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Welcome to the ‘Quick Five’, where I chat with fascinating authors, artists, teachers and researchers and ask them five questions about their work. Our guest today is Crichton Miller. In his book, The Golden Thread of Time, Crichton explores the ancient scientific and spiritual wisdom that has shaped our present and still influences our future. He reveals a forgotten system that reaches back beyond the current established religions, further than Ancient Egypt or Sumerian into an age where Mankind lived in harmony with Nature.

Kala: Crichton, welcome to the ‘Quick Five’. You’ve written a book entitled The Golden Thread of Time. How did you become interested in this topic and its history?

Crichton: Hello Kala and hello to your readers, thank you for asking me to share my work, you are quite correct, I have written a book called the Golden Thread of Time which was published in 2001. There are many esoteric reasons for the title, which can be interpreted on many levels of consciousness by the reader.

To answer the second part of the question, How did you become interested in this topic and its history? I want to share a passage from the Bhagavad-Gita with you:

‘The living entity, bewildered by ignorance, desires to be put in certain conditions of life, thereby his or her chain of action and reaction begins. A living entity is, by superior Nature, full of knowledge’.

As a living entity, I decided not to be bewildered by ignorance and so was put in unique and unusual conditions of life which allowed a different chain of action and reaction than was the norm for my peers. I decided to search the world both inner and outer to find the answers I needed that released the forgotten knowledge I hold within me. Each one of us is Life Being Human and we are all collective in the true nature of the word individual which really means indivisible from the Duality. It has always been essential for our survival as a family, tribe, clan, business or country to have unified collective beliefs whether they are right or wrong. This essential element is designed to allow a society to perpetuate itself in balance and harmony in an environment that is specifically designed to return all systems to chaos after a period of time. To understand this truth requires a knowledge of the true nature of time and to work with it. That is what our ancestors managed to do over thousands of years until their great civilisations collapsed and died. In each of these collapses, much was destroyed and only a few fragments remain which are either misunderstood or deliberately abused. I set out to find some of these fragments and piece them together using reason and common sense. That process allowed me to discover the methods used by our ancestors to keep time, measure the earth and construct buildings embodying the knowledge of the Nature of this world for posterity.

In my research, I have discovered that the very thing that saves us from instability in one set of circumstances can also destroy us if we adhere to it when those circumstances have changed. As we have become more secular in modern times we find that that very secularity creates conflict with the collective well being. Topic in the ancient sense of the word comes from the Greek and is a class of considerations and arguments’ on which a rhetorician may draw.

My rhetorical topic then is this: History as we understand it is in error because those that wrote it felt that to expose the true nature of the world to the masses would bring chaos into society. When corruption worked its way into the Church and Crown the rebellion which resulted in the destroyed Royalty throughout Europe and discredited the Roman Catholic Church leading to fragmentation of Christianity. Some critical thinkers in the past saw the duplicity and hypocrisy clearly and separated themselves from the old ways of thinking preferring rational and provable evidence, but those who blindly maintained the system fought to preserve it at all costs. In other words a battle line was drawn up between science and church. The result was a descent into secularity with deep divisions appearing between the spiritual and the practical. The worldly process has gained dominance through the linear thought patterns created by Darwin who argued continued improvement of the species through natural selection.

The truth I argue is that Science and Spirituality are indivisible and therefore our ancestors practised science too but with the addition of a spiritual world view giving superiority to Nature as a whole and accepting our reduced role in a holistic approach. It is my argument that Humanity is entering another stage in the journey which could result in the destruction of our society as we know it and a return to a Dark Age or a step forward into a sane and balanced future. The Maya predict this as 2012 but the process is already beginning where world economies fail and Nature attacks us on all quarters.

The proof of this fall is a historical and cyclical evidence that all failed civilisations descend into secularity while the barbarian enters the back door. Before we can rebuild we need to uncover the truth and re learn a system that allows us to live in balance with those awesome forces. The word Temple means a place of measuring Time using the movements of the heavens as does the word Church. To measure anything requires a balanced holistic instrument which is both spiritual and practical. That original instrument is the cross with the wheel and it is the archetype and embodiment of all measuring instruments and mathematical principles that we employ in science today.

Kala: Is the Celtic Cross a scientific instrument as well as a sacred symbol? How did ancient people use the cross in architecture, philosophy and geometry? Did they also use the cross in combination with the zodiac and the pyramids?

Crichton: The Celtic cross is the key to understanding how our ancestors thought and survived and therefore it is both a scientific and a sacred instrument of the highest importance. Without studying its functions, no one can understand the ancient mysteries. I put together a theory that there must have been an archetype instrument that has remained elusive to archaeologists, historians and archaeoastronomers. I discovered that there was one in the Great Pyramid of Giza in the Queens Chamber that was discovered in 1872, parts of which lie in the British Museum and set about reconstructing it. Science is about measuring and testing which is what I have done. Make no mistake about its scientific credibility, since it has gained two British Patents as a surveying, astronomical and navigation instrument. I own by law and design the gift of the working Celtic Cross, Wodens Wheel, The Sun Cross, and any other derivation of our ancestors greatest sacred instrument that actually makes physical spherical geometric measurements. The Great Spirit of Creation and the Spirit of our ancestors gave it to me and me alone out of millions of people on our planet.

As Don Ajlehandro, Chief Mayan Elder and Spiritual Leader of his people said to me at a Sun Ceremony in 1998 I have been chosen and I am predicted in the Mayan Glyph ” Man with a Purpose”. and that “Our Jesus Christ was crucified on the sign of his own science and spirituality”. In time gone by, some of our ancient ancestors specialised in agricultural lifestyles and others were land and seafaring hunter gatherers that eventually became wandering herdsmen . Both of these lifestyles require the practical and spiritual understanding of time and place and the only way to do this successfully was to study the predictable motions of the sun, moon and planets against the fixed back ground stars. Geometry, which literally means earth measurement, comes from astrology which means star logic, or mathematics. You see, each star follows an imaginary line and is always directly above a point on the earth on that line at least once a day as the planet spins, consequently all the natural numbers of measurement come from this knowledge. It is the meaning of the word to Rule or measure. There were adepts who were chosen by their people or tribe and that knew how to measure for the benefit of society who were called Rulers as is the simple instrument used in every school today.

A Rulers service to humanity was to measure the value of produce, measure land ownership, create the Rule of Law and predict future events. They were the real Lords of Time and could divine Time. That is why it is called the Divine Right of Kings chosen by the group for their talents given by the Gods. The Rulers became so sophisticated that they created the natural numbers we still use today from the motions of the heavenly bodies. Genesis Verse 14. 15 and 16 in the Holy Bible instructs us exactly how they did this. They made signs in the stars that were similar to objects on the earth in their local area so that the generations that came after them would understand. Because they believed in reincarnation those signs were placed in myth , word, stone and wood constructions so as to be preserved to remind them of what they already knew in a previous life if and when they were re born. This was science to them although they did not call it that, and I cannot argue that they were unscientific in their theories and conclusions based on observation, measurement, and construction. The pyramid complex at Giza is one such example where the Ruler incorporated the mathematics of the stars into a format of indestructible stone. It is said that Sir Isaac Newton worked out the rate of luni-solar precession at the pyramid complex. Well, he would, since there is nothing to work out, it was all done for him thousands of years ago, the pyramids tell us the rate of precession as well as giving us the circumference of the earth, and the speed of the moon apart from hundreds of other mysteries. You only have to know how to look and it becomes obvious.

Our ancestors, whom we disrespect if we apportion their skills to aliens in space ships, believed that failure to remember and understand the Natural Laws would lead future generations into chaos and cause the eventual destruction of our civilisation and possibly our species. Ancient people believed that our planet that they saw as the Mother and the Sun that they saw as the Father were vastly superior living thinking entities that held complete dominion over us. They also considered that each entity on the planet had a Spirit which the Egyptians called Neteru from which the word Nature is derived. The word Scientific means making systematic, exact knowledge and the working Celtic cross does exactly that.

Kala: Is the cross a Time keeper? How was it used with water clocks?

Crichton: The cross is not a timekeeper but rather the only logical instrument capable of measuring the Natural cycles of time using the exact motions and positions of the moon, sun and planets as they travel along the ecliptic plane. It was the person using the cross was the Time Keeper. What allowed my patent was the upright arm on the top of the cross which makes it unique . It is because of the top arm that sidereal or horizontal measurements can be taken and no other archaic instrument such as the Egyptian Merkhet, quadrant, astrolabe, octant, cross staff or sextant can achieve that level of spherical geometry or accuracy. The problem with observing the stars and planets is that it can only be done when the sky is clear and there is an uninterrupted view of the sky and horizon. Water clocks and sand timers allow time to be kept and them re calibrated when the sky becomes clear again.
Kala: The history of the cross begins with ancient Shamanism, through the burning of Alexandria and its rediscovery 500 years later by the Knights Templar, resulting in communication with the Amerindians before Columbus and eventual excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church. How did the meaning of the cross become hidden and lost in our full view?

Crichton: The original Rulers were Shaman. They communicated with the Nature Spirits at all levels for the benefit of their tribes either naturally or through drug enhanced sensitive mental states. This ancient skill is called Animism because they communicated with the “Over Spirit” of each species or element that were of either of service or threat to them and sought advice from their ancestors. My abilities and the gift of the cross make me a throwback or incarnation of those ancient people, I use these powers in everyday life and business to protect those who rely on me. Shaman looked for meaningful forms and omens in rocks, water, clouds, trees, fire and the stars, a process we call Simulacra today. Much of this way of life can be seen in the remnants of the Amerindian practices including Totems and dressing up in bird and animal forms. The Signs in the heavens were originally animism and simulacra as can be seen from the Greek word Zodiac which literally means wheel of animals. Ancient Egypt was the peak culmination of an enormous length of Human time we like to call the Stone Age which was eventually conquered by the Greeks under Alexander the Great. Eventually a great library was founded in Alexandria which housed countless papyrus scrolls with the history and techniques learned over countless millennia. Many of these ancient books fed the philosophy of Greece and its Arab neighbours before being deliberately destroyed by fire. What little scraps of knowledge that were saved were scattered far and wide with some ending up in Jerusalem, Timbuktu and Constantinople, but the unified history and science of the astrological ages of Aries and Taurus were lost forever.  It is from Constantinople that we find sea Charts or Portolans such as the ‘Admiral Pirie Reis maps’ that describe the ability to find both latitude and longitude a thousand years before it was supposedly discovered with the invention of the stable Chronometer by Harrison in the 1700’s.

It should be remembered that Constantinople which houses the great Temple Sophia was the seat of the founder of the Roman Catholic Church Constantine who changed the Christian Piscean sign of the Fish for the Cross which was from his Gaul homeland, already ancient the cross was known to northern Celtic tribes as Wodens Wheel. It was reputedly Constantine’s wife who discovered the real cross in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem band whereas history records this discovery as a Relic it is more likely the source of early Christendom’s great knowledge and power. The word Church comes from the words Kirk meaning ruler and Cerise meaning circle and so properly translated means measurer of the circles. Since the name Templar is associated with the Latin word Tempus meaning Time we can see its dualistic role as keepers of the Temple and Time keeping.

The combination of Time keeping and earth measurement along with more ancient Portolans allowed the powerful Templar fleet to trade with the Amerindian cultures while perpetuating the myth in the Dark Ages that the world was flat. The secret eventually leaked and the Templar’s were captured and tortured to find this valuable source of gold and new land that had made the order so rich. There is only one ancient instrument that can find longitude without running two mechanical time pieces and that is the cross and plumb line calibrated with astrology and a carefully kept almanac showing the position of the retrograde moon against the ecliptic stars and Venus. This gave enormous power to the Church and they would kill and burn to protect the knowledge from those outside the hierarchy. They set about conquering the New World and the rest is history. However, there is two simple clues to the deceit, one is the Diego Ribero Chart of 1510 which is in the Vatican showing the world in perfect longitude including both sides of the Americas and two hundred years before longitude was discovered and the Saxton Map of England in the 14th Century with Wells Cathedral at Glastonbury as the centre of the meridian with longitude graduations along the southern edge.

Wells Cathedral had the first 24 hour clock which made it England’s first mechanised Temple. In defence of the map which the headline boasted “Did they have GPS in the Middle Ages” and was recently sold for a fortune it was pointed out that this highly accurate and anomalous map had to be kept secret so as to protect the country from invaders. If you know what I have learned you can read the messages in all churches and cathedrals about the importance and creativity of Time. It has been hidden in full public view because the Church can say on the Day of Judgment that the knowledge was left available to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. But just in case, it was forbidden on pain of death to hold the Cross any other way other than upright.

Kala: The research explores how a Star Cult was born of necessity, which then led to the concepts of a Sun God in Heaven that still exists in fragmented form today. Can you explain the history behind these concepts?

Crichton: If we don’t know the time, we are lost, If we don’t know the place, we are lost, If we don’t know where we came from, we are lost, If we don’t know where we are going, we are lost. We have become disconnected, forgetting our past, blind to the obvious, frightened of the future, bewildered about our own existence through secularity and singularity. Our ancestors were not because they kept time by the natural motions and rhythms of the sun and moon, seeing all Nature as one expression of Life in all its diversity and consciousness maintaining balance. To observe the position of the signs in the zodiac was essential for planning to intercept migrating herds or fish, collecting berries and fungi each by its month and season.
We only have to realise that the moon has 12 orbits of the earth in a year which is why a month is really a moon-th .That its speed over the earth’s surface is 720 arc minutes per hour and its influence on the earth’s tilt that causes the seasons is 1 degree every 72 years to begin to understand what they knew and we have forgotten.

The 3000 year old Pagan Gold Wizards hats from Europe incorporate the 18.6 year Metonic cycle or Enneadecaeteri reputedly discovered by Meton of Athens a thousand years later.  Through stellar observation, they learned to sow and reap at the right time as conditions on the planet changed throughout the year because of the natural obliquity to the sun. Appreciation of the spirit of the moment and perfect harmonious timing became a star cult with its own feast days, celebrations, percussion, music, singing and dancing at regular times for various purposes kept by the Rulers and Priests. Each precessional Age was named, so Egyptian for the Age of Aries which commenced with the building of the Great Pyramid of Khufu is Amen which is put on the end of the Christian Lord’s Prayer today. However the name Pharaoh (which means Great House) and the living God was often named in this way Tut Ankh Amen, which translates as Wisdom and life of Aries Amen-Ra means the Creator Ra(Sun) in the Age of(Amen) Aries a kind of composite concept between the sun and the Time The moon was vital because she caused fertility in women and the Sun was the source of all Life. Each heavenly body and constellation was measured every moment and the priests referred to as Followers of Horus(Time) were the Watchers in huge temples from Stonehenge to Giza and on all continents across vast oceans separated by water and time. The watch on our wrist has a hand that is a pointer to the sun and the mechanical clock is directly descended from the mathematics of the Zodiac calibrating the position of the sun as it moves over the spinning earth, before we mechanised it and became disconnected, we knew that we are its energy and without it we have nothing.

The Sun passes its rays of energy to the earth and feeds the leaves on the trees and the grass in the fields, watering them and keeping them warm. We eat that energy second hand through food and that food becomes us and we become that energy. People were taught to bless and respect food because it would become part of us and become as enlightened as we are because we are what we eat. We are all sons and daughters of the Sun and the Sun is our Life and we are the Life, each one of us is of the sun and the earth and our own family genetics or blood line. Christ on the cross is the Sun at the winter solstice, fixed in the moment of death pinned to the wheel of Time before being resurrected. The ancients knew that when the sun dies every winter solstice it stands still for three days and like the image of Christ on the time piece(Cross) the sun rises to bring new life to our frozen north. They saw that the crops and insects plants and trees are renewed and felt that we were no different because Heaven told them so through observation. It was Akhenaton that displaced all the Neteru and the Creative force of the moment (Amen)with the monotheistic Sun God. But he did not know that the Sun is but one star amongst billions in the Creation of the Great Spirit.

In a few years I shall pass away from this mortal body and if I am fortunate I will see the world again through the eyes of those yet to be born, but the last prayer I make is this one, that I may take Human form in the Golden Thread of Time and be born into a Golden Age of peace and beauty that is not become mad with illusion and lies that breed fear.

Here is the poem I wrote in 2000 just before 911 when the world of Men was shaken and changed forever.

‘The Golden Thread of Time
Chaos rules the world of Man and Nature in the moment of now,
Order will return for as moment in the cycle of the times,
but the World will never die,
The Vine of Man may wither and pass away.
They who are to walk the earth
Will spin beneath the ruthless eye of Starry Serpent
and watch the hoary twelve sail by with Orion at the helm
and will they see the sun give life by day?
As did we,
and live in balance with the world
For a while.
New Birth will come and Ma-at return,
New eyes may greet the rising of the Sun,
In distant future, another kind may taste the living air of ancient dead and rise in life from the dust of ages.
To wonder once again at the stars and keep the Time to sail on wind and tide.
What clothes will you wear my love?
and how shall I recognise thee?
Will we be as One as once before?
When we meet again in this ship of Life, in distant times,
On the Golden Thread of Millions of Years’.

Kala: Crichton, thanks for taking the time to join me here for a Quick Five.

Crichton: Dear Kala, thank you for sharing my thoughts and poetry with your audience, it has been a privilege to serve.

For more info: Crichton Miller was born in Scotland and is a fully qualified navigator, historical researcher, author and public speaker. A family man with children and grandchildren, he is aware that the hope of mankind is carried by the next generations and how they are taught by parents, society and the teaching establishment will shape the world they live in. Crichton Miller specialises in seeking truth about our ancient history and spirituality, he is independent and detached from peer groups, materialism and religion. More about him at:


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