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How energy cords connect to the aura is the topic of my new article on John Edward’s Infinite Quest.

From my experiences in reading auras, I’ve found that the auric body typically maintains a basic form, which resembles an egg like oval shape around the body. Emanating from this body is a beautiful white light along with a wide variety of colors, shapes and at times, swirls and patterns. While it is fairly easy to learn to see an aura, understanding what the colors and images surrounding the aura represent, requires intuition, practice and an understanding of the spiritual planes and fields around the body.

Each individual creates a distinctive pattern in their auric field comprised of the individual’s thoughts, emotions, energetic manifestations and thought forms. The aura has an electromagnetic frequency, which is sensed by others and radiates at different levels. When people resonate at a similar auric frequency level, they naturally feel more comfortable around each other and find it easier to connect on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

On the flip side, people whose auric vibrations differ greatly in frequency, tend to experience more conflict with each other and find it more difficult to communicate. Read the rest of this article on John Edward’s Infinite Quest.

I’ll be back on the show here on John Edward’s Infinite Quest show on January 19th at 10pm EST where I’ll read auras live via Skype for viewers, come join me! 🙂

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