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Welcome back dear readers, to Exploring the Magic of Halloween and the Spirit of Fall. Each day up till October 31st, I’ll bring you mystical and magical tradition-filled ways to celebrate and embrace the spirit of the season. Yesterday, we began this series with a brief history of Halloween. Today we’re moving into some of the customs and traditions of Halloween, discussing their origins and how you can incorporate these traditions to connect with nature and the spirit world. Perhaps this is the right time for you to open up to the possibilities…

The Magical and Mystical Inspired Tip to celebrate today is….

Find Love using an Enchanted Apple.

This comes from the Roman tradition of celebrating Pomona, the goddess of trees and fruit. The fruit most associated with Pomona is the apple and most likely this is where the tradition of bobbing for apples began during Halloween.  Pomona was known as the goddess of plenty and she was celebrated during this time along with festivities for abundance and the harvest.

Most interesting though is that while the harvest was being celebrated, Pomona held court, and she was associated with trees blossoming, rather than the end of a cycle such as the harvest. Her name comes the latin word pomum, which means fruit.  One theory is that she held court during this time as a reminder that the cycle of nature and life continues and that even when things look near their end, a new cycle of plenty will blossom again soon. Another description for Pomona might be ‘hope springs eternally’.  Pomona is frequently depicted with a cornucopia full of delicious fruits which would have been traditionally used in the Fall as a harvest celebration of abundance.  We now use the cornucopia in modern day in the American tradition of Thanksgiving, so the next time you’re sitting at the table for Thanksgiving with the family, take note of the cornucopia, and offer a toast of gratitude to Pomona with your glass of apple cider.

It’s time to debunk more superstitions again. Most of the superstitions associated with Halloween were created in order to turn people away from celebrating the natural traditions and connections with the goddess energy. The apple is a symbol of fertility and it has been misrepresented in patriarchal stories, beginning in the Garden of Eden. One only has to look at stories presented today in politics, to see how quickly they are turned and misrepresented by the various parties, to achieve an end goal. The apple has been misrepresented along with symbols associated with it, including the pentagram. The pentagram (a symbol of the five pointed star) has been mis-represented as something to do with evil and dark energy, when in actuality, it’s a symbol of the goddess, fertility, unity and immortality. The five points represent earth, air, fire, water and spirit and the circle around the five points unites them together to create life and synergy. Many cultures have used this symbol, including the ancient Pythagoreans, who connected it to Hygieia, the goddess of health )where the word hygiene comes from) and they found it to hold principles of sacred geometry.  In the 21st century, there is now a movement to take back this symbol to represent the Divine Feminine again, rather than how it has been wrongly accused as something dark. One example is Dan Brown’s book Angels & Demons which refers to the pentagram as a symbol of the Divine Feminine and Venus.

The ancient Celts understood the energy of the pentagram as the Divine Feminine. When the Romans conquered Britain, the two cultures began to mesh and it was the Romans who brought apple trees to Britain. When the Celts cut an apple in half, they saw that the points in the apple formed into the shape of the pentagram. Therefore, when the Romans explained that their goddess Pomona was their goddess of fertility and that her symbol was the apple, it was easy for the Celts to accept and agree with this symbol, as their symbol of the pentagram was right there in the middle of the apple.

The apple then became a popular symbol throughout Europe for fertility. In some parts of Europe, apples were tossed when a couple was married, as a symbolic gesture of fertility for the couple. It was said that the first woman to catch an apple, would be the next to marry. Over time, this custom moved from tossing apples at the wedding, to tossing a bouquet of flowers which included apple blossoms. I’m willing to bet that this may have evolved due to some apple related injuries when tossed at wedding guests. 🙂 The custom then evolved from tossing apples to bobbing for apples. The tradition continued, that the first person to ‘catch’, i.e., bite into an apple and pull it out from bobbing in the water, would be the next to marry.

Want to find information about your true love using an apple?

Here’s your magically inspired tip of the day!

Select a juicy red apple and peel the skin in one long piece. Hold the peel of the apple in your hand and say aloud, ‘As I fling this apple peel, my true love’s name will be revealed’. Fling the apple peel over your head and turn around to look at the shape that the peel forms on the ground. It is said that the apple peel will form into the first initial of your true love’s name.

Until we meet again in the morrow gentle readers, happy exploring! *~Kala~*

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