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Debbie Davis is a professional Hand Analyst with clients ranging from television personalities, accomplished authors and entrepreneurs to troubled youth. I recently had the opportunity to interview Debbie about her work as a hand analyst.

Kala: Thanks for joining me here on Kala’s Bohemian Blog Debbie. You’re a professional Hand Analyst and a graduate of the International Institute of Hand Analysis. What’s entailed in becoming a professional hand analyst and what do you do in this line of work?

Debbie: I became a certified Hand Analyst after completing an extensive year long training course provided by the International Institute of Hand Analysis. My work involves deciphering information found in the hands and fingerprints that identify the Soul’s highest actualization point in this life time and the challenges to be faced along the way.

Kala: The concept of “palm reading” has been around for centuries. How does a hand analysis go further and what can a hand analysis tell us about our lives, both personally and professionally?

Debbie: Life Purpose Hand Analysis is non- predictive and is a learned and repeatable system based on thousands of hands. Traditional palmistry does not take into account the interpretation of the fingerprints which is the core of the Hand Analysis system. In 1979 Richard Unger (founder of the International Institute of Hand Analysis) discovered that within our changeless fingerprints is a map of our soul psychology or life purpose. Life Purpose in this sense is not an occupational pursuit or goal to achieve, but a deep sense of who you are at the core of your Being that continually unfolds throughout your life. When we are in direct and continual contact with our Purpose, we become the vehicle through which our Soul is expressed and in return we are raised to a new level of satisfaction and fulfillment. This offers incredible insights to anyone in who has ever asked “Why am I here?”

Your fingerprints also hold the key to understanding your shadow self or Life Lesson. This is your karmic wound seeking attention for the purpose of healing. It is your biggest blind spot and manifests as repeating negative patterns in your life. For example, if your Life Lesson is “Reclaiming your Power”, throughout your life you will be faced with circumstances that will trigger feelings of powerlessness. As these feelings are acknowledged and faced with awareness they become opportunities for healing and growth. The challenges brought about by your Life Lesson are meant to forge the qualities of Spirit necessary to inhabit your Purpose more fully.

Hand Analysis is a tool that deepens self understanding through the exploration of the entirety of the hand, so in addition to the fingerprints, a hand analyst also examines:

  • The overall shape of the palm and fingers to determine basic temperament
  • The thumb, to see how you get things done within your environment and control
  • The twelve segments of the fingers on each hand, to determine personality strengths and weaknesses
  • The lines in the palm, to determine what type of emotional system you have, how you think, talents and hidden motivations.

The interplay of all these components forms a unique and intimate “story” of who you are today and who you could be at your highest potential.

Kala: Are there certain factors in reading hands, such as, if a person is left handed, do you read their left or right hand and do our hands change over time? For example, could you read a child’s hand at 6 and then their hand again at 60 and would it have changed and can it change dramatically according to free will thought?

Debbie: In Hand Analysis both hands are compared to see the ‘whole’ person. The right hand reflects the public aspect or “you out in the world’. The left hand is the private side, or “the inner you”. Unlike the fingerprints, the lines in our palms are not fixed and do change as we continue to grow and evolve. As our personality matures, so do the lines modify them selves to reflect the shifts in attitude and thought patterns. The lines in the palm of a child could change drastically over the course of his/her life.

Kala: What aspects can be read more accurately in a hand reading and which ones are more difficult to discern?

Debbie: Just as the fingerprints reveal our Soul Psychology, hand shapes indicate basic temperament and behavioral tendencies. Hand Analysis uses the elemental system of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to define these shapes. As an example, the characteristics of a “Water” shaped hand would be; emotional, sensitive, caring, empathetic, and receptive. Many hands are combinations of these archetypes, such as Air (keen observer, investigative, communicating) and Fire (intense, creative, individualistic). These elemental hybrids can be more challenging to recognize since the Fire and Air shaped hands closely resemble one another.

Kala: Are there certain aspects that can be seen quickly, such as specific lines that indicate a Type A personality, a long life, several marriages or children and callings such as a healer or teacher?

Debbie: As I mentioned, Hand Analysis is non-predictive and will not indicate how long you will live, but the Life Line does indicate physical constitution, for example if the life line is shallow or weak, it is an indication that the “life energy” has been compromised. The Life Line is considered one of the major lines in the hand and can reveal a great deal about an individual such as; family issues, how grounded or ungrounded you are, difficulty in circumstances, and issues with independence, just to name a few.

There can also be markers is the hands called “Gift Markings”. These are distinct lines and formations on the palms or fingers that are an indication of a particular ability or talent this is inherent and available to you. There are sixteen gift markings that can be found in the hands. An example is the “Gifted Healer” marker or medical stigmata. This can be identified as four or more vertical lines under the pinky in one or both hands. This marking is an indication of psychological insights, and/ or personal growth consultant and is often found in the hands of life coaches, teachers, and hand analyst.

Kala: Can you show us an example of a hand you read, that was most distinctive to you in what it portrays and describe part of the process of your work?

Debbie: These prints that we will call subject “A”. Here is a short list of what A’s hands revealed;

Life Purpose based on fingerprints;

Visionary/Leader- authority, influence, sees the Big Picture and shares it with others
Businesswoman- value, worth, responsibility, contracts
In the Spotlight- creative self expression, finding your audience, standing out
Life Lesson- Love and closeness in relationships
Life School- Service- learning to balance service versus servitude
The “Gifted Healer” marker was prominent (several short verticals under pinkie). This indicates the ability to inspire and empower others through speaking and communication, while also being present and listening with an open heart.
Hand shape is that of the element of Air- mental, brainstorming, and communicative and Fire – intense, creative, and individualistic. This combination is called the Illuminater.
Heart Line – two different heart lines, right hand (public self) is very practical, displays feelings reluctantly
Left hand (the inner world) longs to express feelings and closeness
Large Venus (where thumb joins the hand) reveals love of animals and children
Saturn Line originates from the Moon area of the hand, an indication of strong intuitive abilities
Apollo line (vertical line under ring finger) strong and deep, shows an intense creative urge.
Mercury line (vertical line that comes down from the pinky and into the Moon area of the hand) is also an indication of a seeker, one who wants to know the Truth.

As apposed to just offering a list of characteristics and traits, Hand Analysis offers much more. As each piece of information is gathered, it starts to weave a personal story. With the Life Purpose of Intuitive Visionary Businesswoman in the Spotlight, and Gifted Healer, “A” could do very well as an Intuitive Business Couch, or Animal Intuitive. As I look at her palms I can see she may be avoiding her life lesson of Love and Closeness. Her heart line in the left hand (inner self) indicates she longs to share herself deeply with others, yet the heart line in her right hand (public self) reflects practicality, and emotional armoring. Her left pinky slopes down dramatically and stands apart from the other fingers (isolation) and the bottom segment (sexual zone) of the pinky is absent, which tells me she is not a relationship. “A” may be avoiding relationships by busying herself with work (Fire characteristic), and / or filling the empty space with animals rather than dealing with the vulnerability and trust that is required in a loving relationship. “A” needs to open her heart and feel the deep emotional connection that her Soul desires otherwise worldly achievements will feel hollow and meaningless.

There is so much more that could be said about these prints, but this will give you an understanding of how much our hands can reveal about our Soul Psychology and how I approach my craft.

Kala: Has the tradition and style of palm reading and hand analysis changed dramatically over the ages or are the original aspects still as relevant today?

Debbie: Much of the traditional style has remained the same such as the archetypical meaning of each finger, the major lines, and the different zones of the hands. Modern Hand Analysis combines ancient palmistry with the latest scientific data and current advances in human psychology and has become much more accepted as a valuable self –discovery tool. For instance, parents are using Hand Analysis to determine their children’s life purpose in order to better understand and support them. It is also a great tool for entrepreneurs who want to translate career into something authentic and more meaningful.

Kala: You’ve mentioned that you have clairsentience, which is the ability to touch an object or person and sense the energy around the person, place or thing. With objects, it’s often referred to as psychometry. How does your work as a clairstentient interact with the hand analysis?

Debbie: As I study a set of hands I will get a “feeling” that goes deeper than what I am seeing with my physical eyes. As an example, I can sometimes feel if the person has had a difficult childhood, or sense the deeper issue that is blocking their success.

Kala: Thanks for your time Debbie, appreciate you sharing the process of hand analysis with our readers.

Debbie: Thank you so much for the opportunity. Learning my own Life Purpose gave me the impetus to make huge changes in my life and create my own business as a professional Hand Analyst.

About Debbie Davis…
Debbie Davis, “The Life Purpose Specialist” is a professional Hand Analyst and a graduate of the International Institute of Hand Analysis. Debbie’s clients range from television personalities, accomplished authors and entrepreneurs to troubled youth. Within the framework of Hand Analysis, Debbie blends her intuitive skills with her in depth training to help each client discover their own creative gifts and spiritual talents that when brought into conscious realization and expression, manifest as Purpose. She can be contacted through her website

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