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Quote, inspiration message, typographic background, vector illustrationKala Ambrose’s Predictions and Trend Forecast for 2015


I told my students back in 2000, that 2007-2014 would be some of the toughest years of their entire lives, as we were going into a dark phase and would be challenged on every level, personal and professional.

We are now climbing out of this energy. 2015 won’t be a great year, but it won’t be as bad as 2014 was for most people. 2016 will be a very good year as we enter a new energy cycle.

This is the Year of the Sheep in Chinese Astrology, a year to redefine who we are, and what is truly important to us. This is why people are simplifying, letting things go. You will decide who and what you’ll accept in your life and what you won’t. This applies in relationships, career and even your standard of living.  This is the year of quitting things, things you no longer like, your job etc. No more just taking it, it’s time to take a stand.

The economy will go up this year in the US, people will get some relief, but not tremendous. This is a year to seek training to get a different job, so you can jump on a new job in 2016 with the economy really picks up.

More people are looking to make money with side jobs, connecting with people in real time. Like the taxi businesses Uber and Lyft and the rent a room AirBNB. Expect to see more of these trends.


Don’t open a boutique or shop this year, at least in brick and mortar, online business though is good. People are going to shop more online and don’t want to waste time waiting in lines for things. Even grocery stores are going to these trends with order ahead groceries and Amazon is moving to grocery delivery. Mobile commerce is going to be the hot trend, ordering ahead on your mobile device for everything, Starbucks is leading the way on this now.

Pinterest is one example of where people are going with what they want see on line. They don’t want to just buy stuff, they want to learn how to do something, how to be creative or to learn a new skill. If you are a business owner, focus on selling less stuff and instead selling educational items, teach people how to do something.

Entrepreneurship is hot, people are tired of low paying jobs and being mistreated. Look this year for people to quit their jobs and jump to anything new, just to get away from bad management and feeling mistreated and unappreciated. Next year jobs are up and employers who have not been kind to their employees are going to find themselves scrambling to find people to work for them.


Smart Technology is coming, like how your washer tells your dryer what kind of wash it is and prepares the dryer for that or a stove can tell that the water has boiled out of a pot and could catch fire, so it shuts off.

Social media will shift, people are moving away from spending so much time on Facebook. Facebook has kind of killed social media, it’s difficult to reach people on there anymore and people are tired of the sad photos of animals etc.

No huge inventions this year with tech, look for 2018 to be a HUGE year for technology though with lots of new inventions! One of the big things by then will be HOLOGRAMS. You’ll see them in malls and even grocery stores, a hologram pops up and says, try this cheese and talks about the cheese. It’s motion activated. New transportation models will be set in place by then too.

Look for books to go more interactive moving from just ebooks, into more interactive books, with links to buy things for example in children’s books. You’ll read a book about a bunny, that comes with a link to watch a video about the bunny that also includes a link to buy the stuffed bunny.


For the younger generation, they want short term rental housing, where they can briefly time share as they move around the country for different jobs and experiences. They don’t want to be stuck in long term leases. Companies that offer temporary housing with jobs, will attract this generation. Smart companies will hop on this trend and partner with other seasonal work companies, so they share the work force. This allows the young generation to work the ski slopes in the winter and then have connections to move to work at the beach in the summer, with companies that support their work force and offer attractive packages that include a place to stay.  IT companies see this opportunity as well, creating nurturing think/work/live supportive environments.

Baby Boomers want planned retirement communities where they are “semi-retired”. They still need to work because their 401ks aren’t providing enough income for retirement, so they don’t have enough money to fully retire. They want to work part-time, in their community living place. You’ll see retirement “villages”, planned communities like this where the retired IT guy has a space there in the housing community or comes to your condo there to fix your computer, and a retired nurse who does house calls, and a shoe repair guy, an interior design person, whatever you did for a living, you now do it on a smaller scale for the people who live in your retirement community, giving you some income to make ends meet.


Look for bold print and patterns on clothing, like leggings. Wallpaper is making a comeback for interior design and leggings will look like this with bold colors and designs.   Straight hair is finally going out of style, curls, waves and body are back!

The 80’s are back, shirtdresses, one shoulder tops, ruffles and lace, very feminine while adding menswear looks, jackets over lace tops for example. Good news for your feet, flats are in! Suede is hot and polos are making a huge comeback, get ready for those collars to pop back up! Stripes too, and navy is hot. Here’s a surprise, BROOCHES are back! They’ll be worn on everything.

Interior design will reflect this too, prints will be huge in furniture and in wallpaper. Good color to use is Cerulean Blue. This is the year to simplify, the rustic look is going out, modern simplicity is the new trend.


Some good rallies to come this year on Wall Street, May looks very good as does August. Look for some of the old tech companies like IBM and Microsoft to have a rally. IBM is doing some very interesting things in their R&D department that they won’t announce just yet, but it will be exciting.

Good investments are in real estate focused on group living in planned communities as baby boomers get older and want to retire but demand more options than before.

NC real estate will grow this year as people move for a better life. Expect more people from California, Florida, New Jersey and New York to move here. Raleigh will work to reinvent itself, making downtown more attractive, with a focus on making the entrance into downtown more inviting.


Miley Cyrus will have a pregnancy scare this year. It may settle her down some.

Prince Harry is close to getting engaged.

Celebrity status is changing though, the shine has left a lot of celebrities. People are more interested in youtube/internet online sensations over TV celebs.

Pope Francis has detractors that don’t like what he’s doing, but at the same time, people start to notice miraculous things around him, like seeing wings and feathers, like birds and angels around him.

LeBron James is thinking about breaking Cleveland’s heart and leaving again.

Look for author Charlaine Harris’s new books about a small town in Texas to become a TV series like True Blood did.


Expect more extreme weather patterns this year and earthquakes.

Bad summer for tornadoes and wind damage.

People will look to leave California and go inland, Minneapolis is going to boom as a city.


People don’t care if the next President is Republican or Democrat, they just want a BIG IDEA president. Obama was supposed to be the New Deal president, like Franklin Roosevelt during the Depression. They thought it would be like this, programs to jump start the economy again. People will vote for the person who has ideas, like the old saying – it’s the economy stupid.

Chris Christie has a good chance at the race as well as Jeb Bush. Jeb was a popular Governor in Florida and even the tea party that has a strong presence in FL, likes Jeb.


Interestingly, NC is becoming more liberal, while voting Republican in their politics. This is because they loved what Jim Hunt did for NC and they want Republicans to jump start the economy here again. Gov. McCrory is on the right track with wanting to offer incentives to bring companies here, but he is being blocked by some of the old guard who are against it. This is keeping him from doing what he needs to do. Many see him as too Charlotte centric and will think they can topple him in the upcoming election. More companies moving to NC along with lower taxes is what people want here in NC.

Gov McCrory will have some challengers who want to run against him in the election. I think a Republican will win the race, not a Democrat. Who would I like to see run? Jim Goodnight from SAS.

A major robotics company is looking to set up shop here in RTP, but they are asking for incentives and tax breaks to come here. They are also considering moving to Texas. They prefer to come here, but they may be stopped because of legislature not wanting to offer these tax breaks. This will be huge if they come and if not, it’s going to slow NC down further with jobs.

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