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Preseli Bluestone polished and carved into a wand
Preseli Bluestone polished and carved into a wand

Preseli Bluestone is a hearty and steadfast stone of communication found only in the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, West Wales in the United Kingdom.

Reported ancient healing properties are said to include balancing of the throat and third eye chakra by pouring water over the stone and then bathing in that water.

Mystical properties and legends attached to the stone say that it was used by the Druidic Priests to aid in opening the portal to seeing both past and future lives as well as exploring via astral travel to the other realms.

The stone looks grey when in its rough state and exudes a blue or green hue when polished and when wet. White star clusters are also found throughout the stone as well as the presence of a shimmery substance imbedded in the stone.

Bluestone is fascinating by its own rights, but it has become legendary due to these stones being the ones you see standing in the Inner Circle at Stonehenge in England.

Recent finds by excavations around Stonehenge, where small broken bits of bluestone have been found, seem to support these beliefs and have led some

The magnificent bluestones of Stonehenge
The magnificent Bluestones of Stonehenge

archeologists to the theory that bluestone was using in healing rituals by the priests over 4000 years ago.

Regardless of the past history of bluestone, the future is what is attracting me to this stone again and I’m not the only one to discover a new connection to bluestone.

Perhaps this is one of the magical qualities of the stone, it seems to know when time is shifting on the earth plane and then puts out a signal for those who are attuned to hear to connect with the stone during a particularly powerful energetic alignment.

This past year while working with a very astute and tuned in student at my Academy, she was drawn to work with bluestone on her land while connecting with the elementals. They were particularly intrigued with her bluestone and wanted some of their own to work with on the land.

When this type of elemental connection and interest occurs, it’s a sign that this particular stone energy is entering the global consciousness again and that soon we will see discussions about the stone resurfacing in the news and to the surprise of some, introduced into fashion and home design.

Luca Dining Table by Arhaus. handcrafted table features a Spanish-style, trestle base made of reclaimed solid pine, paired with a stunning tabletop crafted from hand-cut bluestone.
Luca Dining Table by Arhaus. Handcrafted table features a trestle base made of reclaimed solid pine, paired with a stunning tabletop crafted from hand-cut bluestone.

This week in fact, I received a catalog from Arhaus and what are they featuring for home design for 2014?

Why Bluestone of course, in table tops.

They’ve done a delightful job incorporating the stone into furniture for the home. Imagine sitting around this bluestone dining room table with your family.

Perhaps as generations of grandparents, aunt and uncles, parents and children share a meal or engage in a discussion at the table, the energy of bluestone could be activated to bring forth old memories from the past to be shared and to open the higher consciousness pathways of possibilities of what could be created by the family together in the future.

This is just the beginning of what will be re-discovered about bluestone and how its mystical properties can be activated.

The old ways are resurfacing and next on the list is this stone’s connection with sound therapy and vibration for healing.

Bluestones carry sound for long distances and their deep vibration and musical properties can assist in breaking up old patterns and opening doorways within the energetic grids and chakras in the body. The vibrations can also stimulate the aura body, allowing for transformation to occur on mind, body and spirit levels.

Consider bringing bluestone into your home this year to connect the generations of family, open new lines of communication and as a wedding gift to allow the couple to stay connected to their ancestral roots while blazing forth into their future and dreams.

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