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As an intuitive child born in Louisiana, I grew up exposed to a rich variety of cultures. My soul flourished along the running waters of the Mississippi Delta, the Red River and the Gulf Coast, where I spent my childhood with friends who were French, Irish, African, Italian, Scottish and German.

Louisiana is a land known for its food, where a thick roux base mixes with spices, vegetables, seafood, meat and everything else in the kitchen and is thrown into a gumbo pot to the culinary satisfaction of the most discerning soul. This unique, eclectic mixture spills over into the people and their history creating amongst other things, some of the most soulful music the world has ever seen. Home to the Blues and Jazz, which is so powerful that whenever I hear the music playing, I have to stop what I’m doing and dance to the rhythm reaching deep within my soul, connecting me to who I am and to the roots where I come from.

Growing up listening to the stirring sounds of the Blues taught me about hope and about change. The Blues explained that circumstances can wear you down and at times, life can feel so difficult that your only friends appear to be despair and loneliness. While this sounds very sad, the Blues are actually about inner strength, hope and the fact that no matter how challenging things are, nothing remains the same indefinitely, change will always occur. As the talented blues musician Sam Cooke sang… “I know Someday, Change is Gonna Come”.

During this time of my life, change came for me on a daily basis. As my psychic senses began to unfold, my education continued as I studied astrology, tarot and how to read tea leaves like my great-grandmother. My concept of the universe expanded as my experiences with the world and the spirit world grew each day. Through these mystical experiences, I endured great loss, reveled in great love and discovered what anchored me, including my connection with trees to ground my energy and keep me strong and the knowledge that the power of moving water can heal a soul like nothing else I’ve seen.

As I continued my studies, spending half my life in the library reading and the other steeped in the music and culture of this land, I observed how the adults around me viewed life and how some of it differed from the wisdom I had inside my soul. They spoke often about hope; hoping that something would change, hoping a change would come, or a hope for a new tomorrow. While hope is a positive emotion to have, at that tender age, I instinctively knew that hope is just a small step to lead you onto the path of your destiny. Hope for a change, implies that we are powerless to make the change; that instead we must wait for another to bring it forth.

Deep within my soul, I understood a powerful lesson… What we think, we believe and what we believe, we become. I also knew that change is not something that happens outwardly, it begins within, with what we believe is possible.

In this fertile land, surrounded by teachers on this earth plane and the other side, I began my earliest studies of the esoteric teachings and connected with the universal and internal soul wisdom. With the help of my guides, I remembered what I had learned many lifetimes ago, and understood how to access and activate these universal laws, and thus re-discovered that my life would never be the same.

As I have taught in previous lifetimes in the ancient temples of Egypt along the Nile, and connected with again in the rich Louisiana cultural gumbo mix of music, blues, soul food and healing waters, I share here one of the universal laws regarding the power of change, which I speak about in my book, 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled.

…When We Activate Our Consciousness,
We Become Magical Beings and Can Harness Energy

When we activate our consciousness, it is released outward in a blast of energy. The all seeing eye of the universe senses this energy and looks directly at us! We have broken through a seal and where we once received a daily trickle of water into our system, we are now connected to a mystical endless sea. As we transform and become conscious creators, we become further connected to this ocean of energy and…

In that Moment of Awareness, Everything Changes.

To further explain … Universal energy flows continuously like a waterfall upon the earth plane. As our energy through thoughts, words and actions is released, we interact with this waterfall. Unless we are fully awake, the thoughts and energy we send out only interact for a brief moment with the waterfall, causing an action and reaction and then it dissipates as our attention turns elsewhere. The only way for the energy to expand is to hold on to this thought, continuing to direction our attention to the waterfall, which causes greater action and reaction to happen regarding this particular thought. In our un-awakened state, our lower self sends this energy from our emotional and mental bodies, which drains our energy throughout the day. Basically we send out a lower level desire or impulse and it is reflected back to us and we move from one thought to the next.

However, when we become “Conscious Creators”, we send thoughts from our Higher Selves. We send deliberate, focused energy to this universal waterfall. We are saying, “Now, I See You and You See Me”! “I AM interacting with you and wish to magnify this energy with you to create an outcome”.

As the All Seeing Eye or Universal Energy becomes aware that you are “aware”, its energy quickens and vibrates more excitedly with your energy field and things begin to happen at a faster pace. It has no problem keeping up with you, as quickly as you are willing to progress. At this point, you will just be beginning to see what changes are truly possible in such a magical universe. Indeed as we have said before, the possibilities are endless! However, it must be said, one is better served to first master these  teachings and understand both the concepts and the pitfalls before attempting to work with them. Otherwise consequences can result which are unwanted and the student may not be prepared to handle the resulting outcome. Think of Universal Energy as having the same effect as electricity. Electricity has great power. At first, in its raw unleashed form, it is exhilarating to see, as in a lightening storm. Should this storm approach closer to you and your home, you soon realize that it also has the power to cause great destruction. On the flip side, electricity when properly understood and harnessed can be used in whatever form you wish, including lighting and heating your home, along with many other wonderful forms of focused energy.

Each esoteric teaching contains a series of deeper mysteries to unravel. The path of the esoteric student is to cultivate patience while remaining open to change, and questioning all experiences until discernment is found. Rather than discouraging you from this path, my hope is that it stimulates your mind and stirs your soul, bringing forth long forgotten memories of who you used to be and who you are meant to be again… You have only to ask these questions to the universe, to begin your journey today.

Let me share a teaching regarding conscious creation and the power to change I refer to as, “spinning plates”. Many students and some teachers believe that it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to access this energy. In the beginning, this is true for some people. However, one of the skills students develop over time is how to connect with this energy, creating the outcome (the change) they would like to achieve. Once this connection is established, you need only to check in every so often to make sure it is still vibrating as you desire, recharging it with energy on an occasional basis so that it continues to move. You can see this when you observe a performer twirl plates on sticks. He begins by twirling one plate and then is able to go to the next and the next, until many plates are spinning. He only needs to touch each one gently to keep the momentum going on them. When he tires of the performance and it has lost its appeal, he simply pulls his attention from the plates, and does not give them any further energy, allowing them to come to an ending.

Think about this concept. Where does your energy go and what do you pour your energy into on a daily basis? Are you satisfied with where your energy is going, what plates are spinning over your head right now? Recognize that with each thought, you are making changes, whether you desire to do so or not…

In my work, I meet with many people who tell me of their fear of change. When they tell me this, I know that they have lost their mojo. They are surprised when I remind them that with each thought, word, action and deed, we create a change within ourselves and with each person we interact with. I tell them, the only constant in life is change! Indeed, we are constantly in a flux and sea of change. The goal is to awaken to the fact that we have an active role in what changes come our way. We can awaken to be the Conscious Creators we were always meant to be and by doing so, co-create the changes we wish to see in our lives.

As my co-creation journey unfolds, I continue to tap into what I call my ‘sacred mojo’,
which is the soulful power of water, words and music, begining in my childhood in Louisiana.
As you consider connecting with your mojo to find the power of making changes in your life,
I leave you with this inspirational thought to ponder, from the song, Cool Change’
by the synchronistically named ‘Little River Band’-

Now that my life is so prearranged, I know that it’s time for a cool change.

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