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Welcome to Day Two of the 12 Gifts of Enlightenment holiday gift list. Day One’s gift was: Give The Gift of Intuition and the Goddess

Today, I’m pleased to present the holiday gift idea of…

Enlightenment Gift Number Two:
Give The Gift of Light,  Illumination and Purification

One thing that almost everyone can agree on, is that no gift can compete with the beauty, simplicity and elegance provided by Mother Nature. From the uplifting scent of pine and balsam fir evergreen trees and garland boughs, to the glorious red, pink and white colors of pointsetta’s and amaryllis flowers, to the crackling sounds of the Yule log in the fire with chestnuts roasting, it’s a wonder filled natural holiday. The sights, sounds and scents of nature’s finest, renew the mind, body and spirit.

As we approach the Winter Solstice, which provides the shortest amount of daylight of the year, give your loved ones the gift of light and illumination. With this symbolic gift of light, it reminds us that no matter how dark the situation may appear around us, light and enlightenment will always return.  During the cold dark nights of winter,  we are given the opportunity to journey into dark recesses of our shadow selves, as ancient cultures did in ceremonial caves and temples. This personal journey is best taken with a light in hand, to guide us and remind us of the warmth, love and nourishment of the Divine, which is everlasting.

saltlampAfter careful thought and consideration, I believe that I’ve arrived upon the perfect natural gift of light and illumination – the Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Himalayan mountains provide beautiful formations of rock salt crystals, which are now made into lamps and are available online and in many stores. The lamps are sold on a base and come fitted with a 40 watt bulb which is inserted inside the salt lamp. Once plugged in, the lamp emits a beautiful glow which can range from a deep orange red, to a soft pink, depending upon the color and density of the lamp that you choose. Beyond this stunning light, which softly illuminates a room, the salt lamp also emits negative ions, which are important for all beings.

Studies have shown that negative ions can assist with good health, especially to do with fatigue, headaches, and relieving stress. In addition, they can serve to purify the air and raise our vital energy. Perhaps most importantly, they counteract positive ions which when in too high of levels, can cause depression, insomnia, headaches and general fatigue. Positive ions are generated by pollutants in the air and electrical devices in the home. Natural ways in which we receive doses of negative ions include when we are near waterfalls, thunderstorms, where the waves of the ocean meet the shore and in powerful mountains areas such as in a dense pine forest. For most of us, who don’t live on the ocean or in a pine forest, a salt lamp can provide much needed relief as it releases negative ions into the home or office.

When giving this unique gift of illumination and purification, I highly recommend that you include a book which explains the expansive and valuable history of salt, as well as the unique properties of salt lamps and how best to use them. One of my favorite books which covers all of this information is: Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps For Healing, Harmony and Purification by Clemence Lefevre. The book provides a wonderful overview of the history and properties of salt as well as covering the many benefits of negative ions, while also discussing the 9781594773099use of color through chromotherapy. Clemence provides a handy guide to salt lamps, from practical uses in the home, to how salt lamps are used in the paranormal sciences including: chakras, clairvoyance, crystal programming, dowsing, feng shui, magic, meditation, planetary consciousness, protection, purification, reiki, relaxation, shape waves, telepathy and visualization. This information alone makes the book a valuable resource for the metaphysically inclined loved one on your gift list.

During this peaceful, light-filled festival season of light, embrace mother nature, deck the halls with boughs of holly and give the gift of light, with a beautiful salt lamp and guide book to lead your metaphysically inspired loved one on a personal journey which can benefit the body, the mind and the soul.  And of course, don’t forget to hang a little mistletoe for a late night kiss. Thanks to the Celtic Druids for another fine custom that we can all enjoy!

Check back in tomorrow for Gift of Enlightenment Suggestion Number Three.

In the spirit of the season

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