trouble finding information for this particular color.

  5. Seagreen can be close to turquoise in interpretation, but note that just reading about the one color does not fully explain the aura, as each layer of the aura has different colors and they change often. So it depends upon where the seagreen is seen, in the physical layer, mental layer, emotional layer, one of the spiritual layers? The location means very different things. Here’s some basic information about turquoise – All the best, Kala

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