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Fundamentalisman by author Duann Kier

Welcome to Kala’s Quick Five, where I chat with fascinating authors, artists, teachers, and researchers and ask them five questions about their work. My guest today is Duann Kier, known as the Skeptical Psychic. Duann is an author and a spiritual intuitive whose life path has carried her from Christian fundamentalism to the belief that spiritual revelations are ongoing and can be received by all.

Kala: Duann, you’ve written a book entitled: Fundamentalisman: Resurrecting the Fundamentals of Relationship from the Fundamentalism of Religion. What was your inspiration in writing the book?

Duann: I guess my main inspiration for writing the book was to give hope to fundamentalists who may feel like they are failing in their faith when what they may really be doing is freeing themselves from their fear—fear of hell, fear of not being a good witness, fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, fear of not really being forgiven.  Fear can hold us back from really looking for and listening to our own personal messages from God or from the divine or from what some people refer to as the source.  We will unconsciously and unintentionally limit our relationship with God whenever it doesn’t follow the rules and regulations of our particular belief system. What is so ironic about this is that all religions seem to be based upon a spiritual experience that someone had with the divine that led to their having an ongoing relationship with the divine. But once that encounter became a religious movement, the religion would put limits on what the experience was and what the relationship could be.

Kala: You’re an ordained minister with a Master of Religious Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. How did your journey evolve from a fundamentalist Christian perspective into a more open spiritual/less dogma type belief?

Duann: My journey evolved because of the experiences I was having and the relationship I was developing with the divine.  At first I tried to ignore the experiences, but I had been having them since I was born.  Most of us do.  Then I tried to make them fit into my fundamentalist upbringing, but they kept bursting out of the box.  Finally, believe it or not, it actually came down to a matter of faith and trust.  Did I have enough faith in God to trust his voices and visions rather than what the church or religion was showing me and telling me? Who was more trustworthy?  In whom should I put my faith?  I finally chose to walk the path of Jesus and all the others upon whom religions have been founded.   I chose to walk with God rather than men.  It’s a walk that grows and develops with each step I take.  It is, therefore, dramatically different from my former fundamentalism.  Where I used to seek the right answers to all my questions and hold on to them very tightly, I now seek a growing, active relationship.  This relationship ended up expanding me beyond the answers I thought I once had and even the questions I once asked.

Kala: You are a psychic who conducts readings you describe as “Seer Sessions”. When did you first realize that you were intuitive and how did you make sense of this ability when it conflicted with your religious upbringing?

Duann: For me, it was a rather step-by-step process with all sorts of ups and downs.  As my experiences of the divine deepened my relationship with God, my limiting beliefs just began to fall away.  Finally I gave up on even trying to limit the unlimited.  It has been quite a learning experience for me to realize that fundamentalism can be found anywhere someone believes they know the one true way about something.  It can be found not only in religion, but in science and politics as well. It can even be found in what is termed “New Age” spirituality—my guru is better than your guru or my healing technique is the best for everyone or the way I read Tarot cards is the correct way.  Once we know the one true way about something, we no longer feel the need to be open to additional information and continued growth.

Kala: How has writing this book changed you and even more so, how has changing your spiritual beliefs affected your life?

Duann: Writing this book has changed me in a rather surprising way—I feel like I’ve released a burden.  I’ve known for many years that I would be writing this book, but I finally realized it would be

author Duann Kier

the first book of many more to come.  Completing this first one has released the pressure that has been building inside of me, probably since my birth—and now the ones to follow are already lining up.  Changing my spiritual beliefs has also released a burden.  I no longer carry the burden of having to have all the right answers or to know the one true way.  Rather than choose religion, I choose to be in relationship, and my spiritual beliefs continue to change and grow and develop.

Kala: What would you say to people out there who are fundamentalists and may be thinking about reading your book?

Duann: First of all, this book is not for everyone.  I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything.  I even say in the preface that if you are a Christian fundamentalist and your beliefs are working for you because you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are right and real, this book is probably not for you.  I also say that if you are a Christian fundamentalist and are beginning to question some of the beliefs you’ve been taught along the way, this book may be for you.  But I ultimately state that if you are—or once were—a Christian fundamentalist and your beliefs just aren’t working for you anymore, this book is definitely for you.

Kala: Duann, Thank you for joining me here on Kala’s Quick Five. More about Duann here:

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