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I'm Not Dead, I'm Different by Hollister Rand

Welcome to Kala’s Quick Five, where I chat with fascinating authors, artists, teachers, and researchers and ask them five questions about their work. My guest today is Hollister Rand. Known for her extraordinarily detailed work, she provides specific messages from loved ones living in the spirit world with feeling, heart, and grace. Hollister is clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient (meaning that she can see, hear and feel the presence of spirits as well as get a sense of their personalities, emotions and physical attributes). Her unique gifts have provided comfort and closure for people all over the world.

Kala: Hi Hollister, welcome to Kala’s Quick Five. When did you first recognize that you had medium abilities and how did you handle this awareness?

Hollister: From the time I was very young, the spirits showed up when the lights went out.   I enjoyed seeing spirits like my grandfather, who stood at the foot of my bed.  However, in the case of unknown spirits, I didn’t handle the awareness well at all.  I refused to go to bed without the lights being on, and developed an “exit strategy” which included a collapsible ladder under my bed!

Fortunately, that all changed as I educated myself about spirit communication and began to develop my natural mediumistic abilities.  Over time, I learned to trust my relationship with my guides, who help me to connect people with their loved ones in spirit.  This trust continues to grow with every encounter.  Through experience I’ve learned how to “tune into” helpful spirits who bring messages of love, hope and healing to those they choose to visit on earth.

Kala: Over the years as you’ve communicated with those in spirit, has it changed for you and for them? For example, are more people communicating now more than ever? Has the veil lifted where communication is easier?

Hollister: During the 20 years that I have been involved with spirit communication, I’ve seen awareness and acceptance of the work grow tremendously.  As people have become open to the concept that we survive death, and that connection from the afterlife is possible, spirit communication has ramped up.  It seems to me that the veil has lifted or become thinner, as some would say.  As a result, many people who don’t even consider themselves mediums are hearing from loved ones in spirit.  I have to think that the spirits have always been ready, and it just took us a while to catch up.

These days I sense an excitement coming from the spirit side because we’re more ready to experience how their perspective on life, death and love can change our lives on earth.  This is why I consider myself a teaching medium, and share with others how they, too, can connect with the spirit world.

Another change I’ve seen over time is extensive exploration into human consciousness and the afterlife. Those who want to explore spirit communication from a scientific perspective now have a plethora of studies from which to choose.

For me, personally, spirit communication has changed dramatically over the years.  Years ago messages included lots of “evidence” that loved ones in spirit survived death and remained interested in our lives here.  These days, spirits are making themselves known directly to loved ones on earth.  I find myself often validating a sitter’s experiences and interactions.  If things continue in this way, the spirits will put mediums out of work (and that would really be exciting)!

Kala: Your book, I’m Not Dead, I’m Different: Kids in Spirit Teach Us About Living Better Lives on Earth, shares your experiences with communicating with young spirits who have passed on at tender ages. What have they most wanted to communicate with you and their families?

Hollister: The first thing that young spirits want us to know is that they’re not dead, they’re different, just as the title says.  Death may have changed the way that they interact with us, but the love and the relationships remain.

Another important thing that the young have shared is that their dying experiences do not create separation from their loved ones.   Even in situations including suicide or murder, the young in spirit come with messages of hope.

The final and most important thing that I’ve learned from all spirits (not just the young ones) is that love really is the answer to all questions.

How has communicating with the spirit world changed you throughout your lifetime?

Hollister: Well, I would need to write another book to answer that question!  Frankly, every area and moment of my life has been affected by my connections with the spirits, even when I didn’t realize it.

The most profound realization for me is that life on earth is constantly being co-created with those living in spirit.  I now question whether there is any complete independence of thought or action.  Rather than relieving us from responsibility of our actions, this understanding demands that we take others into account and live with the highest good in mind.  The more I understand how connected we are – – one to another on earth and with those living in the spirit world – – the more I appreciate that I don’t live my life on my own. None of us does.  That knowledge keeps me moving forward in service.

Beyond your work as a medium Hollister, how else do you Explore Your Spirit?

Hollister: I dedicate myself to learning, cultivating an attitude of gratitude that isn’t dependent on circumstances and practicing mindfulness in all things.

Kala: Thanks Hollister for joining us here on Kala’s Quick Five. More about Hollister Rand and her book I’m Not Dead, I’m Different can be found on her website at:


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