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What Do You Have in Common with Elvis?


Have you heard about this new movie coming out about Elvis Presley, called Elvis and Nixon?  

Like so many people, I love Elvis and I’ve heard good things about this movie coming out in April. 

What I’ve found to be most interesting though, are the articles coming out sharing who Elvis truly was in his personal life and what he truly enjoyed and valued in life.  

The article that recently caught my attention was how much Elvis loved to read and what types of books he liked to read. 

The article states that:

… “Although he was raised on the Bible, Elvis’s interest in religion and spirituality expanded to include Eastern philosophy, astrology, and mysticism. According to Schilling, one of Elvis’s favorite books was The Impersonal Life by Joseph Benner, which encourages self-discovery by listening to “that transcendent, innermost part of you which quickens within as you read…” 

….Another title Elvis read again and again reveals a connection as unlikely as Elvis and Nixon. Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda’s highly influential guide to self-actualization and meditation, found kindred devotees in Elvis and Steve Jobs—the latter of whom made a point of reading the book once a year”. 

Autobiography of a Yogi is one of my favorite books as well and I re-read every once in a while as well. 

How fun it is to discover
that my reading list is similar
to Elvis and Steve Jobs. 🙂

Since you’re here as part of the
Explore Your Spirit Community,
it’s highly likely that you’ve read
many of the same books as Elvis.

What else might you have
in common with him? 

See that’s the thing, we’re all in this together and when we take a moment to stop and look around, we find more things in common with each other than we might have thought. Too often we see a person as a representative of one thing or another, forgetting that they are a multi-faceted, complex and very interesting human being, deeply beyond what they are portraying to the world.  

Now if I can only get this message across
to the politicians in Washington… 🙂

Read the article about Elvis here:



My new book comes out this Fall!

The Awakened Psychic:

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to Develop Your Psychic Abilities 

I’m so excited to share my new book with you
as I believe that everyone has psychic ability
and I’ve wanted to write a book to share
all the different ways you can connect with your psychic ability! 

The book is scheduled to come out this Fall with Llewellyn
and I’m looking for a Street Team to help me
get the word out when the book hits stores.

If you’re interesting in being part of the team,
CONTACT ME to join the team! 

PS: Want a sneak peek of the cover?

I just wrestled this picture of the cover away from the guys at Llewellyn,
what do you think? 🙂



You’ve been patient, you’ve been kind,
you’ve been a good friend.

I’m happy to announce that new courses are on their way and as a member of the Explore Your Spirit Community, these new courses will be offered to you at a discount.  

More details coming soon here in this newsletter on the new webinar courses including how to save on registration.

Thank you for your patience, I’m excited about the new courses and believe they will be worth the wait!

Two New Webinar Courses coming up are: 

Three Weeks to Interpreting

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9 Life Altering Lessons

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I’m looking forward to seeing you in class soon here in these webinars through my school

The Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences

After all, isn’t it time that you Explore Your Spirit? 

In Love, Light and Butterfly Wishes,


About Kala’s
Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences

The Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences 
provides the opportunity for online and video download study with award winning author and wisdom teacher Kala Ambrose.

Choose your path from a variety of courses,
which are based in the ancient wisdom techniques
 brought to light for practical use in the modern world.

Each course follows the ancient rituals and techniques
where each lesson is introduced to the mind,
then experienced through the heart
and eventually becomes a permanent part of the soul,
carried forth from one lifetime to the next.

It could be more accurately described to say that the information is absorbed within to gain new life,
rather than committed to rote memory.


The goal of the Academy is to present the core concepts of universal wisdom. The teacher can be viewed as a gardener, planting seeds of knowledge in the mind of the burgeoning student. The student then contemplates and cultivates these thoughts so that the seeds grow and yield fruit. This is referred to as turning knowledge into wisdom, moving from information gathering into action by applying what has been learned into daily life. 

As the student begins the process of knowing, (gnosis), and awakening, each step leads further inward, gaining momentum along the way leading into a rebirth of the soul, which alters the person on all levels. This experience is symbolized by the butterfly; it begins life in one form as a caterpillar and then engages in a transformative process – going within a cocoon and emerging as a beautiful butterfly.

This is how the teachings grow, rather than you absorbing them, they take root and absorb into you, forever changing who you are and how you view the world. Rather than you controlling the garden, you become the garden.

Some schools provide physical locations for study, while others connect with the natural forces of the ocean, forests and mountains for certain rituals and powerful introspective experiences. Students who wish to examine their inner selves explore these courses and begin the journey to discover who they are. Each person retains this information deep within their soul where they hold the key.

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About the Author

Kala Ambrose is "Your Travel Guide to the Other Side". Award winning Author, Intuitive, Wisdom Teacher, Podcaster and Lifestyle Expert, she helps Entrepreneurs, Seekers and Visionaries live their best life.

She is the award winning author of six books including The Awakened Dreamer, The Awakened Psychic, and The Awakened Aura, and has taught thousands around the world how to connect with their soul path and destiny and create a life and career that is balanced and in tune with their life purpose and goals.

Whether she’s teaching students at her Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences, writing and speaking about empowering lifestyle choices or teaching to groups around the country, fans around the world tune in daily for her inspirational musings and lively thought-provoking conversations.

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