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amass-logo-high-res-285x300Dear Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences students, as you have progressed this far, it is no surprise to you when we state that we are part of the whole and the whole is part of us! This is an ancient hermetic axiom teaching which is known as: As Above, So Below.

In the grand scale conceptual teachings, the axiom, As Above, So Below explains the existence of the duality of the seen and unseen worlds as they exist in a mirrored reflection of each other. What happens in one world has a similar reaction in the other world. What is Above, the Universe, is reflected Below, on the Earth. The Divine Spirit Above, is reflected Below in Hu-man.

To gain understanding of this concept, we begin with the “below”, which is our body on the earth plane. We have already learned that we create in our bodies, with our thoughts, words, actions and deeds, which affect us and the world around us, through the law of attraction. Now we expand upon this lesson, with the understanding that these same thoughts, words, actions and deeds also affect the spiritual planes above us.

To begin this lesson, the student is taught to focus on the four bodies closest to their physical body, which are the etheric body, astral/emotional body, mental body and the intuitional/spiritual body. These bodies are the ones in which they are most affected by on a regular basis. It is not possible to explain in the confines of this book how each of these bodies work.  We will attempt here though to introduce examples of how they affect one at the basic level.

For example, each thought we have in our mind, is then reflected throughout these bodies and released upward into the higher planes. The job of these planes is to take action on each thought and create the energy to accomplish this thought. These planes receive the energy without judgment or discernment.

They simply are responsive to the energy and act upon the intent of the energy.

These bodies can only help deliver the messages they receive from your thoughts and emotions. The student understands that if they think about something hard enough and long enough, they will attract it to themselves. Many people, who are not esoteric students, have also been taught this concept at some level. However, in the esoteric teachings, this is considered to be teaching only part one of the lesson.

The most important part of the lesson which should be taught in the beginning is:

Be careful what you wish for,

 as you just might receive it!

When an esoteric student engages in these lessons, they are taught the value of discernment and connection with the higher self. When a student can speak through their higher self, they can ask for Divine Order and for their Highest and Best, rather than just what they wish to receive in the moment. This leads to an entirely different type of experience, as it connects the higher self fully into this action, rather than just sheer force of will, using thought to bring forth the law of attraction. Can you see the difference and how the outcomes might be very different in this case?

Before deciding that you will use the power of will and the law of attraction to bring something to you, ponder this first:  Try to make sense of why you have chosen to live this life the way you have, and where you are now.



Ask yourself the most important question that an esoteric student can answer:

Who Are You?


If you find you can not answer this question at this time, begin by asking yourself the questions presented here in this lesson.  In order to help you further understand and unravel who you are at the core of your being, take your time and carefully consider each and every question.

Are you living for yourself or to please others?

Do you know there’s more to life, but not sure how to find it?

When was the last time you asked yourself these questions?

What was your answer?

Was it your answer or did another person provide you with the answers?

Did the answers come from deep inside of you?

What part of you is answering?

Do the answers change and fluctuate depending upon the mood you are in?

What do you want most out of life and why?

Do you like the person you see in the mirror today?

Why are you here?

The answer to these questions can not be explained or answered in one or two lessons. The fact is, these lessons can only give a hint as to why each of us are here.

At this stage of study, the student becomes acutely aware of why the esoteric teachings have traditionally always been for the few. It is not because as some may think, that there is a desire to keep it away from the masses. Rather, it is that it takes a precious amount of vital energy to truly teach and to study these lessons. At any given time, there are typically only a few people who are willing to do the introspection necessary to know and understand who they are on every level of their being.

The Energy Dance of Your Aura
The Energy Dance of Your Aura

Let’s return to the discussion of As Above, So Below. Our body is a delicate and complex chemical concoction of solid matter including bones, muscles, organs and tissue, working in tandem with various liquids including blood, water, acids, bile and other products and gases created through various functions. These chemical reactions create matter not only in the dense physical body, but in the fields outside of the body.

In these fields, we have electric energy carrying currents, which have stored the energy of our thoughts, along with transmitters which release and receive light. We also have storage packs, which have the ability to hold longer lasting energy (prana) which is connected to our breath. Initiates study these lessons in depth, comparing this knowledge of as within, so without. As our organs, glands and electrical systems function within the body, there are similar functions in the other bodies and fields.

Prana is also a creation of vital energy and an entire book could be dedicated to what prana is and how it can create miraculous effects for the body mind and spirit on all of the planes. At the basic level however, we focus on introductory teachings here, thus we will speak of a basic form of prana, which is stimulated through the breath.

In our physical body, the heart is the leader in charge of your body. The heart is the pumping station, and it moves the energy in the form of the blood throughout the body in the lower physical sense. In the higher esoteric understanding, the blood carries bits of information inside of it, which is received from the other bodies. This message is delivered throughout the body, instructing it from a higher level of what the person has asked for via their thoughts and emotions.

Wow! Think about this for a moment.

Every thought and emotion you have,

is recorded in the various bodies.

An imprint of that recording is in your blood,

which pumps through every organ and artery in your body.


Take a moment here and ask yourself,

What messages have you been sending to your heart? 

What energy does your heart receive from you?

We all understand that if the heart decides to stop working, nothing else matters in the physical body at that point.  One day people will understand how important it is that we pay attention to the stress levels we are under and the life we are choosing to live. In time, people will understand why it is so important for each person to answer the question, Who Am I?

When a person lives in conflict with their lower and higher selves, (working in a career where they are unhappy or living a life in which they are not vibrating to at the right frequency for who they are meant to be), conflict is the result in all of the bodies including the physical body.  The result can be reflected as dis-ease.

I hope you are beginning to understand dear student that even what we are explaining to you here on this one level, is but a tiny microcosm of the macrocosm of the esoteric teachings and these levels of existence. We can but discuss only a small amount of these teachings in one book, yet if you take the time to re-read these teachings again and meditate upon them, more will be revealed to you as you reflect on these words, as you peel back this layer of the onion.

As Edgar Cayce explained, “Electricity or vibration is that same energy, same power, ye call God. Not that God is an electric light or an electric machine, but a vibration, that is creative; that is of the same energy as life itself.”Save

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