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Looking for some magic in your life? How about two magically inspired TV shows to watch?

Cassandra Nightingale is The Good Witch.  graphic by the Hallmark Channel
Cassandra Nightingale is The Good Witch. graphic by the Hallmark Channel

The Good Witch

Have you seen this movie series on the Hallmark Channel? It began with Cassandra (Cassie) Nightingale moving to the town of Middleton, when she inherits a haunted home, Grey House, haunted by the Grey Lady.  She’s immediately shunned by some of the locals and her new shop, the Bell, Book and Candle is targeted by the Mayor’s wife with various attempts to shut her down and run her out of town.  Cassie perseveres through it all, with the help of the local sheriff and his family who befriend her, along with a few customers who find that her potions really work and begin to support her endeavors. 

The series (seven movies in all) continues as she and the sheriff fall in love and she spreads her magic and good will throughout the town.  The series is delightful, with Catherine Bell portraying an absolutely convincing and magical good witch.  Cassie continues to encounter her share of challenges, facing them all with compassion, dignity and the ultimate magic that good triumphs over all.

If you’ve been looking for an uplifting show to watch that showcases witches and witchcraft in a positive light, this is your show.

More good news! Hallmark is now turning the Good Witch into a weekly TV series. If you’re a fan of the movie series, it looks like there will be some cast changes as it moves to a TV program. Chris Potter as the Sheriff may be gone and in his place, James Denton, a divorced doctor moves in as Cassie’s new next door neighbor.  Cassie was married to the Sheriff and became the step-mother to his two children as well as having a child with the Sheriff.  Bailee Madison is cast in the TV series, perhaps as Cassie’s teen daughter?  We’ll have to tune in to see the new series and how it unfolds. 

The Good Witch premiere is on Saturday, February 21st at 8pm EST.


The Librarians Sundays at 8pm EST. graphic by TNT
The Librarians Sundays at 8pm EST. graphic by TNT

The Librarians

In the same vein, perhaps this is how TV series will now be vetted, The Librarians is a new show on TNT, which began as a movie franchise. 

In Episode One, Noah Wylie is the Librarian, the chosen leader of an ancient order which protects the world from the true magic that is hidden around the world. The “real library” is hidden deep below the Metropolitan Public Library, holding the world’s magical artifacts including the Sword Excalibur, the Spear of Destiny and the Ark of the Covenant.

Jane Curtin and Bob Newhart both serve as guides and protectors of the space, assisting the newly assembled group of magical humans who band together to help protect the world from an evil ancient order intent upon unleashing magic in order to control the world.

The Librarian soon meets his new Guardian, Rebecca Romijn and they begin their journey to recover lost magical artifacts including King Arthur’s Crown in Episode One.  John Laroquette also joins the cast as Jenkins the resident expert in ancient lore. 

TNT has the episodes available to watch online so you can quickly catch up on the series which is now playing weekly on Sundays at 8pm on TNT.


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