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Dear Readers,
I’ve missed you! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that this newsletter finds you enjoying the holiday season as we roll along in full swing.
My Thanksgiving was spent a little unusually this year, as I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner from a second story balcony overlooking Bourbon Street in New Orleans. The weather was divine, seasonal in the 60’s and it was a beautiful day that I’ll treasure as one of the most unique Thanksgiving’s that I’ve ever experienced.
What was I doing in New Orleans, you may be wondering… Well, I was there filming a documentary about the city along with conducting research for my new book. Both the documentary and the book will be released in Fall 2012 and as soon as I know the exact dates of each, I’ll be sure to let you know.
For the documentary, I explored the history and magic of New Orleans. I can truly say there is no place like New Orleans in this world and there are so many reasons why it’s so important that the city be preserved. In the documentary you’ll meet some of the wonderful people that I met with while in the city who shared the rich treasures of the city, her people, her spirit, her bohemian lifestyle, the arts and music and of course, the food. 🙂
The research I conduct for my new book explores the haunted history of the city along with magical practices of voodoo and many others. Both projects are full of so much juicy information that I’m so excited to share with you. If you’ve been to New Orleans before, you’ll recognize some of what I’m speaking of, and you’ll be introduced to behind the scenes information that you didn’t know existed and if you’re new to city, you’re going to fall in love with the magical entity that she is to so many.
2012 promises to be a magical year and it begins with New Orleans.
There’s much more to come in this new year. I was contacted in early Fall of 2011 by the Learning Annex and asked to share my predictions for 2012 and beyond. I was happy to share what I see coming for us in the New Year and the decade beyond.
You can read my predictions in the e-book that the Learning Annex has published, along with other leading psychics. The e-book is free, just download and begin pouring through the predictions.

I’ve also been busily writing for a variety of magazines as well as for the Huffington Post and the Examiner.  Recently I wrote an article for Elevated Existence Magazine about my work as a person who sees auras. This particular article discusses how your aura can affect electronics and other energy fields when your energetic flow is out of balance.

About the Author

Kala Ambrose is "Your Travel Guide to the Other Side". Award winning Author, Intuitive, Wisdom Teacher, Podcaster and Lifestyle Expert, she helps Entrepreneurs, Seekers and Visionaries live their best life.

She is the award winning author of six books including The Awakened Dreamer, The Awakened Psychic, and The Awakened Aura, and has taught thousands around the world how to connect with their soul path and destiny and create a life and career that is balanced and in tune with their life purpose and goals.

Whether she’s teaching students at her Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences, writing and speaking about empowering lifestyle choices or teaching to groups around the country, fans around the world tune in daily for her inspirational musings and lively thought-provoking conversations.

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