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Summer Solstice (June 21st), also known as Midsummer, the longest day of the year and the first official day of Summer, marks the Sun’s six month journey of bringing light to the world. Though the heat of Summer is just beginning, this date marks the brightest light energy of the year before the Sun continues on its cyclical journey to Winter Solstice (December 21st).  Ancient cultures including the Egyptians and Druids marked the journey of the Sun as a symbol of our soul’s progression into brighter consciousness, inner wisdom and enlightenment with physical representations including the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge.

This seasonal cycle represents the stages of life we go through on our journey here on Earth: the Spring of our Youth (Spring Equinox), the Summer Peak of our Adult years (Summer Solstice), the Reaping of Wisdom in our Golden years of Autumn (Fall Equinox) and the Return to Spirit world in Winter (Winter Solstice).

How Summer Solstice Is Celebrated

Summer Solstice is a time to revel in the light and lighter side of life. It is a magical time to explore the portals between the earth plane and the spirit worlds. Ancient Celts celebrated the solstice lighting huge bonfires in clearings and on roads to give strength to the sun and to keep evil spirits at bay. People wore amulets made with herbs to protect and restore their energy, while others leaped through bonfires for purification, good health and love. In these times, most marriages were held during the month of June and the tradition called the ‘Honey Moon’ came from the drinking of mead (made of fermented honey), which was used in wedding ceremonies frequently held during MidSummer.

In Celtic lore, it’s also regarded as the best time to see fairies, when the ‘fae’ (faries) bestow good luck upon the people. This ancient magic was popularized in Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Legends state that in order to see a fairy on MidSummer’s eve, sit quietly outside with your eyes half open and gaze at a spot under a big tree. Fair/Fairy warning: If you meet a fairy, don’t eat their food or you’ll have to remain with them for seven years, (which could be a lot of fun, but will seriously wreck any plans you have made).

A Wisdom Teaching Ritual for Summer Solstice

In my work as a wisdom teacher, I share rituals that were used in the ancient temples, while bringing them into modern day practices.

Summer Solstice is a powerful time to visualize letting go of all negative thoughts into the bright light where they are transmuted and healed. It is a time of awakened and elevated consciousness and important to take note of what occurs around you during this three day period. The evening before, during and after the Summer Solstice is the most important time of the year to pay attention to your dreams. It is reported that during this three day period, that what is dreamed about will come to fruition. It will also shine light on what your journey will focus on for the next six months.

Energy Restoration Ritual for the Summer Solstice:

Step One: Remove any negative thoughts you are holding on to. Write down your negative feelings on paper and then release them by burning them to ash in a safe container. Visualize this negative energy dissipating into nothingness as it is released with the smoke and carried away.

Step Two:  Remove negative energy from your home. In order to do this, bundle rosemary and white sage together with white thread and dip the tips into a bowl of spring water. Walk around your home declaring it to be filled with pure white light while sprinkling this water from the rosemary/sage bundle in all of the corners of your home to remove negativity and cleanse and purify. You might also like to light a white candle during this process to represent the light.  Place the candle in a safe place in your kitchen during this time.

Step Three: Purify and cleanse your body. Take a shower and while doing so, visualize the water washing your negative energy away and cleansing you. Exit the shower, wrap yourself up in a robe and find a comfortable place to sit.

Step Four: Connect with the Light of the Solstice to restore your Mind, Body and Spirit. Begin by taking three deep breaths, breathing in deeply through the nostrils to inhale new positive energy and blowing the breath out through the mouth to remove stagnant energy from the aura and body when exhaling. Visualize a circle of pure white light surrounding and protecting you during this time.

Then say aloud:

Mother Earth grounds me (earth)
This deep breath restores me (air)
The rays of Father Sun nourish me. (fire)
This pure water renews me. (water)
I am filled with Pure Light as I journey forward. (spirit)

Touch your forehead and say…
Let my mind open to the truth. (divine wisdom)

Touch your lips and say….
Let my lips speak the truth. (divine communication)

Touch your heart area and say:
Let my heart seek the ways of pure love, now and always. (divine love)

Touch each palm and say:
Let my hands be gifted to work in healing ways. (divine touch)

Touch the sole of each foot and say:
Let my feet ever walk upon the sacred path. (divine journey)

When this process is complete, drink some spring water.

Then begin a 15 minute meditation, asking for your guides to join you in order to share a message they have for you this day.

Ready to learn more Summer Solstice activities and rituals?  Explore this course in depth through a video download in my Academy of Mystical Arts.

Click the link below to download Lesson Six and learn more about the energy of the Summer Solstice.

Lesson Six: Summer Solstice – Purifying Your Home and Office Space

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