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Kala Ambrose 
“Your Travel Guide to the Other Side”

Adventures in Reading Crystals,  Gemstones and Seashells with Kala
Kala and her Mom in Hawaii
Sacred Cowrie Shells, protection, prosperity and connection to the goddess.
Kala’s Altar Table in her home, filled with crystals, gemstones and seashells that she works with.
On top of the altar is a conch shell, along with a bird that symbolizes the Egyptian Ibis and two forms of eternal light, the one on the left symbolizing the eternal flame that burns within.
Do you love Crystals and Gemstones? 
I remember the first time I held my first crystal, it was like finding a long lost friend.
I was 16 years old in Hawaii with my parents and brother and sister on vacation and we were spending the day exploring this enormous outdoor market, filled with treasures from around the world. 
My mother and I had just finished looking at a stunning array of pearls from the south seas and my mermaid energy was on a high, soaking in all of the beauty surrounding me as well as the natural beauty of the oceans and trade winds swirling around me.
As we approached the next stall, I saw an enormous conch shell and surrounding the shell was an array of quartz crystals, shells, gemstones and amethyst geodes. 

I patiently waited until the couple in front of me finished looking at the display and then respectfully, I approached the table, asking the woman about these incredible stones.

She offered right there to show me how she used her gemstones, crystals and the seashells to do readings for people. 

I was immediately drawn to the Cowrie Shell and she explained how this shell offers protection and a connection to the goddess energy.

From that day, my study of crystals, gemstones and their connection with the sea and seashells began.

To this day, it is one of my favorite types of readings to do for clients.
Now the time has come to teach others what I learned so that you too can read seashells, gemstones and crystals for your work.
Are you ready to learn how to work with these beautiful gifts from nature?

My new webinar course will be held on Thursday, November 6th from 7pm to 9pm Eastern.

Intrigued? Ready to Explore?


Lesson Eleven:


Reading Seashells, Crystals, Gemstones and Crystal Ball Gazing with Kala


Live Webinar Course with Kala
Thursday, November 6th
7pm – 9pm Eastern
Since ancient times, crystals and gemstones have been used in magical rituals, energy work and deeply spiritual practices as their energy provides a powerful impact on both the earth planes and the spiritual planes.

Ancient Egyptian High Priests and Priestesses used Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian for personal work on the body and in the temples.

The Greeks referred to gemstones as the bones of the Earth and used them as protective talismans, the Celtic Druids built entire temples such as Stonehenge for their ritual work and Ancient Romans turned amethyst into goblets in order to ward off the effects of alcohol.


Indigenous tribes around the world incorporate stones into their spirit healing and transformative work and modern day energy workers work with crystals and gemstones to enhance the mind, body and spirit connection and for protection and restoration in the auric fields.


Our destiny is to further understand and explore the Mind/Body/Spirit connection as we evolve in human form. It’s time to explore the vibratory power of crystals and gemstones and how working with the “Bones of the Earth and the Ocean” can enhance our connection to our world.
Rainbow crystals on a rainbow background
Join Kala Ambrose, award winning author, intuitive and international wisdom teacher as she shares how stones assist with the flow of energy in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic fields.


The magical properties of stones will also be discussed including: how they have been used in ceremonies, rituals, spell work, magical practices and incantations by ancient priestesses, oracles, astrologers, indigenous shamans, wise women and alchemists.
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The language and energy of sea shells will also be taught during this course, including how to conduct intuitive readings using crystals, gemstones and seashells.
Shells can be used to form protective circles when working in the spirit realms and are an important addition to any altar being created, whether for a permanent altar in the home or for ritual use.
clam shell in Kala's home filled with sand, seashells and candle
Shapes of the shells will be discussed regarding their meaning and practical uses as well as defining which shells can be used for protection, love, romance, fertility, prosperity and intuitive abilities.
Reading seashells is an art form of divination that is similar to reading runes, tarot or tea leaves. The natural energy from the ocean and the shells provides a powerful conduit to the other realms, revealing the mystical connection to the depths of the oceans and the stars above.





November 6th

7pm to 9pm Eastern

About the Author

Kala Ambrose is "Your Travel Guide to the Other Side". Award winning Author, Intuitive, Wisdom Teacher, Podcaster and Lifestyle Expert, she helps Entrepreneurs, Seekers and Visionaries live their best life.

She is the award winning author of six books including The Awakened Dreamer, The Awakened Psychic, and The Awakened Aura, and has taught thousands around the world how to connect with their soul path and destiny and create a life and career that is balanced and in tune with their life purpose and goals.

Whether she’s teaching students at her Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences, writing and speaking about empowering lifestyle choices or teaching to groups around the country, fans around the world tune in daily for her inspirational musings and lively thought-provoking conversations.

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