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Rhinebeck, New York is one of those natural treasures in the world, that when you’re lucky enough to find your way there for a few days, it becomes a memory of a lifetime.

As I made plans to travel and teach a weekend workshop on – Energy Anatomy: Exploring and Healing Your Aura and Chakras with Elizabeth Harper at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck in July, I toyed with the idea of flying or driving. I decided to drive, so that I could take in the sights and perhaps the road less traveled, slowing down to see this part of the country, rather than flying over it all in an hour, and potentially missing what nature had to offer me.

The result? Delight, surprise and splendor! The road to Rhinebeck greets you with the soft, gentle Catskill Mountains, in various shades and textures of green, welcoming you in for the day. Alongside the mountains, the Hudson River rambles along in soothing tones, relaxing my body, mind and spirit further. I drove oohing, aaahhing and gasping at some turns on the road, marveling at the sheer beauty. As someone who has lived in Alaska, Hawaii, California, Washington and Florida, I’ve seen my share of natural beauty and I’m going to rank the Rhinebeck area up there with all of these spots. Truly inspiring, as a writer, I was ready to check into my hotel room and pull out my trusty Mac and write through the night.

Speaking of the hotel, my first stop was The Rhinecliff, a country hotel just outside on Rhinebeck, located right on the Hudson River. Every room has a view of the river. I stayed on the third story with a balcony that looked out at the Hudson. The room was spacious, with wide plank wood floors, a cathedral ceiling with beams, room for a sofa and a bathroom to rival a spa experience. Early the next morning, I entered the bathroom, which came with battery operated candles to light for ambience, which I promptly lit and used them as my only light in the bathroom. I settled into the two person whirlpool bathtub, filled it and set the jets to bubbling. Relaxing back in the tub, I noticed a rectangular window, even with my head now that I was sitting in the tub. I cranked open the window and to my delight, it opened up to a spectacular view of the Catskill Mountains with the Hudson River in front. I may have taken the longest bath of my life, the jets of the whirlpool massaging and restoring my body after a long drive to New York and my mind and spirit being lifted and rejuvenated breathing in the fresh air while watching the sun rise over the mountains and spill into the river before me.

Every few moments I would sigh and think, it just doesn’t get much better than this, no wonder Chelsea Clinton selected Rhinebeck as the location for her wedding. As I settled back in the tub and continued to watch nature’s show du jour, a small bird, perhaps a finch, alighted on to my window and kept me company for a while. He would look out at the sunrise over the river and take it in and then turn his head to look back at me, as if to say, can you believe this, this is beautiful, are you getting this? Birds have always been one of my totem animals and his company was appreciated this morning.

Later that day, I checked out from the hotel and ventured into the village of Rhinebeck. Villages like Rhinebeck must be the reason that the words charm and quaint were invented by writers. I’m surprised that more filmmakers haven’t made movies here, as it has held on to its history, preserving it so well, and the love and pride that the residents have for their community is apparent on every tree lined street, with houses well kept and honored. The village was bustling with activity with preparations for the upcoming nuptials of Chelsea Clinton.

As I approached the hotel that I would be staying in this evening, photographers were outside in the garden, setting up their shots and were discussing with each other, “let’s put Bill here and Hillary here and Chelsea can stand here…” Entering to check into the hotel, I had arrived at the Beekman Arms, the oldest operating Inn in the country. The Beekman opened its doors to the public in 1766 and has been operating as an Inn ever since. Beautiful and historic, one can sleep in the same room as George Washington once did, as well as have a bite to eat and drink in the Tavern, where many presidents have dined, including Bill Clinton. I stayed in one of the Townsend rooms, which like the proceeding hotel, was spacious, warm and accommodating. My room had a fireplace, two wing back chairs, a writing desk, a comfy bed and a huge walk in closet with a mini fridge. I had the feeling of being in an old European Inn and there was even a decanter on the table filled with sherry to welcome me in from my journey.

Let me just say, I could live at the Beekman Arms for a couple of months to write my next book, it was that warm and welcoming and with its location being right in the center of the village of Rhinebeck, one simply steps out the door and is within walking distance of restaurants, shops and entertainment.

While walking around the area, a gentle rain began to fall and the stoic and well prepared residents, opened their umbrellas, continuing to run their errands in stride. Rhinebeck is only roughly 100 miles from New York City, but the pace is so opposite. People are relaxed here, enjoying their life and have a sense around them of knowing how life should be lived and how people should be treated. One of the memories I’ll remember most from this day, was when the rain began to fall, there were several ladies walking down the street. Each of them paused to open their umbrellas and their umbrellas were painted in brilliant colors and decorated like giant flowers. One was a pink daisy, another a red tulip and a third a yellow sunflower. As I watched these women continue down the street, it was like watching flowers wandering through a garden, simply poetic.

My journey in Rhinebeck was only beginning, I was here to teach a weekend workshop at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies beginning that Friday evening. Little did I know, I would be awakened early the next morning while sleeping in the Beekman Arms by an 18th century ghost still wandering in the hotel.

Visit here again tomorrow for part two of this adventure, as I continue my tale of Rhinebeck, Omega and the ghost of Beekman Arms…

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