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“The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts.” – Italo Calvino

Some visitors at a bed and breakfast are just dying to stay. And they do – forever. Flashing lights, mysterious footsteps, slamming doors and other spine-tingling occurrences are likely signs an inn has a long-term guest. But don’t be afraid; their “boo” is worse than their bite.

Raised hair, goose bumps and bloodcurdling screams are all on the menu at BnBFinder’s most spooktacular inns. Be prepared for a terrifyingly good time:

Burn Brae Mansion

At Burn Brae Mansion in Glen Spey, NY, innkeepers not only talk the scary talk but have it recorded, too. The home, built in 1908 by a former president of the Singer Sewing Machine company as a gift to his daughter, was visited by 14 ghost hunters in 2007 and they archived “off the charts” evidence of ghostly activity in the home including mysterious voices. Need proof? Some of their spooky findings can be seen and heard on the inn’s website. Ghost tours of the house and moonlit trails are available.

1859 Historic National

Travelers have been checking into the 1859 Historic National Hotel in Jamestown, CA, for more than 130 years but one of them has yet to check out. Flora, or “Flo” as she’s known around the hotel, arrived with her beloved, Henry, in the late 1800’s and the two planned to wed. As he walked down the stairs Henry fell victim to a drunkard’s bullet. Flo sobbed uncontrollably for days and was found dead sitting in a chair by the window dressed in her wedding whites. Guests have reported entering unexpectedly warm or cold rooms, feeling icy blasts brushing past and hearing nightly sobbing. Flo is a friendly ghost, say the innkeepers, so make sure to say hello.

1843 Battery Carriage House

Glowing lights, rattling shutters and a resident headless torso certainly qualifies The Battery Carriage House Inn , located in Charleston, SC, as the city’s most haunted inn. Formerly an artillery installation during the Civil War, the harbor front mansion also houses a “gentleman ghost” believed to be a young man whose family previously owned the house. These ghostly apparitions and shadowy figures, which may seem a bit intimidating to the uninitiated, only mean to haunt, not harm, say the innkeepers.

Prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast Inn

The ghosts housed at the Prospect Hill Bed & Breakfast Inn in Mountain City, TN, have an appetite for scaring guests. A visitor to the former family residence reported being woken up early in the morning to the distinct smell of peanut butter cookies and muffins being baked. Spilled bourbon and rose perfume also have wafted mysteriously into rooms. Eerie footsteps walking up and down the main staircase, doors opening on their own and ghosts appearing in windows and rooms have been reported by unsuspecting guests.

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