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Treme soundtrack

Season Two of the HBO series Treme premieres tonight, Sunday April 24th at 10pm.  I’ve eagerly awaited the return of the series, longing to be virtually as close as I can to the city of New Orleans.  The series has received Emmy and Grammy nominations as it portrays the rebuilding and restructuring of New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Season One was set in Fall 2005, three months after the storm and the breaking of the levees in the Ninth Ward unleashed the flood waters into the city.

Treme expresses the vibe and soul of the city while addressing the depth of loss felt by the residents both emotionally and physically. As the city struggles to rebuild, it’s left to the people to carry on, generate sparks of hope, and become the voice of the city as they endure hardships and struggle to rebuild. John Goodman spoke eloquently in Season One about the state of the city and the nation and if truly his character is gone from the show, he will be missed.  The writing and acting on the show is superb and the music is the virtual icing on the cake. To know New Orleans is to understand the music and Treme pulls it all together, stirring it up in a delicious gumbo served hot and spicy.  Seeing Kermit Ruffins on the show each week is pure eye and music candy and the cameo appearance of the delightful John Boutte’ invites us all into the Treme. It’s always a treat to hear them both while in New Orleans and an incredible pleasure to have their music on the show and available as a soundtrack.

Show creator David Simon is quoted as saying… “We are following the actual timeline of post-Katrina New Orleans as a means of understanding what happened – and what didn’t happen – when an American city suffered a near-death experience. In doing so, we’re trying to address ourselves to what the American experiment has become and what possibilities remain for us. We are an urban people now. How we live together – and of what we are capable or incapable of achieving as an urban people is going to define our future. New Orleans and its recent history speaks to that.”

Treme is accomplishing what others have tried to do and failed, which is to portray Louisiana and New Orleans with an authentic flair, in a veritable soul concoction of people, music, big hearts, art, and passion.  From the touching portrayal of Big Chief Lambreaux ‘s resurrection of the Big Chief’s parade (played by Clarke Peters) to the talented musicians and chefs struggling to keep the music and artistry alive, the show continues to inspire, educate and entertain.  Viva La Treme!


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