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‘The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.’ – Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus.

In the ancient mystery temples, healing techniques and procedures were designed with the individual in mind. The patient would meet with a team of physicians (healers) who worked in connection with the body, mind and spirit.  After interviewing the patient, the group of healers would then discuss and create the best course of treatment for each patient.

In many of these temples, the healing treatment would begin by having the patient stay in one of the rooms of the temple that had been created for healing. The patient would take some herbs and water which assisted in helping them sleep. During their sleep, a shaman or priestess (depending upon the mystery temple) would watch over the patient throughout the night, saying prayers over the person while conducting energy work over the aura and etheric body.

During the following days and weeks, the patient would receive healing in the physical body, with massage, herbs, potions and even surgery when required. Some of the oldest surgical tools found by archaeologists are from ancient Egypt. The patient would also speak with a healer who would listen to what was going on in their personal lives in order to relieve stress and pain and allow the patient to heal the mind and restore. In conjunction, healing at the energetic level included sound and light healing techniques, and natural elements were used including treatments by fire (sauna type rooms for sweating out toxins), water (bathing in waterfalls and pools with minerals added), air (with breathing rituals to calm the nerves and bring in new energy) and earth (with grounding natural foods and crystal healing techniques).

Over the ages, many eastern philosophies continued these practices, adding their own techniques over time to the healing practice. In recent times, the evolution in medicine has turned to repairing the physical body from trauma in emergency situations. As World Wars entered into the 20th century in conjunction with the Industrial Revolution and advancements in technology, tremendous leaps were made in medicine, including heart transplants, re-attaching limbs, and delicate internal surgeries. There is no doubt that medicine has advanced in surgical techniques and in gene therapy.

The unfortunate side effect of the Industrial Revolution is that during this period of rapid growth, the head (mind) detached from the heart and soul and developed amnesia. Medical science, representing the figurative head, became so enamored with what could be attached, replaced and/or removed from the physical body (such as tumors, growths and diseased organs) that it forgot about the heart and soul of the person which also affects and contributes to the health of the body. In this period of amnesia, physicians have focused only on one-third of the healing process. It can not be blamed entirely on the physicians, as history shows that scientists and doctors were maligned, threatened and at times tortured for their research due to fanatical religions that did not want science to conflict with their teachings, so it is understandable why science and religion parted company. During this time of peril, ancient techniques from the mystery schools continued to be passed down in secret from generation to generation as there was an active campaign by religious sects in the western world to destroy the shamans, the wise women and the natural healers. The old ways of healing were almost completely stamped out in the western world during the Dark Ages.

The information survived by the courage of brave souls in every generation who risked their lives to carry the information from one place, one village, one community to another. In addition, there continue to be souls who are reborn each generation with this knowledge carried within them to continue their work , who are also assisted by guides from the other side.

Now, in the 21st century, many doctors, scientists and researchers are looking into the concept of the body, mind and spirit connection and the philosophy of energy medicine. So many meta-physical events have been documented over the years that they can not be disregarded including:

  • spontaneous remissions of cancer with no logical explanation
  • patients with a positive outlook in life who experience quicker recovery rates and require less pain medication
  • studies of patients who recovered more successfully than other similar patients when the only difference in the study was that their recovery was being prayed for by others
  • patients who are cured from disease only to have it return again, when from all logical standpoints in the physical body, it should be healed
  • effects and changes in the body such as lower heart rates and stabilized blood pressure levels from engaging in yoga and meditation
  • introduction and research into eastern techniques such as acupressure, reflexology, massage and new techniques such as Healing Touch and EFT with successful results
  • out of body experiences and near death experiences reported by a variety of patients

The number of people who are interested in alternative or complimentary medicine is growing substantially.  As a result, this movement has motivated the medical community to entertain and consider the idea of body/mind/spirit medicine. The outlook is hopeful that the western world may again return to an age of healing where all parts of the person are engaged in the healing process.

On the Explore Your Spirit Show, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with many physicians who are engaging in holistic healing work including: The Biology of Belief with Dr. Bruce Lipton, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul with Dr. Bernie Siegel, Life Beyond 100, with Dr. Norman Shealy and Heal Your Body with Dr. David Simon of the Chopra Center to name just a few. Their work is inspiring and provides great hope for the future of medicine on all levels.

In ancient times, it was easy to engage in energy medicine and natural healing. Many towns and large cities provided financially for temples to be built to house and provide for the healers and they were a firmly established, well-known and respected part of the community. Even in small villages, healers were provided for and cared for by the villagers. Today, many people are just beginning to learn about energetic techniques for healing and the systems and procedures are not quite as organized yet as they were in the past. As a result, It can be a bit overwhelming in the search and research to understand what modalities might work best for each person.

In response to this predicament, Linnie Thomas, an author and healer with over thirty years experience in the study of complimentary and alternative therapies set out on a three year undertaking to create a comprehensive resource on the subject working with editor Carrie Obry. The result of this endeavor is The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine. The encyclopedia presents an overview of energy medicine and related bio-therapies and includes over 65 modalities including Healing Touch, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Body Talk, Acupressure, Reiki, and Reflexology. The 547 page book explores eastern and western techniques as well as spiritual and shamanic philosophies and is of tremendous assistance to individuals who are looking for information and detailed explanations on the practical applications of energy medicine

The book is also a wonderful resource for physicians and to healers who are considering a career in complimentary and alternative medicine. Information is provided on how and where to get training and certification in energy medicine including continuing education credits and lists state by state regulations required to practice professionally.

My dear readers, it’s an exciting time for the future of humanity as science and spirituality begin to work together and explore the body, mind and spirit connection. I believe that in this decade we will see great advancements in this work. If you’re interested in energy medicine for your personal health and the health of your family or considering a career in the field, I highly recommend  The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine to assist you on your path.

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